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Bhopal: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in bhopal

Bhopal – India’s Top Tourist Attraction

If you’re visiting India, you may have heard about Bhopal. Whether you’re looking to explore the city’s historical sites or its diverse cultural offerings, this city has much to offer. The Upper Lake, also known as Bada Talab in Hindi, is one of the largest artificial lakes in Asia. Built by King Bhoja, it is very wide and serene. There are a number of cafes, restaurants, and boating facilities available for visitors.The National Museum of Mankind is a unique and educational museum that spans over 200 acres. It is the only museum of its kind in India and features a fantastic collection of prehistoric rock shelters. It’s definitely one of Bhopal’s top attractions, and should be a must-visit for tourists. This museum is one of the best ways to learn about the city’s history and culture, and is well worth a visit.

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You’ll find plenty to keep your children busy while visiting Bhopal. For cultural enthusiasts, you can check out the ‘Bharat Bhawan’, a multi-art complex built in an architectural wonder. This place is home to a number of performing arts, including Bollywood films. The complex has won awards for innovation and fashionable expression, so it’s worth a visit if you’re in town. If you love architecture, Bhopal’s Laxmi Narayan Temple is a great place to see.The first multi-billion-dollar lawsuit was filed on December 7, 1984, by an American attorney who’d filed a lawsuit in a U.S. court, completely overlooking the ethical implications of the disaster and its effects on the city’s residents. The Indian government later enacted the Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster Act in 1985 to protect citizens and ensure equitable claim processing. Moreover, the act made the government the sole representative of victims in any legal proceeding.

Moti Masjid #1

Moti Masjid is one of the most fascinating mosques in the country. It was built by Sikander Jahan Begum, a progressive and free-thinking woman. The mosque’s architecture is made of beautiful, pure white marble and bears a striking resemblance with the Jama Masjid in Delhi.

image credit : wikimedia

Its stunning white façade has earned it the title ‘Pearl Mosque.’ The grand courtyard opens onto some of the most breathtaking views of the city. Moti Masjid is a perfect place to retreat from the everyday grind, and it’s a must-see on any Bhopal tour.

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Udayagiri Caves #2

The Udayagiri Caves are a stunning collection of 20 sculpted caves dating back to the 5th century CE. They contain some of the oldest icon drawings and carvings. Inscriptions in the caves link them to the reign of Gupta monarchy.

image credit : wikimedia

The caves are a significant historical monument and are under the supervision of the Archaeological Survey of India. Drawings carved show stories about Vishnu and Lakshmi as well as Shiva and Parvati.

More Details About Udayagiri Caves

Address:GQPC+GV4, Udaigiri, Madhya Pradesh 464001
Deity:Vishnu, Shakti, Shiva, Parshvanatha
Architectural style:Hindu temple architecture

Sanchi Stupa #3

The Sanchi Stupa is unrivalled in India and Bhopal. The building is believed to have been built during the reign of Ashoka, the Maurya Dynasty’s great emperor. It is one of the most impressive Buddhist monuments in India.

image credit : wikimedia

To spread Buddhism, the Mauryan king took on the responsibility of distributing Lord Buddha’s mortal remains across the country. The enormous dome of the Stupa houses a vault in the center where the relics and remains of Lord Buddha are kept.

More Details About Sanchi Stupa

Address:FPJQ+9XJ, Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh 464661
Architectural style:Buddhist
Construction started:2nd century BCE

Upper Lake #4

Madhya Pradesh’s capital is home to a number of lakes, making it known as Bhopal, the city of lakes. The Bhojtal is the name of the most important lake in Bhopal, the Upper Lake. It is the largest man-made lake in India, and it lies to the west of Bhopal.

image credit : wikimedia

It is also known as Bada Talab by the locals. The lake supplies water for approximately 30 million people.
The beautiful, vast body of water was named after King Bhoj, who constructed the lake at Kolans River in 11th-century. Folklore says that the king built this huge lake to heal his skin disease. Raja Bhoj’s statue is on the pillar at one corner. An overbridge, Pul Pukhta, separates the Upper Lake from the Lower Lake.

The lake supplies water for irrigation because agriculture is the main source for livelihood in Bhopal. The boat club, located on the eastern shore of the lake, offers water sports such as parasailing and canoeing. The picturesque Kamala Park is located within its immediate vicinity. It is home to many adventure lovers and tourists, so it is always busy. A perfect escape is the boat club, sunset and aquarium, all surrounded by the cool breeze from Bhopal.

