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Abbotsford: 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia

Tourist Attractions in Abbotsford, British Columbia

Abbotsford is a city in British Columbia, Canada, next to the United States border and the Fraser River. The city’s estimated population is 153,524 and it is the largest municipality outside of metro Vancouver. Its main business is real estate. It has a diverse population, with about half the residents being young families. 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia

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Abbotsford offers a variety of outdoor activities for families and visitors. There are several parks, including Fishtrap Creek Park, which is a lush oasis with a variety of plants and fauna. The park also has a network of walking trails around the ponds. There are also wooden pavilions where visitors can observe wildlife. Abbotsford is also home to a number of golf courses. Ledgeview Golf and Country Club is one of the city’s most popular golf courses, and it offers a scenic view of the city.

The weather is relatively mild in Abbotsford. The wind speed varies with the season. It is typically between 4.6 and 9.5 km/h. It rains occasionally, with the rainiest season being during the fall months. Abbotsford is close to Vancouver, and most radio and television stations from that city are available in the area.

Abbotsford has a variety of activities for families. There is a yearly Christmas parade, which takes place on the first Saturday of December at 7:30 p.m. The parade features floats and costumed characters. Thousands of people flock to the event, which draws crowds from across the state. Abbotsford is also famous for its huge ice cream cones, which are sold at the local dairy store. 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia

1.Mill Lake

Originally called lake Lekw’oquem, (Le-kwa–kwem), by the Sto.lo Nation indigenous Sto:lo Nation which lived off this land.

Mill Lake was first settled under the name “Bais Lake”, in honor of an early settler farmer. After that, it was renamed as “Abbotsford Lake”, owing to its location. It was named “Mill Lake” in recognition of its important role in local forestry.

Charles Hill Tout, an Abbotsford resident opened a sawmill along the shores, which contributed more than 50,000 railway links to the Canadian Pacific Railway. Joe, Richard Arthur and Sam Trethewey, brothers, purchased the mill and opened the Abbotsford Timber and Trading Company. This company became quickly one of British Columbia’s top employers.

Each year, 20 million foot of timber boards are produced. The lake was used by the brothers to sort the logs which arrived via rail. From there, they were processed and sent to American markets. The mill was operational until 1934, when it was shut down by the brothers. The Abbotsford Lions Club purchased Mill Lake, took out the mill equipment, then began the process of making it a park. 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia

2.Clayburn Village

Clayburn is British Columbia’s oldest company town. It was established as a Village in 1905. Charles Maclure, the son of John Maclure who was an ex-Royal Engineer who settled west of Clayburn on a grant of government land, developed Clayburn’s village. The company town provided housing

The services provided employment and support for a small workforce. The plant was operated in Clayburn up until the 1930s when it moved to Kilby. The Fraser Valley community was a small, thriving community that remained many of its residents. 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia

3.Field House Brewing Co

Field House’s motto is “field to fist”, and we strive to showcase the best of Fraser Valley in all we do. Our beers have a unique take on classic styles and capture East Abbotsford’s flavor. We are making it possible with our Field House Farms Project to recover underused farmland and produce as many of our ingredients as possible for our beers, as well as our Canteen Kitchen.

Field House was built with community in our minds. Field House offers a space for people to come together and enjoy great beers and delicious food. Cheers! HIGHLIGHTED ACCEPTIONS: 2016 BC Beer Awards, Rookie of The Year 2018, BC Beer Awards Innovator Of the Year 2018, Growlie Awards Brewery Awards 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia


The HighStreet Collective, a consulting group made up of dreamers as well as doers and decision makers, is called the HighStreet Collective. High-level talent at the VP or above level who don’t just talk a good song. We are the “roll-up-your-sleeves-and-dive-in” kind of people.

We are incredibly focused on improving the shopping experience in stores for today’s shoppers by removing all friction and innovating. Technology and ecommerce continue to raise shoppers’ expectations while retail innovation remains slow. High Street is a service provider that serves both retailers as well as service providers. It gives shoppers reasons to shop again and helps to close the “experience gap”. 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia

The technology options are endless. There are many: RFID experiences at shelf, social media video walls, beacon-based proximity notifications and digital wayfinding. Which ones should you use? What human purpose should they be used? Which ones are scalable How should these be integrated into the retail experience? These are just a few of the many questions we can answer.

There are lessons to be learned from years spent in an emerging market. Our lessons are your tools. They have been incorporated into our Retail Innovation Transformation Playbook process. It has been refined into a set if distinct phases that assures limited risk, unique store differentiation, as well as plenty of irrefutable points. 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia

5.Applebarn Family Farms at Taves Family Farms

Taves founded the Applebarn pumpkin farm in Abbotsford BC over 30 year ago. 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia

The dream was to create a farm-fun experience focused on the autumn gifts. We offer our farm to all who want to enjoy the fruits of fall.

6.Discovery Trail

The American Discovery Trail, (ADT) is a brand new national trail that combines city, small town, forest, mountains, and desert. It stretches 6,800+ miles along a multi-use, continuous trail from Cape Henlopen State Park to Pt. Reyes National Seashore (California). It links communities from coast to coast on the first nonmotorized trail. The ADT allows trail users to explore the heart of everything that makes America unique — its culture and heritage, as well as its landscape and spirit. 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia

The ADT includes trails that can be used for walking, cycling and equestrian purposes. It forms the backbone of national trails. It links five national scenic and twelve national historical trails, 39 national recreational trail, and many other local or regional trails. It traverses major metropolitan areas such as San Francisco, Cincinnati, and leads to more than 10,000 historic, cultural, or natural sites.

ADT stands for connections. People to people, communities and urban areas to wilderness. It gives the chance for those who are most daring to travel from coasts to coast, discovering America’s heart. The trail network provides millions with access to a trail that improves the quality of life and conserves our natural resource. 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia

You will never forget your adventure, whether you are out for two hours or two days, two weeks or two months. It is hard to find something that refreshes the soul like being in touch the natural environment. We are trying to ensure this opportunity is preserved for future generations. 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia

7.Willband Creek Park

Willband Creek Park can be described as an urban wetland park, located in Abbotsford British Columbia, Canada. The trail leads to a marsh with grass fields, and there are also farms nearby. 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia

The parkland has two retention ponds. Two loop trails circle the ponds. Each loop trail circles one wetland stream and connects with the others. The northern loop trails are 1.6km long while the southern loop trails are 2.33km. 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia

The Willband Creek Trails have easy to follow, moderately strenuous routes that are suitable and enjoyable for all levels of fitness. The paths have wooden bridges and benches for sightseeing. You can find a trailmap in the gravel parking lot.

The trails are gravel and shared. It is a great place to walk, bike, birdwatch, picnic and do other activities. 7 Places To Visit In Abbotsford, Columbia

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