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Chennai: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in chennai

Top Tourist Attractions in Chennai

If you want to experience the true essence of nature, then head to Chennai. The city is surrounded by several hills and neighboured by many amazing destinations. If you want to be near nature, there are many camping sites and other natural experiences. While the city has its fair share of glitz and glamor, it is not all about the temples and the calm beaches. For those who love to fly, there are plenty of places in and around the city to do so.

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Marina Beach: Known as the second longest beach in the world, this beach in Chennai offers some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Swimming is not permitted here, due to strong undercurrents, but many visitors enjoy taking a horse-ride across the beach. The area is also popular with families, so be sure to take your kids with you. The Marina Beach is located opposite to several prominent buildings in the city. There are many restaurants and shops where you can enjoy a meal while you enjoy the sun.

The Fort Museum – Located within Fort St. George’s complex, this museum is the place to visit for history buffs. This museum exhibits British military equipment, uniforms, weapons, and personal letters of eminent people. The Fort Museum building used to house the Bank of Madras, which later merged with two other banks to form the State Bank of India. At one time, it was the administrative headquarters for Tamil Nadu’s Legislative Assembly.

Connemara Public Library #1

In 1896, a landmark was established in Chennai: the Connemara Library. This library is a treasure trove filled with books, periodicals, and other related texts. You will find all the text you need in a library.

image credit : wikimedia

Connemara Public Library, one of four national depository libraries in India, receives all Indian books. The library’s history goes back over 100 years. It is still a repository for century-old publications.

More Details About Connemara Public Library

Address:37C4+5PC, ., Pantheon Rd, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600008
Contact: 044 2819 3751
Established:5 December 1896; (125 years ago)
Architect:Henry Irwin

Madras War Cemetery #2

Madras War Cemetery is located in the heart Chennai. It serves as a reminder of the horrors and glory of the wars our ancestors fought to make the world more peaceful. It houses the remains of approximately 855 soldiers who gave their lives on the battlefields of the Second World War. There is also a Memorial Stone for the 1000 others who lost their lives in the Great War. This cemetery was established by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (India Government) in 1952 to honor those who gave their lives to save others. There are three non-World War II martyrs and a small monument for a merchant seaman among the tombstones. Remember that these headstones do not just commemorate soldiers who died fighting, but also doctors, nurses, and support staff.

image credit : wikimedia

The cemetery has been kept in excellent condition by authorities thanks to their top-notch maintenance. The cemetery lawn is serene and peaceful, despite its roots in a dark and bloody past. Every year, the cemetery hosts the Armistice Day tribute on November 11, with wreath offerings and Guard of Honours. The Madras War Cemetery is a great place to learn about wartime history and pay your respects to the martyrs. It serves as a memorial and a tangible reminder of the war’s cost.

More Details About Madras War Cemetery

Address:257V+JH5, Mount Poonamalle High Road, Nandambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600032
Date formed:1952

Thousand Lights Mosque #3

The Thousand Lights Mosque in Royapettah is a highly regarded mosque in Chennai. It was built by the Wallajah family, Carnatic rulers in the early 19th Century. It is still a popular place to gather for daily prayers and special occasions such as Muharram. According to legend, the site was lit with about 1,000 oil lamps back in those days to illuminate the whole prayer hall. It is hard to imagine how stunning that outline would have looked against the black sky.

image credit : wikimedia

It is constructed in traditional Islamic style with high minarets and domes. There is a large prayer area for men and one smaller for women. The mosque’s shrine, or Dargah, is dedicated to Imam Hossein. He is the grandson and most revered figure among Shia Muslims. The grand mosque’s walls are decorated with Quranic lines.

All Muslim sects respect the Thousand Lights Mosque, but the Shia Muslims find it of particular significance as it houses the chief of Shia sect Tamil Nadu. The mosque also contains a burial ground for Shia Muslim families. Despite this, the mosque is regularly visited by both men and women who offer prayers. It is more lively and grandiose during the month of Muharram, and on the day of the Annual Muharram Festival.

More Details About Thousand Lights Mosque

Address:3734+X27, Royapettah, Peter’s Rd, Peters Colony, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600086
Affiliation:Islam Wikimedia Foundation
Architectural style:Medieval architecture

Marina Beach #4

The largest beach in India is just around the corner from Chennai. The beach extends from Fort St. George to Besant Nagar and is lined with palm trees. The shores offer a view of sky and water merging at both ends.
A lighthouse, along with other structures such as an aquarium, swimming pool and park are located at the southern end Marina. This is a beautiful example of breathtaking beauty.

image credit : wikimedia

You can find many activities while you’re walking along the sands. Delicious seafood is available at affordable prices from the food stalls. You can also enjoy pony rides, beach games and kite flying to make your evening more relaxing.

