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06 Best Places To Live In Montana, United States

“Montana, Montana, Glory of the West….”

“Do you ever think about leaving?

Do you ever think about me and you?

Running to the country where we got nothing to prove

Where we can grow old with new friends

Lay low on the weekends

Running to the country where we got nothing to lose?’ Daya

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A song is written from the heart of the free soul. Can you connect with Daya? Do you want to leave the city and move to the country? Do you wanna move to the western country, where the rocky mountains stand for solidarity and snow-capped mountains scream beauty?

Montana is the right place to be! 

Montana, situated in the western part of the United States of America is a land of rocky mountains and great plains. The vast wilderness preserve passing into Canada, lakes, alpine hiking trails, and glacier national park have made this state the center of attraction for young professionals and families.

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Montana is not just all about beauty, but it is also a place where people settle and retire. A great balance between nature, developing city life, and low-cost living has made this state in the US a number one place to settle down.

If you’re planning to move to the west too but are confused about the cities and counties that are best to move to. Then don’t worry! We got you covered.

Here are the 6  best places to live in Montana, United States!


Every time we talk about Montana, we cannot sit aside without mentioning the capital city Helena. This city houses plenty of cultural attractions that are admired both by families and young professionals. On any given day, the residents can find themselves enjoying and exploring a number of events, concerts, restaurants, and local breweries.

The city is also known for its recreational activities within 30 miles. You can go fishing in lakes, you can go camping in the woods, or just drive around the city to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Helena is also a popular tourist spot for folks traveling between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, adding up to great employment opportunities. 

Many young professionals chose to move to Helena because of abundant professional job availability in both the public and private sectors. 

The population is as low as 32,655, the crime rate is low, and living expenses are low with stable work opportunities. Then why wait right?


Missoula is the hub of arts and all the other things that you love about the outdoors. Within just 20 miles you can find 20 bike lanes. There’s a man-made wave called Brennan’s wave where you’ll find people surfing. The downtown area is filled with numerous exploring options, including an art museum, a carousel, and many more.

Missoula’s suburbs aren’t less either. Rose park, Lewis and Clark, and Lower Rattlesnake make the suburbs a happening place to live.

Missoula, a liberal city encompasses outdoor exploration such as a framer’s market, nightlife, and craft breweries. A ghost town for historical tours adds an extra point as an advantage for Missoula

There are over 100 spots to hang out with your friend or even better your partner or a date, among hiking and nature trails to get a cold brew or a bite to enjoy.

Know that if you’re choosing Missoula, you’re choosing to live in harmony with both nature and the developing city.


Glasgow, Montana, named after the city of Glasgow in Scotland is an attractive option with highly rated schools as well as affordable living. Young professionals often choose to move to Glasgow for its noted diversity and nightlife; that is good for both youngsters and families when they decide to finally settle down.

This diverse town was established in the 1800s as a railroad town and you can still explore its historic charms in the ruins. The pioneer Museum of Valley County is also a great attraction for folks interested in fossils and pioneer history.

The city also houses habitats for a variety of wildlife in the nearby Charles M Russell National Wildlife Refuge.

You can always visit Fort Peck Lake for a little outdoor adventure!


Bozeman is located in the southern part of Montana, near the extraordinary Bridger Mountains. With a population of approx 48,330, this city is widely significant and popular among young professionals, students, and families to live.

Montana State University is the charm of Bozeman. The city also hosts a number of remarkable public schools.

The residents often find plenty of arts and culture throughout the city. You can always find pleasure in art galleries, theaters, festivals, and concerts.

The airport also directly connects your flights to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Long beach Island. This is becoming one of the famous reasons for the residents of California moving to the 

It’s no surprise why so many people want to live in Montana. “It’s the access to recreation,” Bozeman real estate Broker Christy Delger said to the Chronicle.


It’s in the name. Why wouldn’t one want to move to a city that is known for its scenic value? Situated in southwest Montana on the Yellowstone River, this city is often referred to as the “northern gateway to Yellowstone.”

The city offers plenty of outdoor activities, including fly fishing and hiking. When you are full of the lake view and want to connect back with the humanitarian; downtown Livingston will always have your back. The vibrant downtown is lined up with restaurants, microbreweries, bars, and saloons.

With living costs two percent lower than the average cost of living in the US, the city is set as a perfect place to move.


Last but definitely not least, Lewiston! Situated in the very middle or center of Montana, the former mining town is surrounded by abundant natural beauty. 

From the lakes, creeks, farms, waterfalls, wildlife refuge rivers, and springs, you can find it all in this one city. Lewistown alone can define Montana’s natural beauty.

Lewistown is also known as the city of stone as Croatian stone masons were the original settlers of this town. 

This city is widely appreciated for its beautiful and stunning architecture through the historic districts.

You can move to Lewistown if you have a love for the rural and artistic nature of Montana. PS- It’s affordable!

Moving to Lewistown is like having premium access to fishing, hunting, hiking, bird watching, camping, canoeing, mountain biking, and swimming. It’s a win-win situation! Lewistown has also emerged to become a hub for plenty of annual fairs.

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