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Bari: 7 Best Places To Visit In Bari, Italy

Attractions And Places To Visit In Bari, Italy

The Basilica di San Nicola is one of the most important sites in Bari. It was originally built on the ruins of an older cathedral. Inside, visitors can see the relics of Saint Nicholas. There are also sarcophagi of saints and daily masses are held. This place is a must-see for anyone who visits Bari.

There is no shortage of things to do in Bari. The city’s imposing seafront, called Lungomare, is one of the longest in Italy. There are also many shops, restaurants, and cafes lining the waterfront. If you’re in the mood for a jolly afternoon, head to the waterfront where local fishermen sell their catch.

While you’re in Bari, be sure to try local specialties. A typical bari dish is orecchiette, a small egg-less pasta that is perfect for dipping in sauces. The sauces in this region of Italy are based on vegetables grown locally and are enhanced with the region’s plump olives.

Places To Visit In Bari

Another local speciality is riso, patate e cozze, a traditional dish consisting of layers of rice, potatoes, and mussels. The castle is another popular attraction. You can see the ruins of a Byzantine castle and explore the city’s history.

You can also visit the medieval castle in the town, called Castelo Normanno-Svevo, which is more than 900 years old. During the Norman occupation, the city’s castle was built in 1132 by the Norman King Roger. Several hundred years later, it was fortified again after a series of attacks.

San Nicola in Bari #1

You can dine on authentic Italian fare in one of the town’s many restaurants, including a charming trattoria with hand-painted murals. Besides great food, this place also has a full bar and a wine list. There’s a beautiful view of the lake that’s not to be missed.

The restaurant serves seafood and Italian specialties, and it’s open for lunch and dinner. If you’re looking for authentic Italian food, Trattoria San Nicola is a must. The restaurant’s kitchen blends traditional Italian spices and flavors to create a unique atmosphere and delectable dishes.

The restaurant’s quaint setting and attentive staff will make you feel right at home. San Nicola is a popular pilgrimage destination. He’s also an important place of worship. As such, it’s important to observe decorum, particularly during Mass.

Places To Visit In Bari
 Largo Abate Elia, 13, 70122 Bari BA, Italy

Located on Largo Abate Elia, the basilica is easily accessible from the train station and other important sites in the city. In addition to his numerous miracles, San Nicola was a passionate and pious bishop. He was also known as a saint. One of the many miracles attributed to him is an incident involving his parents.

When he was young, his parents died of an epidemic. As a result, he decided to donate money to various charitable causes. He also came across three poor daughters who had trouble finding a husband. As a result, he was able to secure a dowry for the eldest girl.

San Nicola church was originally built on the podium of a Juno Sospita temple. Reconsecrated in the 12th or 13th centuries, it incorporated many of the main elements of temple architecture. The church also contains a column dedicated to the saints Anna, Simeon, and Lucia.

Castello Svevo #2

The castello Svevo, also known as the Houhenstaufen castle, is located in the Apulian city of Bari. It was built by the Norman King Roger II in 1132 and is currently used for exhibitions. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992, and is home to a museum that features rare artwork from the medieval period.

The town is an excellent escape from the hustle and bustle of St Mark’s Square. The town has a charming, small town Italy feel, with old ladies talking in the squares and children playing in the lanes. Castello offers excellent accommodation options, including the Metropolitane Hotel, but be prepared to pay a premium for luxury.

Places To Visit In Bari
Piazza Federico II di Svevia 4, Bari, Italy.

The castello is surrounded by fortified walls, including massive ring walls. These ring walls were built around the Norman-Swabian core building in 1233. Later, the Kingdom of Naples used the castle as a prison and barracks. Its other three sides were protected by ditches.

Early pieces of Castello were small, but were usually carved or sand-blasted. A few were even stamped with rhinestones inside the mouthpiece. The ‘Reg’ number denotes the manufacturer’s trademark. The ‘P’ symbol is used on some shapes, while the ‘R’ symbol was used on others.

Borgo Murattiano in Bari #3

Borgo Murattiano is the city’s business district and is separated from the old town by Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. The neighborhood is characterized by orderly streets lined with elegant buildings. Many of the buildings feature Art Nouveau designs, which were popular during the early 20th century.

Notable examples of Art Nouveau architecture include the Margherita Theater and Piazza della Liberta. Borgo Murattiano has been an important center for economic development in Bari for several centuries.

In 1808, the city conquered the provincia and united the proprietars and commerciants under the stewardship of Giuseppe Gimma, who is considered the incarico of the borgo. Borgo Murattiano has been a coveted location for many different empires throughout history.

Strada Bianchi Dottula 5, 70122, Bari Italy

It was controlled by the Goths, Lombards, and Byzantines before coming under Norman rule in 1071. The city was later ruled by the Hohenstaufens and Sforzas of Milan.

It was also ruled by the Isabella di Aragona during the late 15th and early 16th centuries. Borgo Murattiano was redeveloped in the early 19th century by Joachim Murat. He renamed the town Murattiano after himself.

