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Best 06 outdoor adventures in Colorado 2022

Adventures Travelling in Colorado

Whether you’re seeking a family vacation, an adventure vacation, or a cultural getaway, Colorado offers a wide range of destinations, activities, and adventures in Colorado. Its unique landscape offers everything from sandy desert canyons to rugged mountain peaks.

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adventures in Colorado

Colorado is home to a wealth of national parks. These parks provide the perfect setting for an outdoor adventure. For example, the Red Rocks Amphitheater is a world-renowned site that’s a must-see. It’s a place where visitors can learn about the area’s geological history while enjoying the scenery.

There’s also an exciting zip line tour that reaches heights of up to 65 feet. The canopy tour at Castle Rock Zip Line Tours is a high-flying experience. It also features a 42-foot climbing wall, a canopy zip-line, and adrenaline jumping stations.

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#6 The Durango and Silverton Narrowgauge Railroad

To see breathtaking views not found on road trips, it is worth riding Colorado’s historic railroads. The Colorado Tourism Office describes the experience as “akin eating potato chips – one can never have enough”.

Georgetown Loop Railroad’s Devil’s Gate High Bridge is the highlight, while the Pikes Peak Cog Railway’s 14,115-foot climb inspired the song America the Beautiful and the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad’s daytime rides over La Veta Pass are the best.


The Durango and Silverton Narrowgauge Railroad covers 45 miles of track that was laid in 1882 between Silverton, a mining town, and Durango. You can choose from the Round Trip Silverton Train Tour, which takes you to Silverton for a few hours. Or the Skyway Tour, which includes a bus ride along the scenic San Juan Skyway on US Highway 550.

#5 Balloon festivals

Although Colorado’s mountains, rivers, and valleys are impressive from the ground, nothing can compare to an aerial view. Zip lining is a great way to fly high in the air while being strapped to a cable


Colorado holds some of the most exciting balloon festivals in the world (mostly between July and November).

It's great to see these inflatables take over the sky, but it is not as exciting as riding in one.

Although there are many options, Steamboat Springs is the best place to take a balloon up and view the entire landscape from every direction.

#4 Best water-based attractions

Grand Lake is a great place to spend hours gazing at the glistening waters, poignant peaks, and waterskiing. Pirate’s Cove Family Fun Aquatic Center, Littleton, and Waterworld, Federal Heights, both offer great rides, slides and wave pools.


While there are many river jaunts for adrenalin-junkies (the season lasts from May through September), nothing beats whitewater rafting.

You can find the best rapids in the state, as well as stunning views and prime wildlife sightings at any of these places: Arkansas River and Colorado Rivers, Clear Creek, Animas Rivers

#3 Hit the hiking trails

Colorado’s landscape is a delight for both serious hikers and casual walkers. It boasts majestic mountain peaks, glacier-carved canyons, and flower-blanked meadows that stretch on for miles.

For a 26.6-mile loop around Maroon Bells Wilderness and a cool-off at Twin Lakes, take the La Plata Peaks Trail. The Blue Lakes Trail is 8.6 miles filled with alpine scenery and craggy peaks.


Outdoorsy types who want to take on Colorado's rugged terrains and have fun can rent an ATV. They can ride unguided along the paved roads and off-road trails at their own pace. Estes park ATV Rentals provides both novice and experienced

#2 Road trip on the Mount Evans

The Mount Evans Scenic Byway, also known as Colorado Highway 5, is the most spectacular road trip. It climbs more that 7,000 feet in only 28 miles and reaches a height of 14,130 feet. It takes only two hours to complete the journey, which passes through five climate zones and reaches Mount Evans at 14,264 feet.

This summit is the highest point of the Chicago Peaks located in the Front Range.


The views from the car window to Summit Lake are breathtaking. You can't drive past this point, so you will have to walk or bike to Mount Evans' summit.

You can also stop at Echo Lake for picnics or hiking in the summer, Summit Lake to spot big horn sheep, Rocky Mountain goats, and Mount Goliath to see spring wildflowers like fairy primroses, purple fringe and chiming bells.

#1 Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre

It’s easy to understand why this 9.000-seat amphitheatre, which is located in the transitional zone between the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains, has been hailed as one the most outstanding live music venues on Earth. It is the undisputed star of Red Rocks Park. It sits at 6,450 feet above sea level. Two massive monoliths, Creation Rock and Ship Rock, control the amazing sound.


While star-studded performances are the highlight of this park, there are many first-rate attractions.

The most impressive are the biking and hiking trails that take you through the sculpted rock, as well as the visitor's center where you can watch free "best of" Red Rocks concert footage.

There's also the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, which has excellent interactive displays that highlight the state's rich musical history.


What activities is Colorado known for?

hiking, mountain biking, horse-riding, skiing to canoeing

What is best month to visit Colorado?

June through October

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