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Constanta: 8 Best Places To Visit In Constanta, Romania

Attractions And Places To Visit In Constanta, Romania

If you love ancient ruins, you will love exploring Constanta. This ancient city is the perfect mix of old and new. It’s also home to one of the largest casino complexes in Romania, which is currently undergoing major restoration works.

The casino was once considered Romania’s Monte Carlo, and features four columns crowned with sculptured lions. During the 1930s, it served as a hub for the Masonic Lodge. It also features a park that contains fragments of 3rd and 4th century buildings, as well as a 6th century tower.

While visiting Constanta, you should check out the Black Sea beaches and other natural attractions. The city is also close to several popular Bulgarian beach resorts. The Vama Veche and Mamaia resorts are among the most popular places to visit. Another place that you must see while in Constanta is the Hippie Village.

Places To Visit In Constanta

Constanta is one of the oldest cities in Romania. It is also one of the country’s largest seaports. It was originally called Tomis before the Romans conquered the area. The city later got the name Constantiana in honor of Constantine the Great, who renamed the city after his sister.

The city grew and flourished until the 13th century, when it was conquered by the Ottomans. During this time, it was shortened to its present name, Constanta. Located on the Black Sea, Constanta has a thirteen-kilometer-long beachfront.

It is close to the major beach resort Mamaia and dozens of other smaller resorts. This makes it an excellent holiday destination. If you’re a beach lover, you should definitely consider staying in Constanta for a while. It is a wonderful place to spend your holiday and has a rich history.

Plaja Mamaia in Constanta #1

The famous Plaja Mamaia is one of the most popular and biggest beaches in Romania. It is a long, wide expanse of fine sand and stretches for 10 kilometers. Its latimi range from 30 meters to 220 meters. The beach hosts numerous events throughout the year, including concerts and fashion shows.

This secluded beach is a popular summer destination, but it also has an exciting nightlife. To reach Plaja Mamaia, you can use Moovit, a free, easy-to-use transit app. With real-time directions and a map of the area’s public transportation systems, Moovit makes it easy to get where you’re going, when you need to be there.

Places To Visit In Constanta
Strada B3, 900330 ConstanţaRomania

It also shows you the closest stops and train stations, so you can find the best time to get to Plaja Mamaia. Plaja Mamaia is home to some of the best snorkeling in the country, and the area around it has a laid-back vibe. It’s also surrounded by quality accommodation, making it ideal for families.

If you’re traveling with kids, the wide beach is perfect for them to run around and play. Although the beach is not as famous as the beaches in the Black Sea, it’s still an ideal spot for nature lovers. This beach is popular with young people and features a shipwreck.

Portul Turistic Tomis #2

Tomis is one of the most beautiful destinations in Romania. It has a modern marina, which attracts many yachts. The port is located in the northeastern part of the island. Visitors can reach the port by walking about 30 minutes. The island also has a vaporas station, where you can take a vaporas tour.

You can take a cruise around the harbor while enjoying the wonderful nature of the city. Portul Tomis is situated between the Faleza Cazinoului and Plaja Modern. It’s a place where you can unwind and relax. The port is undergoing major investments to make it a popular destination.

The port is also intended to be an important stop for cruise ships that navigate the entire Roman coastline. The port of Constanta was opened in 1909. It was later extended south. The construction of the canal Dunare – Marea Neagra helped the port’s development.

Places To Visit In Constanta
Constanța, Romania

The canal was completed in 1984. Its purpose was to increase the port’s capacity. However, the investment was not cost-effective. Portul Turistic Tomis is one of the most popular sites in Constanţa.

It is easy to reach and offers many recreational activities. The port has a restaurant where tourists can eat and drink. It also has terraces for visitors to enjoy the sea. In addition, there is a parking lot for cars and a modern beach.

Cazinoul Constanta in Constanta #3

Cazinoul Constanța is a defunct casino that has been designated by the Romanian Ministry of Culture as a historic monument. It is located along the Black Sea seafront in the historic Peninsulă District of the city. The casino was opened in the 1950s. The casino was once the largest in the city.

The casino was originally owned by the Romanian Board of Central Tourism. It operated as a tourist attraction until 1989 when the costs of running the establishment proved too much for the agency. The casino was renovated in 1986, and new decorations and stained glass were added to the casino.

New flooring and fixtures were also added. This renovation left some of the original interiors intact. The building was also used as a local council meeting space in the late 1980s. The building was originally designed in the Art Nouveau style. The foundation of Cazinoul was completed in 1910.

Places To Visit In Constanta
 Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta 4, Constanța 900178, Romania

Prince Ferdinand commissioned the building. The structure included a dance hall, two reading rooms, two games rooms, and a terrace overlooking the sea. After the completion of the project, the architect, Daniel Renard, a Frenchman, was hired to redesign the structure.

After years of dereliction, the Cazinoul Constanta is being renovated. The renovation is estimated to cost 90 million lei. The project will start in 2020, but it is unclear if it will be finished until 2022.

Telegondola Din Mamaia #4

Telegondola din Mamaia is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Romania. This modern cable car is a short ride that takes between eight and twelve minutes. It runs on the peninsula between the hotels Perla and Cazino. Visitors can enjoy spectaculoase privileits while riding the gondola.

The telegondole is surrounded by strong glass and solar protection, offering natural ventilation and clear visibility. The telegondole has a maximum height of 50 meters and an inclination of 19.72%. The cable car travels at a speed of 5 meters per second.

On Sunday, the telegondola in Mamaia suffered a malfunction, forcing 117 people to be evacuated. Of these, 55 people from Cazino point and 62 from Aqua Magic point. Another two people refused to be transported to hospital. The telegondola was halted for a number of hours.

