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06 Great National Parks in Ohio

National Parks in Ohio

Besides being home to many college football games, Ohio has a rich history and natural beauty that make it a wonderful place to visit. You can find eight national parks in Ohio. There are also several state parks, memorials, and nature preserves.

One of the most interesting national monuments in Ohio is Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial. This monument was built to commemorate the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. The memorial is located on Put-in-Bay in northeastern Ohio. It is the site of a historic naval battle and symbol of peace between the United States, Canada, and Britain.

National Parks in Ohio

The park has many scenic landscapes, including waterfalls, a covered bridge, river gorges, and a scenic railroad. There are more than 100 miles of trails, making the park a great place to explore. The park also has dozens of bird species and 250 different plant species. You can also try out some winter sports such as cross-country skiing and sledding. You can rent equipment for both of these sports.

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is one of the most popular national parks in the United States. This park is located in northeastern Ohio. The park is located just a short drive from Cleveland and Akron. The park consists of over 33,000 acres. It is home to many species of animals, including beaver, mink, and several bird species.

Another national park in Ohio is Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument. This monument honors Charles Young, an African American soldier who fought during the Civil War and the war for civil rights. The monument is located 35 minutes southeast of Dayton. The monument has a museum, a cultural center, and an Afro-American museum.

Map of National Parks in Ohio

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park preserves a lot of northeast Ohio’s natural environments and wildlife habitats. It also offers opportunities for recreation and education via its extensive trail system.

You can also see America’s industrial past through remnants like railroad tracks, canal locks and settlements. You can enjoy many recreational activities in the park, including biking on scenic roads and hiking along different trails throughout the year.

The park covers more than 4,000 acres and preserves beautiful landscapes. It also includes unique rock formations that were formed during the last glacier period, forests, agricultural valleys, etc. This park has many historic sites, including waterfalls, scenic railroad bridges and century-old buildings that helped to shape America's past.

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park

The most significant archaeological finds in Ohio’s history have been identified at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park. This site contains hundreds of earthen mounds, enclosures and other structures that were built by American Indians around 200 B.C. To A.D.400.

Hopewell Culture offers visitors the opportunity to see artifacts excavated from the ground as well as an interpretive trail that allows them to gain additional information about this ancient culture, including burial practices and survival methods.

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

The Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park houses military and civilian aircraft and other items that relate to aviation’s history. The Centennial of Flight Monument commemorates 100 year anniversary of the Wright brothers’ first flight.

The national historic park offers many resources, including an aviation facility with exhibits and aircraft, a visitors centre with literature and other park-related items, and displays along the runways to honor military flight.

Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument

Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument was named after an American Army officer who was the first African American to graduate from West Point and go on to become a general.

The site includes a variety of different land types, including urban sites and battlefields where the US Colored Troops fought during American Civil War. The visitor center also features exhibits.

First Ladies National Historic Site

First Ladies National Historic Site is a site that focuses on the impact of the presidency on First Ladies’ lives. Through a large collection of presidential memorabilia, the site provides information about Ohio’s contribution to America’s political landscape.

Saxton House, which was the former residence of William McKinley (25th President of the United States) and Ida Saxton, is also included in the park. Guided tours are offered by park rangers that provide information about McKinley’s personal life.

To reflect the historical significance of McKinley's home for future generations, it has been restored using period furniture and other objects.

James A. Garfield National Historic Site

James A. Garfield National Historic Site is dedicated to the legacy and life of President James A. Garfield who led this country during its most crucial time in history.

Garfield, who had served as president for six months, was assassinated in a dispute by a citizen. His body was laid to rest here from 1881 until his reinterment at Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland in1902.


How many national parks are in the Ohio?

06 national parks

What is the only national park in Ohio?

Cuyahoga Valley

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