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Ostrava: 8 Best Places To Visit In Ostrava, Czech Republic

Attractions And Places To Visit In Ostrava, Czech Republic

If you want to experience the history of a city, the Silesian castle in Ostrava is definitely worth a visit. The castle was built in the 1200s and was built to serve as a military fortress. Its location next to a river was a great advantage.

Many years ago, it was an important city for trade as it was accessible by boat. However, over the years, the town has undergone a number of changes and has seen some destruction. The city is home to a large slag heap, which is considered a natural landmark. This pile is 315 meters high and is home to unique plant life.

Despite being in a subtropical climate, the heap never gets any snow. This makes it an ideal place for hiking or working out, if you enjoy getting your blood pumping. The town hall tower is another great place to take in the city. From the tower, you can see the entire city and four different vantage points.

Places To Visit In Ostrava

In addition to the Cathedral, you can also see the Old Mines, the Cemetery, and the Ostravice river. The last view is simply breathtaking. In the past, Ostrava was a major city in the Czech Republic and a thriving industrial city.

After the Second World War, Ostrava experienced a population boom and began building housing estates in socialist realism style. Many of the buildings were multi-storey, prefabricated concrete buildings. However, the city has been changing dramatically since the 1990s, when tourism has become a major part of the economy.

Landek Park in Ostrava #1

Landek Park in the Czech Republic offers a unique rural landscape. It features a fascinating mining museum and is a great place to spend the day. It is near the Privoz district and the Hermanice pond, and is part of a cycling path along the Odra river. It is a popular spot for families, cyclists, and seniors alike.

It is also the site of several legends, including one about a mysterious treasure hidden within the park. Whether you want to learn more about the history of mining, or just experience the thrill of a simulated mine descent, Landek Park will provide you with a memorable experience.

The museum offers tours of old mines and dark tunnels that are led by retired miners. The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Landek Park is located in Petrkovice, Czech Republic. It is easy to get there by car, train, or bus.

Places To Visit In Ostrava
Pod Landekem 64, Ostrava 725 29 Czech Republic

The Moovit app, a free transportation app, provides real-time directions to Landek Park, including stop locations. In addition to a comprehensive map of the area, Moovit allows users to find alternative routes and times for their journey.

Another fascinating part of Landek Park is the Mine Rescue Museum, which features unique pieces such as a breathing apparatus from the Stone Age. You can also try your hand at rescue training at the rescue training ground.

There are also new expositions dedicated to mining transport, which shows how materials are transported in mines throughout history. These exhibitions also include prehistoric settlements from the Stone Age.

The New Town Hall in Ostrava #2

The New Town Hall is the town hall in Munich, Germany. It is situated on Marienplatz and houses the city government, including the mayors’ offices and city council. It also houses some administration. It was constructed in 1874. The building is a historic site and is well worth a visit.

The exterior is beautiful and the interior is equally impressive. The town hall was built in a functionalist style, and offers panoramic views of the surrounding areas. There is an elevator in the building that will take you up to the 73rd floor.

Places To Visit In Ostrava
8, Prokešovo nám. 1803, 702 00 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, Czechia

From the top, you can see Ostrava, Silesian and Moravian towns and the Poruba Valley. The New Town Hall is a spectacular building that’s well worth a visit. Standing tall on the Marienplatz, it offers fantastic views of the city and is home to the world-famous glockenspiel.

Though it’s located in the heart of the city, it can be easily overlooked. Since it’s so big, the building is easy to miss, which makes it an ideal spot for sightseeing.

The townhouse was built several years after the New City Hall. It’s connected to the new building by a bridge. The Townhouse has served as the additional seat for the town’s municipal offices since 1912.

Masaryk Square #3

Masaryk Square is a great place to explore Ostrava. The square features embedded markers from key events in the city’s history. The area also features a nice playground and several cafes. It is one of the most beautiful squares in the city. Whether you’re just visiting or looking for a place to relax, you’ll love this place.

There are also two mobile applications that feature this historic square. The first is a geolocation game, called GEOFUN, and the other is called On the Trail of the Manuscript with Zaboj. Both applications are free and have great user reviews. They’ll help you get a sense of the city’s history while having fun.

Places To Visit In Ostrava
50/31 Masarykovo náměstí, Ostrava 70200, Czech Republi

The square is the heart of the city, and is home to shops, cafes, and restaurants. It is also home to the Old City Hall, which houses an exhibition on the city’s history. The bells from this museum are frequently heard in the square, and a statue of Saint Florian is situated on a column on the southern edge of the square.

The right-hand corner of the square is home to the Ceska Sporitelna building, which was built in the early 1900s. The right-hand wing of the building was added later in 1930. The sculptor Petr Vanek designed the monument. Players can borrow chess pieces at the Town Information Centre, which is open during certain hours.

Silesian Ostrava Castle #4

Silesian Ostrava Castle is an architectural wonder, located at the confluence of the Ostravice and Lucina rivers. The castle was first mentioned in 1297 and was rebuilt after it was badly damaged by mining in the 1980s.

The castle reopened on May 14th 2004 and now houses a number of exhibitions. It also features a lookout tower from which visitors can enjoy sweeping views of the city centre, the Ostravice and Lucina rivers, and the Beskydy Mountains.

Hradní 1, 702 00 Slezská Ostrava, Czechia

The castle is the city’s most important cultural monument. It was originally built in the 1280s for military purposes and was rebuilt into a renaissance chateau in 1534. It is still a popular destination for tourists, and the city’s many annual cultural events are held here.

