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Detroit: 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

Tourist Attractions in Detroit

Whether you are planning a romantic getaway or an exciting family vacation, there are plenty of things to do in Detroit. From Motown, where records were created, to the Detroit Institute of Art and the Fox Theater, you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained while in town. There is something for everyone in this vibrant city.7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

If you are traveling with kids, the Detroit Riverfront Museum is a great place to start. It offers hands-on exhibits on everything from weather to space exploration. You’ll also find exhibits on steel manufacturing and automation. The Detroit Riverfront is also a wonderful spot to picnic. And while you’re here, make sure to check out the America’s Thanksgiving Parade, the largest in the country. The event features giant floats, antique papier-mache heads, and award-winning artisans. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

For art lovers, the Detroit Institute of Arts has an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures. The collection includes more than 65,000 pieces of art. From Monet paintings to African tribal masks, the museum’s collection has something for everyone. You can also explore the African American Art Center, which displays hundreds of pieces by famous African artists. The museum also features a Ferris wheel and a carousel. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

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The city’s Farmers’ Market is a great way to see local produce, as well as crafts. There are around 225 vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, you can also buy handmade crafts and food, including baked goods. The market is also open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from June to September, so you can take advantage of the many offerings. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

Henry Ford Museum #1

The Henry Ford Museum, the nation’s largest museum, is located in Dearborn. The museum covers more than 100 acres (40 ha) in Dearborn, which is about 14 miles (22.5kms) west Detroit. In the main hall, which covers 12 acres (five hectares) it is possible to spend hours looking through the many valuable artifacts and vehicles that Henry Ford collected over the years. Collectors of cars will delight in gems such the Ford Nucleon or Oscar Mayer Wienermobile as well as all sorts of rare machines. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

The entire exhibit is dedicated specifically to American Automobiles and American Society. Other interesting items are on display that don’t have anything to do cars. It includes a chair Abraham Lincoln sat in when he died at Ford’s Theatre in Philadelphia in 1865. A writing desk was also on display by Edgar Allan Poe. To see how Dymaxion was used in the 1940s, enter the Dymaxion. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

R. Buckminster Fuller, the designer, saw the future for living. With Liberty for All and Justice for All, you can follow the path to freedom in the U.S. The exhibit covers everything, including the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. You can visit Made in America and see the innovations that have changed America’s history. Heroes of the Sky tells the story of pioneers of aviation. You will see a replica Wright Flyer

There are also vintage airplanes. Take a stroll outside to discover the Greenfield Village, which covers 90 acres (36.5 ha). There are Model T cars and steam trains available to ride. Visit the Henry Ford Museum to see a replica of Thomas Edison’s laboratory and the Wright brothers’ relocated shops and buildings. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

You can find more information on the website. Greenfield Village closes during winter. The museum is open seven days per week. To park your car in the parking lot at the museum, you’ll need to pay a small amount. You can also ride the SMART bus to downtown.

GM Renaissance Center #2

The seven towers of General Motors Renaissance Center have become a symbol of hope for the locals. Although the glass facades of the General Motors Renaissance Center are in direct contrast to many of the city’s grand old buildings they stand out as a symbol for revitalization. The center, a project that was intended to stimulate Detroit’s economy in 1981, has since been an enormous boom for the Detroit metropolitan area. For a quintessential Detroit experience,

Stay at the Marriott Hotel located on the main tower of Renaissance Center, which has a 73-floor height. It boasts nearly 1,300 rooms and is the highest hotel building in Western Hemisphere. The hotel has nearly 1,300 suites. If you do not want to book a room, but still wish to take in the spectacular view, hop on the high-speed lift and go up to the second floor. Coach Insignia offers excellent food and great views at its fine-dining restaurant. On clear nights, 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

You will see more than 30 miles (48 kilometers) Dress appropriately for fine dining, and you will be charged a premium. The dozens of floors dedicated to retail include an enormous food court, cinema, and many shops. It is not easy to navigate around the center. For a guided tour of the center, you can visit the meeting point located outside the Pure Detroit store at level one of Tower 400. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

