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Best Places To Live In Los Angeles, California

I am watching you, I know you are looking for some best places to live in Los Angeles, and I know many other things too but what you don’t know is where to find the perfect place with all the basic pros added too.

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I know it seems a difficult task for you because Los Angeles is not just a city, it’s a city of dreams, a city of star life, a city of beaches and fun, a city of light and summer. And living there with your whole heart of dreams who wants to fly high so this city can makes you excited and fearful both in some aspects.

Los Angeles
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But it’s not as difficult as it seems too, being the second largest city in California – Los Angeles provides number of opportunities to people, and gave a chance to outgrow and network with thousands of wonderful people. 

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So what you are feared of? I know again, heavy traffic, unsafe areas, and hundreds of people living homeless. I understand living in a new-big city, always gives you two sides of view like a coin and it’s our choice to choose one side of the coin.

You want your location to live for; 

(And basically your coin to revolve around)

  1. Have a good and proper safety concern.
  2. Your area should affordable and walkable from other main things in the city
  3. Schools, colleges, your office and other places are easy to go by.
  4. Atmosphere of your surrounding, did you get the basic necessity like shopping, cafes and clubs.
  5. Are you live alone too?

I know these all things confused you and that’s why it’s hard for you to settle on one locality because you have many concerns related to you and your life. So in this, I gonna share 3 best places or locality that you can choose for yourself that take care of all these above mention things.


City center:

It’s an expensive place, so if you are someone who can spend money based on your locality then it is must be the best place for you to go and check on.

But I am paying for what? You are paying for the whole Best, the city center is a neighborhood of Santa Monica, and here you will get the best lifestyle related to schools, colleges, nightlife, outdoor life, healthcare, best weather and easy to commute.

City center los angeles

You will get the good urban life of Los Angeles in the city center, and you can easily find the rent houses for single or for families too.

So if we want to rate the place, then it surely not the best as per the price concern, but according to the lifestyle it’s a five out of 5.

Downtown Los Angeles

If you are someone who looking for stability, has a professional job, and wants to live decently. Then this is the perfect place for you all.

Rent costs are affordable, and you get many museums and art places if you are interested to look forward to these things. Best bookstore for all the book-readers at Iconic last bookstore.

Schools and colleges are easy to go up, due to good transportation facilities. Food and drinks are also at basic rates to suffer on. But it’s not very good at late nightlife. So if we rate them, surely it goes 4 out of 5, as they provide a great place and view and live at reasonable rates.

Santa Monica

If you are a person of aesthetic view and beaches to roam around then this is the perfect place for you to reside. You will get the best weather, some classic restaurants and cafes to fulfill your foody nature. 

But it is also famous for big-tech companies, so if you want to start your own business or want to work under any of these big names, then this is a perfect place to work on. Basically, you will get the best combination of view and work altogether.

It is only 10 minutes far from Los Angeles, you will get an easy transport facility, and the house rent differs from place to place and from view to view. 

If we wanna rate this place, then this is perfect 4.5 out of 5, because they give all the wonderful aspects of living.

Final outlet to look into:

So as you reach till here, you surely get some idea according to your personality, work of profession and cost of affordability. Choose a relaxing place to live in, because more heavy places come with noise and crime enhancement issues, don’t live in fear. Pay basic, live basic.

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