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Alaska’s Best 6 must-see Adventures Traveling

6 Must-See Adventures Traveling to Alaska

When planning a trip to Alaska, there are a few must-do activities. The state is full of diverse wildlife, crystal-clear lakes, and massive glaciers. This makes it the perfect backdrop for a number of outdoor activities, from kayaking to skiing. Explore the vast wilderness on a guided tour.


Alaska is the largest state in the US, but it is also one of the most isolated. The sparsely populated state is home to many natural wonders, including glaciers, ice fields, active volcanoes, and dazzling lakes. If you’re an adventure lover, Alaska is the perfect place to go. From skiing to hiking and climbing, you’ll have no shortage of fun in Alaska.

One of Alaska’s most iconic sights is the Gates of the Arctic National Park, which sits just inside the Arctic Circle. While you can’t drive through the park, it’s worth it to spend the day touring the park. It’s hard to believe this is an icy landscape, but it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

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Brown bears can be tracked in the ABC Islands

The salmon run induces Alaska’s brown bears to a feeding frenzy, which brings them to the coastline of the huge Tongass National Forest in an euphoric stampede.

Admiralty, Baranof and Chichagof islands are where you will find the largest concentrations of coastal brown bears anywhere on Earth. These solitary animals are best seen on a fly in safari

Sea kayaking to a tidewater glacier

From a sea kayak’s vantage point, you will never be able to ignore the 600-foot (182m tall) ice wall. You’ll be so close to the air frosts that you can see large, calving chunks falling as if they were in slow motion.

Two things will come to your attention. Don't go too close to the ocean debris. The ice blocks can quickly sink you if they appear unexpectedly.

Wild camp below North America’s highest mountain

This massive national parks has Denali at its most majestic. With Denali’s head in the clouds (they say Denali appears only once every three days), and feet buried in low-elevation forest and six million acres of backcountry, it is the place everyone longs to have an adventure. Access is the key.

Only one road separates the park, a 92-mile (148km), strip that is given to narrated tours coaches and transit buses by the National Park Service (mid May to mid September only).

Glacier Bay Cruise: Whale and Orca Watch

Glacier Bay National Park has a unique beauty to it, with its horizon filled with incisor-shaped mountains, deep-sheltered fjords and calving tidewater glacier tongues. It is southeast Alaska at its most raw and contains a series of breath-takingly beautiful inlets and lagoons that make up the northern edge of the labyrinthine Inside Passage.

You can also cruise the mountains looking for breaching humpbacks and cannonballing orcas. You could spend days watching them play in the clear-blue water.

Take a train from the gold rush era to the Yukon

While the majority of visitors to Skagway content themselves with its dusty boardwalk vibe, trapped-in-time saloons and Klondike-era brothels-turned-museums, those with an eye on adventure board the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad to rattle full-throttle on a round-trip into Canada.

There are many excursions on the train, but the scenic run to the ghost town of the gold rush Bennett is the one you want.

Brooks Falls is home to salmon-guzzling brown bears

The flight from Brooks Falls to Katmai National Park brings with it an incomparable mix of tundra, forests and mountain landscapes. The real adventure lies beyond the floatplane landing dock.

Here, a healthy salmon population attracts thousands of brown bears during denning season. It crawls with over 2,200 bears during peak season, which is from mid-May through mid-September.


What is the coolest thing in Alaska?

Alaska Railroad.
Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center.

Why do people go to Alaska?

The most compelling reasons to visit Alaska are its incredible scenery, wildlife, and the chance to see the Northern Lights.

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