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Gujarat: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in gujarat

Tourist Attractions in Gujarat

One of the best places to visit in Gujarat is the Marine National Park, which is popular for its exotic birds and colorful corals on the seabed. There are several marine animals that live here. A visit to the park is best during winters, from October to February, when the weather is pleasant. It is only a few kilometers away from the Jamnagar airport and railhead. You can hire a taxi to reach the park. You can explore the entire region in a day.

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For nature lovers, there is no better place to relax than the Sarita Udyan. This Hindu temple, which is located 150 km from Ahmedabad, has 300 bird species and even leopards. You can only reach this spot by foot. The surrounding area is dotted with many enchanting waterfalls. If you love nature, you can visit the Blackbuck National Park in the Bhal region, which is also home to a variety of animals.

Wildlife lovers will also enjoy a visit to Gir National Park, where they can see the Asiatic Lion. A visit to Gujarat will be incomplete without seeing the many natural wonders. The largest salt desert in the world, the Rann of Kutch, is a must-see while in the state. And don’t forget to visit the Sabarmati Ashram, where Mahatma Gandhi planned his national movements. It’s hard to beat the scenery, and Gujarat is definitely worth a visit!

Kutch #1

Kutch, an ex-princely state of India that still retains its glory from the past, is a small island that looks almost like a tortoise. Kutch, with its vast white salt desert expanses, is one of the most stunning and surreal places of India. The Rann Festival, which is held in December-February every year, brings the place to life. There are large camp settlements that offer cultural programs, functions, and adventure activities such as hot-air ballooning.

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Kutch is also one of the most populous districts in India, with a low population density. Kutch is also located on the India-Pakistan border. You can view parts of Pakistan from Kutch. Kutch is known for its embroidery and crafts, Flamingo Sanctuary, Wild Ass Sanctuary and Flamingo Sanctuary. Bhuj makes a great starting point for visiting the Rann of Kutch. The beautiful beaches of Mandvi, near Bhuj, are well worth a visit during your Kutch trip. Do not miss the chance to visit Dholavira, an ancient city.

More Details About Kutch

Major highways:1
Area:45,674 km²

Ahmedabad #2

Ahmedabad, a rapidly expanding metropolis, a major industrial center, a hub for education, and a city with an impressive past, is one of Gujarat’s most important cities. Ahmedabad, the former capital city of Gujarat, is now a popular tourist destination. It is located on the banks the Sabarmati River. Ahmedabad’s historic center or the old city were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Ahmedabad, home to many remarkable temples such as Swaminarayan Temple and fascinating museums, has a lot of colonial history. It is an example of how a city can retain its old-world charm, while moving quickly on the path to globalization.

image credit : wikimedia

Ahmedabad is known for its textiles, and tie-dye handloom technique. Bandhani sarees and dupattas are all available, as well as traditional embroidered dress materials and other handicrafts.

The Sabarmati Ashram is a peaceful and tranquil ashram that Mahatma Gandhi built after his return from South Africa. Here, Gandhiji’s home and quarters have been preserved and are now a museum that allows visitors to learn more about him and his teachings. This ashram is where the famous Dandi Salt Mar, which was an important point in India’s independence battle, was born.

More Details About Ahmedabad

Elevation:53 m
Founded:26 February 1411
Founder:Ahmad Shah I
Headquarters location:Gujarat
Area:466 km²

Vadodara #3

Vadodara, or Baroda, is a cosmopolitan Gujarati city. Vadodara, which is home to some of the finest architectural displays in India, is a fitting tribute to Sayaji Rao Gaekwad III, a Maratha leader who had dreamed of making this Big City an industrial, educational and commercial hub.

image credit : wikimedia

Vadodara, Gujarat’s cultural capital, is known for its Lakshmi Vilas Palace, which is one of India’s most extravagant palaces. This place is highly sought-after during the nine days Navratri festival, as a large portion of it is occupied by Gujaratis. Vadodara celebrates Navratri festival with the same enthusiasm and passion as any other Indian city. It is home to the Maharaja Sayajirao University, one of India’s most prestigious universities.

More Details About Vadodara

Population:21.8 lakhs (2019)
Elevation:32 m
Area:420 km²

Dwarka #4

Dwarka, located on the western tip the Saurashtra peninsula (Gujarat), is believed to be Lord Krishna’s capital. Dwarka is also known as Devbhoomi Dwarka. It boasts being part of both Char Dham, the four principal holy places, and Sapta Puris, the seven sacred cities mentioned in the Hindu religion. Dwarka is also home to Nageshwar Jyotirlinga temple, one of 12 Jyotirlingas. Tourists love the beach and the beaches.

image credit : wikimedia

Legend says that the city was once submerged by the sea, and recent excavations have revealed that there was once a city. Dwarka is a combination of dwar and ka, which means “door” and oksha meaning “door to salvation”.