A doorway to the cathedral in the town’s historic center is a highlight of the town. It depicts multiple biblical scenes within a small space, including a unique Last Supper. The town is home to beautiful stone streets and archways.

Lungomare Nazario Sauro #4

Moovit is a free transit app that helps you find the best routes to Lungomare Nazario Saulo 12/1 in Loano, Italy. Download the app and you’ll be on your way in no time. It provides you with real-time directions and maps to help you find your way. You can also see what stops are nearby and how long it will take you to get there.

The panoramic coastline offers a beautiful setting for jogging and long walks. There are numerous cultural buildings and edifici located along the seafront. The Lungomare Nazario Sauros is an excellent choice for both walking and jogging.

 Lungomare Nazario Sauro 19/21, 70121, Bari Italy

The Lungomare Nazario Saulo Promenade, a coastal avenue that extends from the harbor to the Parco per Cani, is one of the most beautiful places to walk in Bari. It has beautiful white washed buildings and offers breathtaking views.

Altamura #5

Altamura is a town and comune in Apulia, Italy. It is situated on the Murge plateau, 45 km south of Bari, and near the border with the province of Basilicata. Its population is around 70,595 people. It is an important center for agriculture and food production.

The city is home to many important archaeological discoveries. Most notably, it is the location of the skeleton of the Altamura Man and more than 30,000 dinosaur tracks. The Altamura National Archaeological Museum, which is split into five different sections, houses artifacts dating back to 2,500 years.

There is also a special exhibition about the prehistory of food, as well as a collection of Roman funeral inscriptions and artifacts. Although the city of Altamura is relatively small in size (around 70,000 people), it is worth a visit.


The city boasts an impressive cathedral that dates back to the thirteenth century. The name “Altamura” means “high wall” in Italian, and the city’s medieval center is surrounded by city walls. Altamura’s beautiful medieval architecture is worth taking the time to explore.

The city’s historic center is one of the city’s greatest assets. The town’s buildings have unique features that make them special. This center is almost like a city within a city.

Bari’s Old Town #6

Old Town is a neighborhood on the eastern shore of Staten Island. It was first settled in 1661, as part of the Dutch colony of New Netherland. It was the first permanent European settlement on Staten Island.

The area’s name was originally Oude Dorpe, but it was later shortened to Old Town. Today, it includes parts of South Beach, Midland Beach, and Dongan Hills. Walloon Pierre Billiou was the original settler of the neighborhood.

One of the most important monuments in the city’s Old Town is the Cathedral Of San Sabino, an impressive structure with Apulian Romanesque architecture. The cathedral also contains archeological findings. The interior of the church has marbles and 16 columns.

Str. Tresca Vecchia, 26, 70122 Bari BA, Italy

Throughout the church, you can find religious relics and statues, including a tomb of Saint Columba. The Diocesan Museum has important works of art. Bari’s medieval historic center is one of Puglia’s most fascinating sites.

It used to be entirely enclosed by walls. Today, the medieval town is made up of narrow streets and alleys. Parts of these walls can still be seen around the city, including the castle. While you’re exploring the Old Town, stop for a meal at Hosteria al Gambero, a restaurant near the port. The food here is moderately priced.

If shopping is your thing, the Murat district just south of the Old Town has plenty of shops and cafes. If you’re on a budget, you’ll find high street brands like Benetton and Prada here. The district is also filled with high-end Italian fashion royalty such as Gucci and Prada.

Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari #7

The Teatro Petruzzelli is one of the biggest theatres in Bari, Italy. It is also the fourth largest theatre in the country. It features opera, ballet and comedy performances. It has four stages and a capacity of 3,800. The theatre is home to over 100 productions every year, with shows of Italian, international and regional actors.

The Petruzzelli family proposed the building of a theater in 1896, and the city administration agreed. A contract was signed, and the building began in October 1898. The theater’s rich artistic programme attracted famous artists and ballet troupes. It was also used by Franco Zeffirelli for filming a number of scenes in his movie Stardust.

Corso Cavour, 12, 70122 Bari BA, Italy

The Teatro Petruzzelli was the most important cultural building in Bari. It was Italy’s fourth largest theatre, and the largest privately owned theatre in Europe. It is located in the heart of the city on Corso Cavour. It was destroyed in a fire in 1991, but rebuilt in 2009. Since then, it has become a center for artistic events and performances.

Before the 1991 fire, Teatro Petruzzelli was considered one of Italy’s top theatres. Before the fire, it was a popular destination for opera. Beethoven’s 9th Symphony was the first concert to be performed at the venue. It was conducted by Fabio Mastrangelo.

FAQs about Bari, Italy

What is Bari in Italy famous for?

It is a popular place for pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians and Catholics. Although it is not as well-known as San Nicola, the Romanesque cathedral of 12th to 13th century, built over the original Byzantine Church, is technically the most important church in Bari.

How long do you need in Bari Italy?

If you want to explore Puglia’s best, plan to make your Bari trip last between two and three days. If you’re looking for the best things to do and sights in Bari, there are only two districts you need to visit.

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