Tours are offered at no cost and leave twice per day from Monday through Friday. The hours of operation for shops and attractions are subject to change, however most retail stores operate within the same hours. The Coach Insignia is open from Monday to Saturday. It can be quite expensive to park in the center, but there are some deals available for movie-goers and restaurants. You can find more information on the website. People Mover, Detroit’s light-rail system, loops around downtown and stops at all major attractions including the GM Renaissance Center. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Institute of Arts #3

The Detroit Institute of Arts, affectionately known as the DIA is a famous art museum. In 1885, the Detroit Museum of Art was founded by D.M. James E. Scripps (Detroit Mayor). Ferry McMillan and James McMillan inaugurated the museum on September 1, 18, 1888 in a Jefferson Avenue structure. In its current location, on Woodward Avenue, just north and west of Warren Avenue, the museum was opened in 1927. William Valentiner was first to lead the museum, overseeing the construction of the one-story, modified Italian Renaissance Style building and many period rooms. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

The museum has seen several expansions since then: a south and north wings in 1961 and 1971 respectively, both designed by Gunnar Berkerts. And an eight-year-long 1999 project that added 35,000 foot and created a new vision of museum presentation.

Over 65,000 artifacts are part of the DIA’s extensive American art collection. It has art from all corners of the globe, covering centuries and including modern and contemporary art as well. Detroit Industry, which was created by Diego Rivera in 1932-33, is the most famous piece of the museum’s collection. Self-Portrait by Van Gogh was the first Van Gogh work to be owned in the United States. The General Motors Center for African American Art was the first department of a major museum to be curated by the DIA. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

After being opened in 1919 as a nonprofit museum, it became a Detroit city department in 1919. However, it was returned to its independent non profit status in 2014. Today, the DIA spans 658,000 feet and houses more than 100 galleries. A reference library, a conservation laboratories, meeting and lecture areas, as well as a number of other amenities. It has been home to the Detroit Film Theatre, a 1,200-seat theater that was historically restored for close to 50 year. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

Motown Museum #4

Despite the passing of time since Motown Records were founded by Berry Gordy in 1959, Hitsville U.S.A. is still visited every year by tens to thousands of people. Their presence speaks volumes about Motown’s legacy as well the charisma, talent, and perseverance of those who made it.

The Museum is located in Motown Records’ original headquarters. It also houses photographs and valuable memorabilia. Our internationally recognized facility is a national treasure, unique civic and culture resource, and dedicated to documenting Motown’s past and passing on the seeds for inspiration and creativity to ensure that the next generation can succeed. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

Esther Gordy Edwards established the Motown Museum in Southeast Michigan in 1985. Visitors travel from all across America and around the globe to see Studio A, the place where their favorite artists and bands recorded, as well as the restored upper flat, where Berry Gordy spent his early years with his family. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

Detroit River Front #5

The Detroit International Riverfront (also known as the Ambassador Bridge) is a tourist attraction located in Detroit, Michigan. It runs for 5.5 miles (8.8km) and is considered a landmark. The International Riverfront includes a passenger terminal for cruise ships, a marina as well as numerous parks, restaurants shops, skyscrapers, skyscrapers, residential areas and TCF Center. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

The International Riverfront also includes the Robert’s Riverwalk Hotel, and the Marriott At the Renaissance Center. A number of hundred million dollars has been donated by foundations, private companies, and the federal government to help develop the riverfront. There are three key public spaces along the International Riverfront: the RiverWalk (Dequindre Cut Greenway), Trail and Trail. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

William G. Milliken Harbor and State Park, along with a passenger terminal and dock at Hart Plaza for cruise ships, complete the area’s architecture. A variety of annual festivals are held in the area including the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. The Detroit Free Press International Marathon. Motor City Pride. River Days. USA Today readers voted Detroit International Riverfront best riverwalk in the United States in February 2021. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

Eastern Market #6

DMM partner Tom Rall managed the Market for 38 consecutive years. The Market still sells vintage photography as well maps and contemporary pottery. Rall founded The Flea Market of Eastern Market in 1984 around North Hall of Eastern Market. The agreement with Market 5 Gallery was for the North Hall tenant. The market then expanded to Hine School in 1992. The market was there continuously for over 20 year until the redevelopment at the 300 Block of 7th St SE.

