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Sulthan Bathery : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Sulthan Bathery, Kerala

Sulthan Bathery Kerala

If you’re looking for a scenic mountain resort in Kerala, consider visiting Sulthan Bathery. This town is situated in the wayanad region of Kerala. It’s home to the Bathery Jain Temple, which was used as an ammunition battery by Tipu Sultan’s army in the 1700s. Nearby, the Ambukuthi Hills and Edakkal Caves feature Neolithic carvings. The Wayanad Heritage Museum showcases artifacts from both tribal and archaeological cultures.

Sulthan Bathery is a small town about 100 km from Kozhikode, and was earlier known as Ganapathivattom. It got its current name after Tipu Sultan, who used the abandoned Jain temple as a battery in the 18th century. The town now stands on the mounds of the fort, which was once the home of a Jain temple. Sulthan Bathery is a popular tourist destination.

Travelocity offers cheap car rentals in Sulthan Bathery. These car rentals are perfect for those who want to see the sights on their own schedule. There’s no need to rely on public transport, and you can easily access all the local attractions without any hassle. You can also take advantage of the region’s pristine surroundings, which make trekking and hiking in the area an ideal activity. Its location means that you can explore the beautiful landscape of Sulthan Bathery with ease and confidence.

If you’re looking to own a home in Sulthan Bathery, Kerala, you can find some great options for plots in this picturesque town. There’s a 15-cent plot located just 500 meters from the town center, near civic institutions and bus routes. The asking price is 3 lakhs per cent. You’ll be amazed at how much land you can buy for such a low price. In addition to a lovely town location, Sulthan Bathery is also well-known for its historical landmarks.

Assumption Forane Church #1

When visiting the town of Sulthan Bathery, you should definitely make time to visit the Assumption Forane Church. This secluded church is an enchanting spot, especially during the monsoon season. The white-painted church offers a serene and calming environment, and you can even park your car inside the church.

image credit : wikimedia

Assumption Forane Church is also convenient to reach by public transportation, with nearby bus stops.

More Details About Assumption Forane Church

Address:M763+W5Q, Sultan Bathery, Kerala 673592
Contact: 04936 220 363

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary #2

If you’re looking for a wildlife sanctuary that’s teeming with life, look no further than the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary in Zimbabwe. This protected area is home to Asian elephants, deer, and gaur, among many other species. You can even spot a tiger, if you’re lucky enough. While visiting this place, make sure to bring your camera! Listed below are the top attractions in the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary:

image credit : wikimedia

This sanctuaries is home to many varieties of trees. The habitat is composed of both moist and semi-evergreen forest types. Tree species common to the sanctuary include Maruthu (Terminalia Arjuna), Vengel, and Rosewood. This sanctuary is focused on scientific conservation and has a significant population of wild animals, including tigers. You can view these animals as you drive through the forest. There are also several spots to watch lions, leopards, and elephants roaming the land.

The area is also home to over 30 different species of amphibians. The sanctuary is also home to several endangered species of vultures, including the White-rumped vulture and the Red-headed vulture. The number of vultures in this sanctuary is decreasing due to an illegal drug that’s killing many of the birds in the area. Visiting the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect way to see some amazing wildlife in its natural habitat.

The nearest civil airport to Muthanga is Kozhikode International Airport. This airport was formerly known as the Calicut International Airport. It serves most major cities in India and several foreign countries. The distance from the airport to Muthanga is approximately 125 km, making a cab ride from Kozhikode to the sanctuary a pleasant 3 hour 30 minutes. The weather is pleasant during these months, and there are many opportunities for birdwatching. You’ll also be surrounded by lush foliage and wildlife.

More Details About Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Address:M9C9+JFV, Bathery- Puthupally Road, Sultan Bathery, Kerala 673592

Regional Agricultural Research Station #3

The Kerala Agricultural Research Station is a hub for agriculture research in the state. Currently, it has 18 approved research projects, imparts training to extension officers, banks, and farmers, and conducts joint field visits with department of agriculture officials. The scientists here also participate in the Peoples Campaign to promote democracy in planning. And, they also conduct demonstrations for farmers. The research done here has many practical applications, including agro-forestry and eco-agriculture.

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The revenue of the Regional Agricultural Research Station in Kerala has reached 40 lakhs during the last financial year. Its office and laboratory buildings are outdated and insufficient to accommodate researchers, scientists, and staff. They are also insufficient in terms of storage space for produce and seeds produced at the station. The station has an auto weather station. It has three scientists’ quarters. The station also conducts research on tropical fruits, subtropical fruits, vegetables, and hill paddy.

The Southern Regional Research Center is one of four regional research facilities of USDA’s ARS. The Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 established the SRRC and completed construction on a 39-acre site adjacent to the city park. Today, the RARC employs 150 scientists and technical support personnel. Since it opened in 1941, the Southern Regional Research Center has demonstrated the impact of scientific investigation on the welfare of Americans. Its research has improved the environment and produced nutritious food and fiber.

