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Ljubljana: 8 Best Places To Visit In Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tourist Attractions And Places To Visit In Ljubljana, Slovenia

The old town of Ljubljana has a lot to offer. A stroll through the narrow side streets of Gornji Trg will lead you to medieval buildings and the 1672 Church of St Florian. Other attractions in the town centre include an underground bar, an art gallery and restaurants.

The main square, Presernov Trg, is lined with beautiful buildings and displays a variety of architectural styles. It is also the center of most cultural events.

The square is named after Slovenia’s national poet and is spacious and bordered on the south by the Ljubljanica River. Other attractions include the baroque Church of the Annunciation and the elegant Austrian Secession style buildings that line the park.

Places To Visit In Ljubljana

The triple bridge, which spans the river, is another notable landmark. The Franciscan Church of the Annunciation, which is located near the Triple Bridge, is a stunning site in the city.

It was originally built in the late thirteenth century but was later modified during the 19th century. It was damaged by the 1895 earthquake, but new frescoes were added in 1936. The town’s history is also reflected in its architecture.

The city museum has an extensive collection of artifacts and displays. There is a replica Roman street, classical artifacts, and models of historical buildings.

Preseren Square #1

The most imposing building in Preseren Square is the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation, which was built in the second half of the 17th century. Its exterior is adorned with frescoes, and the interior is filled with beautiful Baroque art and a magnificent altar.

Preseren Square is a great place to take a photo, or to just enjoy people-watching. It is located close to a variety of shops and restaurants, and it is especially picturesque during the Christmas holidays. For those who don’t want to walk, you can take the bus to Lutkovno gl.

The Preseren Monument is located in the southeast corner of the square. The monument was designed by Italian architect Maks Fabiani and local sculptor Ivan Zajc and features the poet France Preseren with his muse.

It is located next to the Triple Bridge and was declared a cultural monument of national importance. Preseren Square is part of the Old Town district in Ljubljana. This pedestrian-only square was once surrounded by medieval gates, but these were removed in the nineteenth century.

Places To Visit In Ljubljana
Prešernov trg 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Even though the area has been transformed, it still draws visitors. The square is located close to the Triple Bridge and features the Preseren Monument, a monument to Slovenian poet France Preseren.

It is surrounded by a number of other important buildings, including the Seunig House and the Frisch House. Preseren Square is a public square in the center of Ljubljana’s old town.

Its name comes from the poet France Preseren, who is Slovenia’s national poet. This square hosts concerts in the summer and is surrounded by interesting sights. It is the location of many large outdoor events.

The Triple Bridge #2

The Triple Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in Slovenia. It is a series of three bridges spanning the Ljubljanica River. Each bridge is uniquely beautiful and offers views of the river and the town below.

These three bridges have been designated as world heritage sites and are a popular tourist attraction in Slovenia. It is also a popular location for large outdoor events.

The Triple Bridge was originally named the Spital Bridge and was built in 1842, but was later renamed to its current name after the superstar architect Joze Plecnik added two pedestrian side bridges.

Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Plecnik also furnished them with stone balustrades. The side bridges lead to poplar-lined terraces. The Triple Bridge is located in the Old Town district of Ljubljana. It is within walking distance of other attractions in the city.

The bridges are also easily accessible by bike or Kevalir bus. It is free to visit and is accessible to pedestrians twenty-four hours a day. It has a beautiful view of the Ljubljana Castle.

The Old Town is home to many beautiful buildings. The Preseren Square, located on the end of the Triple Bridge, is home to the famous pink Franciscan Church of the Annunciation. This cobblestone-paved square is filled with life and is popular with locals and tourists.

Ljubljana Castle #3

The Ljubljana Castle is a complex of castles, located on a hill above downtown Ljubljana. It is a significant landmark in the town and probably dates back to the 11th century. A 12th century rebuild completed the castle.

This historic complex is a must-see for visitors to Slovenia. The castle was used as local housing until the 1960s. Locals contributed to the renovation and restoration of the castle, which is now one of the city’s central tourist attractions.

It contains several museums, including a puppetry museum and the Permanent Exhibition of Slovenian History. It is also a popular venue for weddings and open air events.

Grajska planota 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Ljubljana Castle is easily accessible from the city center and features a funicular railway for easy access. It is open all year round with extended hours during the summer. During the day, the view from the castle provides a breathtaking sunset.

If you’re visiting Ljubljana, make sure to visit the castle during the sunset! Ljubljana Castle was originally a medieval fortress built in the 11th century. It was subsequently rebuilt in the 12th century. Its original purpose was to protect the city.

Since then, it has been used as a cultural venue and has a place on the city’s coat of arms. Visitors can explore the history of the castle through its “Time Machine” experience, in which a castle guide takes them through six different historical periods.

Tivoli Park #4

Located just outside the city center, Tivoli Park is an expansive park with ponds and trees. Whether you’re looking for a scenic spot to watch the sunset or a place to play a game of tennis, this park is a great place to visit.

The name of the park comes from the Interpolis insurance company, which also owns the futuristic building next door. The central promenade and fountains in Tivoli Park were designed by Joze Plecnik, a respected architect in Ljubljana.

Today, the promenade serves as an outdoor exhibition space for large-format photographs. Visitors can also take part in guided walking tours focused on Slovenia’s socialist past.

In addition, there are guided cycling tours that include the Ljubljanica River and Metelkova autonomous cultural center. Tivoli Park is located eight blocks west of the historic center and is accessible by bicycle or foot. Public transportation stops are located near the park.

Tivoli, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

There is a train station outside the main entrance. There is also a large sports complex adjacent to the Tivoli Mansion. The park has more than 60 different attractions to keep visitors entertained throughout the day.