2009 saw the District of Columbia take over Eastern Market’s management. They also terminated the contract of Market 5 Gallery. DMM was established by Rall’s Management Team in 2005 in order to create additional events in support of the long waiting list for exhibitors who couldn’t get permanent space in the Flea Market because it was so popular. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

Michael Berman was an artist who has sold at Eastern Market since 1993. For many years, he assisted in marketing, branding and communications of the Flea Market. Berman took over the role of director for the company in 2009 DMM became The Flea Market’s official ownership in 2011. The seamless transition was possible because many employees and DMM partners have been involved with The Flea Market since the beginning. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

Comerica Park #7

The main entrance to this ballpark is situated across the street of the Fox Theatre. Also, it is between two historic downtown church buildings, St. John Episcopal Church (formerly Central United Methodist Church) and St. John Episcopal Church (formerly St. John Episcopal Church). Outside the main entrance, a tiger sculpture is 15 feet in height (4.6 m). There are eight other statues of heroic-sized Tigers in the park.

 These tigers are able to see the Tigers winning or scoring a home run. The sound of a growling Tiger also plays. Original creations by Michael Keropian were made by ShowMotion Inc., Norwalk, Connecticut. There are 33 tigers with lighted baseballs inside their mouths, which can be found along the park’s brick walls. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

Nearly all of the retired players are represented at the left center field concourse. Jackie Robinson is the exception. His number was retired in all MLB parks in 1997. Ty Cobb is also represented, but he is not wearing a number since he played in baseball before the uniforms were standardized. These are the names these players. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

A wall is located in right-centerfield that houses the names of Hall of Fame broadcasters as well as players and broadcasters who played a significant role with the Tigers. Ernie Harwell (team’s longtime radio announcer who was also a recipient of Hall of Fame’s Ford C. Frick Award) is honored with a statue on the stadium’s first-base side. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

Comerica is the only MLB park with a distinct dirt strip separating home plate from the pitcher’s mound. This strip, commonly known as “keyhole”, was common in the early days of ballparks. However, it is extremely rare in modern facilities. Furthermore, the home-plate area is in line with the home plate and not as a circle. 7 Best Places To Visit In Detroit, Michigan

There is a Ferris Wheel with twelve cars that look just like baseballs in the northeast corner. It can be found behind the stands at the third base line. A carousel can also be found in the stadium’s northern corner, at the first baseline.

FAQs : Detroit, Michigan

What are fun things to do in Detroit?

Detroit is filled with unique attractions, and there are many things to do for people of all ages. The Detroit Institute of Arts is a great place to learn more about the history of the African American community, and the Museum of African American History is one of the largest exhibits dedicated to the culture of the black people. For something that won’t cost you a dime, you can visit the Detroit Zoo, which features a collection of wildlife, as well as a 4-D theater simulator ride.

What are the good areas in Detroit?

If you’re traveling to Detroit on a budget, there are several different areas to stay in. The Greektown area is home to many restaurants and shops, including a variety of Greek cuisine. The Detroit Institute of Art is another excellent place to visit. There’s also the Fox Theater, which offers a great view of the entire city.

What is the best area to stay in Detroit?

There are many options when it comes to choosing a place to stay in Detroit. Depending on what you want to do in the city, you may want to stay in the heart of downtown Detroit. This area is filled with award-winning restaurants and boutique hotels. In addition, there are many different attractions that you can visit in downtown Detroit.

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