More Details About Dwarka

Elevation:0 cm
District:Devbhoomi Dwarka district
Population:38,873 (2011)

Surat #5

Surat in Gujarat is a city that offers a refreshing break from the daily grind. The vibrant city of Gujarat is a vibrant Diamond. There are many things to do and see in this city. The city offers everything you need to be inspired, from a trip to the salt plains to a retreat to the forests of Gir. Surat is a great place to start your exploration of Gujarat’s many attractions, such as the Gir Forest lions and the Asiatic Wild Asses of Little Rann of Kutch. It also makes a wonderful getaway.

image credit : wikimedia

Surat is often known as the Diamond City because it has been the trading centre for diamonds for hundreds of years! It is known for its natural beauty, hot springs and temples as well as tree-lined roads that lead to beautiful beaches. Surat, which is believed to have been established as Suryapur around 1516, is today a wonder to see and a delight to visit. Surat is a city that celebrates almost every day of the year. From vibrant Navratri celebrations in the numerous shrines dedicated to Hindu goddesses at year’s beginning to the colourful Garba dance in October-November, there is plenty to celebrate.

More Details About Surat

Elevation:13 m
Pincode(s):394 XXX, 395 XXX
Area code(s):91-261-XXX-XXXX
Area:474.2 km²

Silvassa #6

Silvassa was once a Portuguese colony. But it is now a popular tourist destination, with many wildlife sanctuaries and scenic destinations. It is located between Maharashtra, Gujarat, and has 72 villages. There are also many Roman-Catholic churches. These churches stand as a testament to Portuguese rule in the past. It is a popular spot for history buffs who want to discover the hidden treasures of this historic city.
Silvassa is well-known for its luxurious resorts, lush greenery and manufacturing industries, as well as tax-free alcohol. You will find original and handmade products such as Warli paintings and paper bags here.

image credit : wikimedia

Silvassa is a popular destination for tourists due to its natural beauty. The Lion Safari Wildlife Park is 25 hectares in size and home to the Asiatic Lion. Vanganga Lake is a small reserve that has flowers and plants all around. Visitors often take boat rides to the lake, taking in the beauty of the surrounding area. Another popular tourist spot in Silvassa is Island Garden, which features wooden and thatched huts. You can reach the island by boat from ashore.
Silvassa offers many activities that are popular, such as trekking, nature walks, and cultural explorations. For history buffs who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the past and archaeology of the city, there are museums.

More Details About Silvassa

Elevation:32 m
Union territory:Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu
Area code:0260
Area:16 km²

Bhuj #7

Rao Hamir founded Bhuj in 1510. It is one of Gujarat’s most culturally rich cities. It is located in the Kutch area of the state. This city was once the capital. The history of the ancient Bhuj city is rich in reminiscences of many local conflicts and wars. It is a major trade and commercial center of India today, as well as a tourist capital.
On the city’s eastern side is a hill that adds to its natural beauty. The historical significance of the picturesque Bhuj landscape is further enhanced by the presence of a fort on the ridge. The place is also home to two lakes, Deshadsar and Hamirsar. The vibrant markets and lakes add a magical charm to the bustling city.

image credit : wikimedia

You can visit places such as the Bhujia Fortress, Hamirsar Lake, Prag Mahal and Aina Mahal while in Bhuj. These are great places to visit if you want to learn more about India’s history and the Mughal rulers. These places are also great for taking beautiful photos of the stunning architecture and views.
Bhuj is an excellent place to shop traditional Gujarati clothing, meenakari jewellery, local spices, handicrafts, and other goods at the Bhuj Haat marketplace. The Bharatiya Sanskriti darshan Museum is also available. You can also relax in the hill garden. For the best Gujarati cuisine, don’t forget to visit the Old City Market and try the delicious sweet and spicy food.

More Details About Bhuj

FAQs: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in gujarat

What is Gujarat Famous For?

You may be wondering – what is Gujarat famous for? Whether it is the rich cultural heritage or the sandy beaches, you should not miss visiting this state in India. This state is known for its diversity of landscapes, varied cultures, and incredible natural beauty. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your visit to this fascinating state. And, if you have already been to India, here are some things you should not miss while you’re here!

What is the Old Name of Gujarat State?

The question, What is the old name of Gujarat State? is one that captivates the imagination of many people, and that is exactly what this article is geared towards answering. The answer may surprise you, as Gujarat is one of the largest and most populous states in India. But how did it get its current name? Read on to find out. Gujarat State was founded in 1960 when Bombay state was split on linguistic lines. From 1960 until 1995, the Indian National Congress held power in the state’s Legislative Assembly. After that, other political parties held power for incomplete terms. The Bharatiya Janata Party has ruled the state since 1998.

What Language is Said in Gujarat?

One question that might be a bit elusive for travelers is, “What language is spoken in Gujarat?” The answer depends on the region you’re visiting and the type of Gujarati speaker you are looking for. Here are some general guidelines for navigating the language. Gujarati is one of the Indo-European languages, so you’ll need to learn how to say “what” in this specific dialect. You can find a list of Gujarati words on Wikipedia.

What is Capital of Gujrat?

There are a few things you should know before planning your trip to Gujrat. The first thing you should know is that the state of Gujarat is located in western India. Its capital city is Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is the largest city in the state, so you should plan your trip accordingly. However, you should not limit yourself to visiting Ahmedabad – there are several other great cities in the state that you should visit.

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