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06 Best Places To Live In New York, United States

New York, the city that never sleeps. If you are a hardcore fan of lights, music, drama and thriller then New York city might be your dream City to live in. ‘The Statue of Liberty’, one of the most visited tourist spots, is also located in this city. 

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Apart from being a glorious Hollywood movie set, New York is a very big state. It is home to almost 21 million people. 200 plus languages are spoken in this state. 

New York
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In this post we will discuss the 6 best places in New York to live. Here we will consider some crucial parameters of living a healthy and prosperous life, such as housing cost, transport, food, level of education, taxes etc. So let’s find out which city will be your next hometown.

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Bay Ridge is always considered as one of the best places to live in Brooklyn. Here you will get almost all facilities of life for living from luxury to strict rough and tough living.

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Housing : 

In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn you can get affordable housing at the rate of on an average $1,000,000. But the property cost might reach sky high prices depending on the location. 

Quality of life:

Bay Ridge is a very peaceful place. Crime rates are very low there, this brings up to you an additional safety point.


Educational quality is very good and affordable here. You will get a lot of top quality education institution choices in Bay Ridge.


Almost 65000 people live in Bay Ridge. Public transport system is enough capable of giving them safe and secure transport. All places are easily accessible through public transport.

Harlem Manhattan 

Harlem has become one of the best places in keeping in mind quality of life expenses. From its past bad experiences it learned a lot and did one of the best implementations.

Housing :

Housing prices in Harlem are around $1,015,300. It can go up more depending on the location of the property.

Quality of Life :

Harlem is very peaceful now. It’s no longer the old Harlem of 90’s  which was famous for  crime and bad infrastructure. This city made significant changes in quality of life.


This city has some good public schools. It is becoming an attractive place for students.


Transport system is also top notch here like other major developed metropolitans.

Country Club, Bronx 

Country club is a sub urban area in New york. One of the peaceful and family friendly places in New York state.


This place is comparatively affordable to other high price areas. On an average you can buy a property here for $500,000. Also rental price is very much affordable here 


This place is best for families with a kid with them. Many good quality public schools are available here.

Quality of Life :

Very peaceful place with no sounds of metropolitan. Best place for those who loves silang.


The drawback of this place is when it comes to transport. Instead of having good quality roads and services this place is very far from Manhattan which discourages its communication with other areas.

Battery Park City, Lower Manhattan

Battery Park City is a pre planned city established beside the Hudson river. 


Because of being very close to NYC, the price of property is too expensive here. On an average estimate you have to pay $1 million plus for buying property here.


This city has many high quality public schools and institutions. Also with that this city is famous for children parks and greenery. Parents can let their children play in green park without any headache.


One of the best public transport services is in Battery Park City, Lower Manhattan. 

Quality of life:

Crime cases do not exist in this city. Neighbours are also friendly here.

Kenmore, Buffalo 

This place in New York is one of the best because property prices are low here and top quality education system in this city.

Housing :

 On an average home and property is available at $111,200 and house rental prices are below $700. Which is one of the most affordable prices in New York.


 This city is famous for its education system. High quality teaching is provided here in public schools in this city. This system is creating great employment opportunities in the science and technology field in this city.

Transport :

Good quality public transport available here. 

Jackson Heights, Queens

Jackson Heights, Queens is one of the best places for settling with family. It provides many opportunities for job, technology, education, and transport.


On an average property price in this city is around $444,196. This is one of the most diverse cultural places in New York.


Nice high quality public schools make this place many parents first choice for their parents. 


Good quality public transport available in Queens.


All the best places to live in New York are discussed in this article.  One thing you can notice is that in almost every place you will not face any problems related to education and transport services. That’s why New York is considered as one of the best places in the United States. Which place among them you are choosing to stay don’t forget to let us know.



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