The castle’s history is not entirely happy. During the medieval period, mining of coal under the Silesian River eroded the castle, causing it to sink 16 meters deeper.

During the Communist regime, the Communists threatened to demolish the castle, but the order was not carried out. Today, the Silesian-Ostrava Castle is a cultural center that hosts events such as Shakespearean festivals and exhibitions.

Ostrava Zoo #5

You may not have known this, but you can visit Ostrava Zoo in the Czech Republic. This zoo is located in the city of Ostrava. It has many exotic animals and birds, and is one of the best places to get close to the nature. It is home to several endangered species, such as black pandas and white tigers.

Many zoos feature breeding programs for endangered species. These programs are essential to preserve the animals’ survival and provide the animals with a safe place to reproduce. Zoos also help conserve natural habitats.

Climate change and pollution can destroy natural habitats. Urban expansion and road building are other problems that destroy natural habitats. In a zoo, the environment mimics a natural habitat, which is a more ideal environment for breeding and protecting endangered species.

Michalkovicka 1137/197, Ostrava 710 00 Czech Republic

In the early days, the zoo was still a small institution with a small staff and a small budget. However, the zoo’s development has been marked by several achievements. In the late 1950s, construction of the zoo resumed. Although it was still a small organization, it was staffed mostly by retirees and temporary workers.

As a result, the zoo only had 58 permanent employees. During this time, the circuit of the zoo was completed gradually. In the 1960s, major exhibitions and pavilions were added. In 1964, bears were added to the zoo.

In addition to providing habitat for animals, zoos also take part in several global breeding programmes. These programmes protect and enhance populations of endangered species around the world. They also work to protect endangered habitats and provide sustainable livelihoods for local people.

Miniuni Miniature Park #6

If you love miniature things, then Miniuni Miniature Park is for you. This park features miniature versions of famous landmarks from all over the world. It is located in Ostrava, Czech Republic and is quite easily accessible.

To get there, you can take a train or bus. The park is open all year round. There are rules and regulations to follow when you visit. The park is usually packed with people, so plan your visit accordingly.

Vystaviste Cerna louka, Ostrava 728 26, Czech Republic

This is a great activity for families with younger kids. You will find 30 models from famous landmarks all around the world in this 1.5-hectare park. The Brandenburg Gate, The Eiffel Tower, and London’s Houses of Parliament can all be seen here.

Each model is carefully constructed to a scale of 1:255. Recently, the Wonders of the Ancient World were added to this corner of the Czech Republic. 

It’s a delight for kids to see the miniature railways, steamships, and boats that can sail along the park’s waterways. This park offers a tranquil spot to walk on a sunny morning, complete with many greenery and water-features.

Ostrava Museum #7

The Ostrava Museum is a fascinating place to visit and explore the past of this town. You’ll find a collection of historic artifacts, archaeological relics, and artworks related to the town’s history. Visitors can learn about the town’s history in an elegant gallery.

The museum’s current exhibition features the area’s history and natural environment. Visitors can see artifacts from mining in the region, which was a major source of local wealth. Other exhibits explore the city’s craft traditions and the works of local artists.

The Ostrava Museum was originally a private collection, but it was turned into a museum after World War I. Since then, the museum has changed its exhibition many times.

 1-1 Masarykovo Náměstí, Ostrava, Moravskoslezsky, Czech Republic

For kids, there’s a children’s playground and a baby room. There’s also a restaurant and refreshment stands for families. The Ostrava Zoo is also a good choice for families with children. Admission costs 60 CZK for adults and 40 CZK for concessions.

The Ostrava Museum has recently opened a new exhibit containing art history collections and a history of the city. It also features a large indoor astronomical clock, designed by Jan Masek. Other collections include the natural history collection, which includes the entomology, geology, and zoology of the city and surrounding area.

Sareza Aquapark #8

Sareza Aquapark is a modern park that opened in 2001. Located at the exit of the city in the direction of Novy Jicin and Koprivnice, it features a 1,049-square-metre multi-purpose swimming pool, a children’s pool with a depth of 0.15 to 0.3 m, a 13.1-metre-long water slide and volleyball facilities.

The park is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, encompassing hillsides and forests, and has a natural lake that is ideal for swimming. The naucna stezka is 16.1 kilometers long and has 19 zastavenami. Visitors can also take a stroll through the forest, where there is a biocentra.

The park is a must-see for people of all ages. Guests can enjoy a variety of activities, from pamatek to adrenalin-packed. The park is conveniently located near other attractions such as Roznov pod Hradec and Ostravsko. There are also several museums and water attractions in the area.

Svazacka 3160/1C Ostrava – Zábřeh, Ostrava 70030 Czech Republic

The park is open all year round and has a 50-meter pool and slides. It attracts about 20,000 visitors daily and also offers restaurants and relaxing areas. It also offers swimming lessons for children. It has a children’s section with slides and a children’s pool. It is a great place for children to spend the day!

For families, Sareza Aquapark is the perfect place for a fun family day out! Children and adults alike will love the water slides, lazy rivers, and more.

FAQs about Ostrava, Czech Republic

What country is Ostrava in?

Czech Republic
Ostrava, a city in northeastern Czech Republic. It is located between the Oder and Ostravice rivers, at the southern edge the Upper Silesian cobblefield. Bruno, bishop from Olomouc founded it in 1267 to fortify the entrance to Moravia.

Who is Ostrava?

Lore. Actually, the name “Ostrava” is an alias. Ostrava is actually Ariona Allant, the son of King Allant. His uncle Lord Rydell, also known as “Little Allant”, lived previously with him in the southern kingdom Latria.

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