The RARS Gossaigaon serves the Lower Brahmaputra Valley Zone of the state. The region includes Kamrup, Borpeta, Kokrajhar, and Dhubri. The RARS North Lakhimpur covers the districts of Lakhimpur and Dhemaji. In addition, the RARS Gossaigaon serves the communities of Lakhimpur, Kamrup, and Sonitpur.

Wayanad Heritage Museum #4

Located in the coastal town of Ambalavayal, the Wayanad Heritage Museum showcases a diverse collection of artifacts dating back to the 9th century. You can also view tribal artefacts and terracotta from the region’s past. The museum is spread over four blocks, including the Veerasmruthi, which houses pictorial rock edicts from the Neolithic and Mesolithic periods.

image credit : wikimedia

A visit to Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-do while you’re in the region. The sanctuary is home to a diverse range of wildlife and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can explore the area’s rich cultural heritage at the Wayanad Heritage Museum and Varambettas Mosque. You can also check out the pristine natural beauty and ancient carvings at Edakkal Caves, located four kilometers from the Chirakkal Railway Station.

The wayanad heritage museum is a must-visit for visitors to the region. The museum features several displays of tribal artifacts and stone idols dating back to the 12th to 16th centuries. Other exhibits include the writing stone and Neolithic Celts. The museum has an audio-visual theatre that shows a 50-minute CD-based presentation of local culture. During the holidays, the museum is packed with visitors and has an extensive exhibition hall to explore.

If you’re visiting Wayanad, be sure to visit the Jain Temple. This temple was used by Tipu Sultan during the 1700s and is home to some of the oldest stone art in the world. Other sites to visit while you’re in Wayanad include the famous Ambukuthi Mala and the Phantom Rock. If you’re planning a day trip to Wayanad, this museum is definitely worth a visit.

Sree Maha Ganapathy Temple #5

The Sri Mahaganapathy Temple is the most important Hindu shrine in Kerala. There are numerous temples in Kerala dedicated to Lord Ganesha and Vettekaran. The temple is one of the few Mahaganapathy temples in the state. The temple is also a popular pilgrimage spot, with many Hindus flocking to this location each year. While you’re in the area, be sure to stop by this shrine to receive the blessings of Ganesha and get a glimpse of the idols.

image credit : wikimedia

The Sree MahaGanapathy Temple is located in Kottayam, Kerala. This temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is said to have existed before the Perumals. The historical records in the southern peninsula mention that the temple was important during the pre-Perumal period. In this temple, the main priest, Brahmasree Bhagavathahamsam Malliyoor Sankaran Nampoothiri, worships the Lord as a Vaishnava Ganapathy. Malliyoor is a revered devotee of Lord Ganesha, seeking solace from the wrath of Kaliyuga and salvation from Karama.

Visitors to the Sree Maha Ganapathy Temple can visit on the occasion of Vinayaka Chaturthi, which celebrates the birth of Lord Ganesh. It generally falls in the Hindu month of Bhadra, between August and September. There are also special poojas for other festivals, including Ganesh Chaturthi and Sankashti Chaturthi. It is located 1.5 kms from the Trivandrum Central Railway Station.

More Details About Sree Maha Ganapathy Temple

Address:NH212, Sathramkunnu, Sultan Bathery, Kerala 673592

FAQ’s : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Sulthan Bathery, Kerala

What is the Speciality of Sulthan Bathery?

The best time to visit Sulthan Bathery is from October to March. The climate is pleasant throughout the year, but the best time to go is from October to March. The town is situated at an elevation of 1140 meters (2656 ft), which makes it a popular destination for honeymooners and holidaymakers alike. The town is also well connected by road, with several resorts and government guest houses located along the main street.

Which district is Sulthan Bathery?

Sulthan Bathery is a town in Wayanad district in Kerala, India. The town was previously known as Ganapathivattom and the current name is derived from Tipu Sultan who dumped his ammunition here. The town is also known as “the Battery” as the old Jain temple in Sulthan Bathery was used as an armoury by Tipu. It is located on the Kozhikode-Kollegal highway and is 98 km from Kozhikode and 100 km from Ooty, Tamil Nadu. The town has many tourist attractions and is well worth a visit.

Who built Sultan Battery?

You may wonder, Who built Sultan Battery? and you can learn more about it from this article. There are many interesting facts that you may not know about this historic monument. In this article, we’ll cover the most significant facts that you need to know. Besides the history of this monument, you will learn about the significance of the place in the history of Mangalore. It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, which is why you should definitely pay a visit to it.

Who is ruling Sulthan Bathery municipality?

In the recent election, the Left Democratic Front (LDF) won both Mananthavadi and Sulthan Bathery municipalities, while the BJP and UDF boycotted the vote. The victory of the CPM in Sulthan Bathery was significant for the LDF, which had lost a majority in the municipality if it had lost the by-election. Currently, the LDF has 17 seats in the 35-member civic body, while the UDF has only one.

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