More Details About Marina Beach

Maximum width:437 m (1,434 ft)
Coast:Coromandel, Bay of Bengal
Length of promenade:6 km (3.7 mi)
Location:Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Ashtalaxmi Temple #5

This temple is located on the beautiful expanses of the Besant beach, Tamil Nadu’s only dedicated temple to Goddess Mahalakshmi. The idols of Guruvayoorappan, Ganesha and Dashavatara can be seen. Its ‘OM’-shaped design makes it one of the most beautiful places in Chennai.

image credit : wikimedia

To see the temple at its best, visit during festivals such as Pongal, Diwali, Navaratri and Diwali. Evening puja is a beautiful experience that’s enhanced by the cool ocean breeze.

More Details About Ashtalaxmi Temple

Address:X7VC+25R, Beach Rd, Kalakshetra Colony, Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600090
Contact: 044 2446 6777
Deity:Goddess Lakshmi

Guindy National Park and Snake Park #6

This special edition of city life includes a wide range of species. It is the only national parks located in the middle of cities. Guindy is home to many reptiles, birds, and animals. Visitors can soothe their eyes with blackbucks, spotted and jackals, tortoise, and jackals.

image credit : wikimedia

Attractions: Cobras and Pythons can be found in the snake park, as well as birds such partridges, quail and flycatchers. This is a great place to visit in Chennai, and it will make you forget about the city.

More Details About Guindy National Park and Snake Park

Address:Rangeguindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600025
Visitors:700,000 (in 2006)
Area:2.706 km²

Vivekanandar House #7

Vivekananda House is a place where you can be inspired and enjoy a completely new knowledge experience.
You can receive his most significant teachings by visiting the gallery, meditation area, and Vivekananda park. The historic location houses a permanent exhibit on Indian Culture and Swami Vivekananda’s life. It will provide a positive vibe for those who visit it.

image credit : wikimedia

This is a great place to visit in Chennai, as Swami Vivekananda spent several days there after his return from West.

More Details About Vivekanandar House

Address:Kamaraj Salai, Marina Beach Road, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600005
Contact: 044 2844 6188
Owner:Government of Tamil Nadu
Current tenants:Ramakrishna Mission

FAQs: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in chennai

Which City is Best in Chennai?

If you are considering moving to Chennai, you’re probably wondering: Which city is best? In this article, you’ll learn what the most popular areas are. Each city offers a different kind of environment, but in general, you can expect to find a high standard of living no matter where you choose to live. Anna Nagar is one of the best neighborhoods in Chennai because of its combination of modernity and tradition. Its extensive green cover and great infrastructure make it a wonderful place to live. And, it has numerous schools and colleges located in close proximity.

What is the Old Name of Chennai?

The city’s history dates back to more than three centuries, beginning with the Pallavas. It has been a center of administration and trade for a number of South Indian kingdoms. Its history is filled with stories from the Chola, Pandya, and Vijaynagar empires. In ancient times, the area was known as Mylapore. In 1522, the Portuguese built a port, renaming it Chennai after the apostle St. Thomas. The Portuguese continued to use the name for their settlements, as did the Dutch, who settled near Pulicat.

Which is Bigger – Bangalore Or Chennai?

When comparing the size of a city, Chennai is larger than the former, while Bangalore is smaller than its counterpart. The two are similar in size and climate but they serve different purposes. Chennai is warmer and has a tropical climate while Bangalore has a savanna climate with wet and dry seasons. However, these two cities have different cultures. Chennai is more diverse in terms of culture than Bangalore is.

Is Chennai a Beautiful City?

When it comes to nature, is Chennai a beautiful city? The answer is no, but it does have some beautiful sites. The city is surrounded by numerous hills, which provide a closeness to nature. The Luz Church is one of the oldest churches in the country, while St. Mary’s Church was the first British church in India. You can also visit the San Thome Basilica, which is built over the tomb of the apostle St. Thomas. You can also find an Armenian Church of Holy Virgin Mary, which has a courtyard cemetery full of tombstones from the mid-17th century.

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