Statie Pornire Perla, Bulevardul Mamaia, Constanța 900001, Romania

The Mamaia telegondola is Romania’s first telegondola, which is open to tourists. It is located near Hotel Perla and Cazinoul in Constanta. The telegondola’s cabins are painted yellow and pink. It is a tourist attraction that has gained recognition in the country.

Guests can enjoy spectacular views of the Black Sea, the coastline, and the city of Constanta from the telegondola. It costs around 20 lei for adults and 15 lei for children between the ages of five and fourteen.

The Museum of National History and Archeology in Constanța #5

In Constanța, Romania, you can visit the History and Archeology Museum. It is located at 12 Piaţa Ovidiu. The museum is free to enter and has some interesting exhibits. It is a popular place to spend an afternoon. The museum is open from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday.

The museum’s collection is extensive, containing more than 430,000 objects. It covers history from Paleolithic times to the modern day. It includes ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine artifacts as well as other materials from the past. Other exhibits include ceramics, sculptures, statuettes, and bronze coins.

It also contains historical maps and documents. It is home to a huge number of pieces that have a great deal of historical value. The Museum of National History and Archeology is a fascinating place to visit if you are interested in archaeology.

Constanța 900178, Romania

The museum features an amazing collection of Greek and Roman artifacts and art. Exhibits are arranged chronologically in rooms. One unique exhibit is a statue of the snake-like Glycon, which was discovered in 1962. You can also see a funerary inventory from a 2nd century AD tomb.

There are internships and research programs for students interested in archaeology. You can also become a part of the department’s educational programs and public outreach programs.

Apartment Piața Ovidiu in Constanța #6

Located in Constanța, Romania, Apartament Piata Ovidiu offers seaside accommodation. The apartment offers free WiFi, air conditioning and a balcony. It is a 20-minute walk from the center of Constanta. The property features 1 bedroom and a full kitchen. It is located near the defunct Constanta Casino and offers a view of the bay.

There are many tourist attractions in Piaa Ovidiu. The most popular are the Constanta Casino and the Akvarium Konstantsy. Both are located at an altitude of 850 meters. The area around the casino is a popular meeting place. It is also home to many historical monuments, including the famous St. Peter’s Church.

Piața Ovidiu 11, Constanța 900178, Romania

Konstantsa is located in Rumynia and has a population of 387 593. This is 61% of the population of the okrug. It is also a krupnykh gorod. It was founded in 1889. Among its residents are nemetskie, turetskie, and bolgarskiii.

In 1910, Karolem I was korolem. He was a dukhovnyi leader of about fifty-five thousand musul’man who prozhivaiut in Dobrudzhi. Its architecture incorporates rumynskii and vizantiiskie elements. A central element is the bol’shoi turetskii kover.

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Constanța #7

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Constanța is a church located in Constanța, Romania. It is the seat of the Romanian Orthodox Archbishop of Tomis and also houses a monastery. Its exterior is decorated with various icons and statues. The interior is also decorated with different types of stained glass.

The structure was built in 1993 on land donated by the Prefecture judetul Arges. At the time, there was only one church in Mioveni, but because of the development of local industry, the population of the town was growing and there was a need for a cathedral.

The church was built with impressive dimensions and is currently considered to be the largest cathedral in the area. Catedrala Sfinii Apostoli Peter si Pavel is located in the peninsular part of the city. Its exterior design is reminiscent of the Gothic style.

Strada Arhiepiscopiei 25, Constanța 900742, Romania

Inside, it has several rooms dedicated to the apostles. In the center is a large crucifix. The church is surrounded by a garden. The basilica contains several statues of saints, but it is the relics of Saint Peter and Saint Paul that attract visitors.

The Catedrala Sfinii Apostoli is Romania’s largest church. Its interior is decorated with over one hundred statues of the Apostles. There are also numerous chapels that feature paintings and other artworks.

Costinesti in Constanta #8

Located on the Black Sea, the resort of Costinesti is a popular destination for holiday makers. The town is 30 km south of the county seat of Constanta. The city consists of two villages, Schitu and Mangeapunar, and is also known by other names, including Buffelbrunnen (1840-1940) and Libertatea (1960-68).

The cost of staying in Costinesti is fairly high, but you can still find cheap holiday accommodations. If you want a luxurious hotel, however, you should be prepared to pay more for it. The high prices of luxury hotels in Costinesti are largely due to the high number of employees.

Vacation rentals are typically cheaper than hotels, but luxury hotels are more expensive than the average. A typical Costinesti vacation can cost from $1,538 for a solo traveler to $2,762 for a couple. For a family of four, you should budget about $5,178.

Costinești 907090, Romania

The cost of a hotel can vary from $77 per night to $350, while vacation rentals can cost from $60 to $400. The cost of a roundtrip flight can run you anywhere from $651 to $1,015 per person (or $3185 for first class). You should also budget between $63 and $118 a day for transportation.

Costinesti’s climate is warm, but not hot. The average temperature during high season is 83degF. You will find many pleasant breezes to keep the temperature comfortable. August is the hottest month with highs of 83degF and lows of 71degF. In contrast, January is cooler, with highs of 40degF and lows of 32degF.

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FAQs about Constanta, Romania

What is Constanta Romania known for?

Constanta is a cultural and economic center that is worth visiting for its archaeology treasures and Old Town’s architecture. It is the center of Black Sea Coast tourism due to its historical monuments, ancient ruin, grand Casino, museums, shops, and close proximity to beaches.

Is Constanta worth visiting?

Constanta is a touristic destination because of its beautiful beach that stretches 6km and proximity to Mamaia which is one of the most visited touristic destinations in Romania. Constanta has a lot of accommodation options.

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