There are many local residents who offer apartments for rent in their homes. These apartments usually feature one or two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and balcony. Some have additional features such as a living room and balcony. Prices for apartments vary widely.

Ljubljana Cathedral #5

The original Ljubljana Cathedral dates from the thirteenth century. The twin-towered church is an explosion of pink marble, white stucco, and gilt. Its interior is filled with baroque frescoes and an organ. The main altar is adorned with angels.

In 1996, Pope John Paul II visited the cathedral. His visit inspired the addition of two bronze doors. The west door depicts the history of Christianity in Slovenia for 1250 years, while the south door depicts the history of the diocese of Ljubljana.

The Ljubljana Cathedral is free to visit and offers regular services and recitals. It is located in the city’s medieval district and is a short walk from Preseren Square, Dragon Bridge, and Triple Bridge. Free parking is available nearby. The cathedral offers free WiFi and breakfast.

Dolničarjeva ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The cathedral’s towers tower over Ljubljana’s Old Town. The cathedral’s interior is equally stunning. Nearly every square inch of the cathedral is covered with art. Portraits, baroque-style frescoes, and bronze doors are just some of the highlights.

The Ljubljana Cathedral was originally a three-nave Romanesque church. The earliest mention of the church is in 1262, when it was a succursal church to the ancient Parish of Saint Peter.

However, a fire in 1361 destroyed the church and forced it to be rebuilt in Gothic style. Later, in 1461, the Ljubljana Diocese was established and the Ljubljana Cathedral went through a number of alterations. A fire in 1469 is suspected to have been an arson.

The Central Market #6

The Central Market is the heart of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Located directly in front of the St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Central Market is open six days a week, and on Sundays is an antique market.

You can also find street performers who entertain visitors for tips. While the market is not as packed as it used to be, it’s still a lively part of the city’s urban life.

Designed by Slovenia’s most famous architect, Joze Pelcnik, the Central Market in Ljubljana is divided into three distinct areas. In the covered area, butchers offer their products, while stalls on the open side of the market sell fresh produce, traditional Slovenian cheese, and pumpkin oil.

You can also browse the stands selling fruits and vegetables from nearby farms. The market is a popular destination for locals who come to eat, shop, and socialize. The Central Market also hosts several events throughout the week.

Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

You can check out a weekly organic market on Wednesdays and Sundays, or you can sample international and local cuisine at the Open Kitchen gourmet open-air food market, which is held on the first Friday of the month.

The market also features a Christmas market in December, as well as a clothing market and a woven and wooden market. If you enjoy a beer, Central Market has a wide selection.

You can choose from national, local, and microbrew options. The market even offers premium brand names like Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head. The selection is expansive and will compliment any meal.

The National Gallery of Slovenia #7

The National Gallery of Slovenia is the nation’s national art museum. It is located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It was founded in 1918, following the dissolution of Austria-Hungary and the establishment of the State of Slovenes, Croats, and Serbs.

The museum’s permanent exhibition was reinstalled in January 2016. It features a new selection of works from the museum’s collections and spans the period from the early 13th century to the early 20th century.

The gallery also holds around fifteen smaller exhibitions a year. Many of them are prepared by house curators, while others come from international institutions or other Slovene organizations. The museum reopened with a permanent exhibition in January 2016.

For example, in October 2008, a show titled Slovenian Impressionists and their time was presented at the Petit Palais Museum in Paris. The National Gallery of Slovenia is located in the heart of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital.

Puharjeva ulica 9, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The city has a rich history and is one of the youngest capitals in the European Union. The city’s historic centre is filled with medieval buildings and is home to many baroque and Art Nouveau buildings.

The city is also home to numerous picturesque bridges over the Ljubljanica river, and the Tivoli park stretches into the city center. Founded in 1918, the National Gallery of Slovenia houses the nation’s largest collection of fine arts.

Initially housed in the Kresija Palace, the gallery moved to the Narodni dom Palace in 1926. The gallery still occupies this location. The National Gallery was located in a temporary venue in the Kresija Palace during the German occupation, but underwent extensive renovations.

The National Museum of Slovenia #8

The National Museum of Slovenia is located in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. It is in the city’s Center district, near Tivoli City Park. It features a number of exhibits and a beautiful garden. It is a popular spot for a family outing.

Founded in 1821 by the Carniolan State Parliament, this museum offers visitors a chance to experience the rich cultural heritage of Slovenia. It has an extensive collection of applied arts objects and displays the country’s cultural heritage through different periods.

The museum also hosts lectures, workshops, and occasional temporary exhibitions. The National Museum of Slovenia is located in the same building as the Natural History Museum of Slovenia.

Muzejska ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The entry fee for a single curiosity is 0.5 Euros. You may also wish to check out the Slovenian language exhibition, which is dedicated to the history of the Slovenian people.

It is worth mentioning that the museum also holds the only Old Egyptian mummy preserved in Slovenia. It is believed that the mummy belonged to an ancient priest of the temple of Amun in Karnak.

The National Museum of Slovenia has a reputation as a leading research institute in Slovenia. It is involved in several research projects focusing on the Slovenian cultural heritage.

FAQs about Ljubljana, Slovenia

What is special about Ljubljana?

Ljubljana, the cultural and political heart of Slovenia, is located in Ljubljana. It is a major European business, trade, exhibition, and congressional center as well as the transport and science centre of Slovenia.

What are Slovenians known for?

It is well-known for its honey quality and long history of apiculture. Slovenian was one of the first to introduce apiculture to the world. Anton Jansa (1734-1773) is the first teacher of modern honeykeeping at the Habsburg court.

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