More Details About Upper Lake

Area:31 km²
Length:31.5 km
Catchment area:361 km²
Width:5 km

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya #5

The national museum of Anthropology Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya is magnificently located on the Shamla Hills, which are situated at the top of the Bhopal lakefront. This museum tells the complete story of humanity’s evolution and culture. This museum’s highlight is its unique ability to paint rock shelters using its post-colonial collection of tribal folklore, art, and culture. The museum also houses audiovisual archives, a large collection of ethnographic specimens, and computerised documentaries as perk.

image credit : wikimedia

The museum covers 200 acres and serves as an educational center. Its objectives include highlighting the cultural diversity and patterns of Indian tribes. The anthropological space was created by the tribes to show the mythological and ancient ways of life.

More Details About Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya

Address:69JH+R3R, Lake View Road, next to RCE campus, Shymala Hills, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462013
Contact: 099817 83170

Lower Lake #6

Bhopal is known as the “City of Lakes” because of its unique blend of modernity and traditional architecture. The city has two of the most stunning lakes, Upper Lake and Lower Lake. Chhota Talab is also the name of the Lower Lake. An overbridge, known as Pul Pukhta or Lower Lake Bridge, separates the two lakes. Built in 1794, the lake is a tribute to the beauty of the city. Chote Khan was a minister from Nawab Hayat Muhammad Khan Khan Bahadur.

image credit : wikimedia

Lower Lake is a tranquil, peaceful and charming place, set among majestic hills. Lower Lake is devoid of any freshwater source and receives water from Upper Lake. It forms part of the Bhoj Wetland, which also includes Upper Lake. The lakes are a symbol of serenity, but they are polluted by sewage. The government is working to address the problem of pollution in the lake.

More Details About Lower Lake

Mean depth:6.2 m
Catchment area:9.6 km²
Inflow source:Upper Lake
Outflow location:Halali Reservoir
Area:129 ha

Shaukat Mahal #7

Shaukat Mahal, a beautiful mix of Western and Asian architectural art in the midst of Bhopal’s predominant Islamic architecture, is one of Bhopal’s most popular tourist spots.
The building is located at the entrance to the Chowk. It was built in Sikander Begum’s reign and features a unique mix of Post Renaissance, Gothic, and intricate carvings.

image credit : wikimedia

Shaukat Mahal towers over the grand Sadar Manzil. This is thought to be the hall of public audiences in the age of the kings.

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FAQs: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in bhopal

Is Bhopal a Good City?

If you’re looking for a good place to live, Bhopal may be a good choice. This historic city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh offers a variety of cultural attractions that are not found elsewhere in the world. The city has hot summers and cold winters, with the highest temperatures in January. Temperatures can fall close to freezing on some nights, but the lowest recorded temperature was 0.3 degC. Total annual rainfall is 1146mm.

What is Bhopal’s Ancient Name?

What is Bhopal’s ancient name? We’ll explore it in this article. This city was originally known as Raisen. In the 15th century, the Sultans of Mandu ruled Raisen, and the town was later dominated by Rajputs. Shershah Suri captured Raisen from Puranmal in 1543. In the time of Akbar, Raisen was the headquarter of the Sarkar of the Subah of Ujjain, Malwa. In 1760, the town was occupied by Fiaz Mohammad Khan, and Emperor Alamgir II recognized him as Faujder.

What is the Famous Sweet of Bhopal?

When you are visiting Bhopal, you cannot miss the popular sweets available in the city. You can try Jalebi, Faluda, and Rabri. You can enjoy these sweets in the city’s chowks. The city also has several sweets and beverages that are unique to the city. Sugarcane juice, buttermilk, and the locally produced liquor, ghujal, are the most popular drinks in the city. The Mahua tree is also used to make the liquor known as “Bhopal”.

What Food is Famous in Bhopal?

What food is famous in Bhopal? The Mughlai cuisine is a staple in the region, and one of the most popular dishes is the Biryani pilaf. Mutton is the main meat, and the biryani is served with a side of zarda, a sweet dish made from rice rolled in sugar and milk. Saffron and cardamom add flavor and aroma.

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