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6 Best Places To Live In Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona is one of most beautiful places with natural beauty. This place is surrounded with great mountain ranges, canyons, deserts and stunning rivers.

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If you are a nature lover Phoenix, Arizona might be one of the best places to live. In this post we will discuss the best 6 places to live in phoenix, Arizona.  

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Here we will consider important requirements for moving into a new place for living. We will consider housing cost, quality of life expenses, security, education and transport services to rank the best places to live in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Downtown Scottsdale 

Scottsdale is famous for its gorgeous looking apartments, shopping centers and physical training centres. This city is heaven to those people who love fitness training and yoga. 

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Housing :

On an average you need to pay $615,000 for buying a house in Downtown Scottsdale. This rate is quite affordable compared to other big cities in the United States.


Scottsdale is a very safe place to live with friendly neighborhoods. Crime rate here is very low in this area.


This area might not be perfect if you have a child in your family. Instead of having some institutes this area do not have any elementary, 

middle and high schools. These schools data is based on GreatSchools site.

Public Transport System:

Downtown Scottsdale has great transport services. Top quality transit roads and also good walkable streets available in this city. 

North Scottsdale

North Scottsdale is the favorite place for adventure lovers. This place is very famous for its fascinating boutique shops, wine bars, and luxury spas. 


On an average in North Scottsdale the price of the house ranges around $1,015,000. According to the price and environment this is a reasonable price.


Unlike other places in Scottsdale this place is also absolutely safe to live a peaceful life with family. Crime rate is almost nil in this region.


North Scottsdale has 15 top rated elementary schools, 9 top quality middle class schools and 5 high schools. Horizon High School is top rated among high schools. So you will not face any problems regarding the education of your child if you live here.


Public transport services are above the average level here. Almost all places are accessible through public transport here.

Roosevelt Row Arts District

Roosevelt Row Arts District is famous for its artistic culture and architecture. Most of its residents call this place RoRo in short. This area links downtown to different areas of phoenix.


House prices in the RoRo area are on average $700,000. Competitively cheaper cost in Arizona. 


Unlike other places in Arizona this Roosevelt is also a safe place to settle with family. Environmental conditions are quite stable in this area. Crime rates are also very low. 


This area might not be a perfect choice for parents. This area has only one elementary cum middle school and no high schools. 


When we consider the public transport system, this place provides all facilities of good transport services. If you are a bicycle lover then RoRo streets might be a good partner for you in this journey.

Downtown Phoenix 

Downtown Phoenix is the heart of commercial activities and arts. 


In recent days housing cost increased almost double in Downtown Phoenix. On an average you have to pay $607,500 for buying a property here.


Unlike other places this place is also safe. Crime rates are below harm level. 


Kenilworth Elementary School is the best elementary and middle school here. This area contains only one higher school that is Phoenix Union Bioscience High School with top rated education level. 


Walkability, bikeability, and transit-friendliness of Downtown Phoenix is top notch level. Besides having one of the best public transport this area is accessible from other areas very easily.


The city of Tempe is near the Mesa from east, Scottsdale to the north, Phoenix and Guadalupe to the west, and Chandler to the south. 

Housing :

Affordable moderate price houses are available in this area. Average housing prices are around $445,000. 


This city has a large population. Police are strict and the crime rate is under control. Which makes these places overall safe to settle.


Tempe is the education hub of Phoenix with 30 plus elementary schools, 14 middle schools and 13 high schools. Arizona State University is located in Tempe. 


Top class public transport services are available here. All other neighbouring regions are easily accessible through transport. 


Genedale is the fourth largest metro city of Arizona. This area has a charming downtown area, sports complexes , spas , top rated restaurants.


Glendale offers moderate house pricing. Average price of a house in this metro City is around $415,000. 


Proper rules and regulations with almost no crime. 



90 elementary and middle schools are available in this city. 43 high schools with top rated education levels are an option for you if you settle here.


Average transport services available. But all places are accessible through public transport.

Final words 

This article is about the 6 best places to live in Phoenix, Arizona. We can see almost all places are safe and secure settle with the family. A great level of education system is available through Arizona. Among those places with one is your favourite choice to live? Don’t forget to let us know about it.



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