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Kerala: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in kerala

Wayanad is a Popular Tourist Attraction in India

Wayanad, a beautiful hill station in the state of Kerala, is popular with tourists throughout the year. The name Wayanad, which means “land of paddy fields,” speaks for itself. The lush, green countryside is studded with betel nut trees, coffee plantations, and bamboo forests. Wayanad is included in many Kerala tour packages. Whether you’re interested in hiking, horseback riding, or just taking a dip in the cool water, Wayanad offers a unique and rewarding experience.There are numerous ways to experience Kerala’s rich cultural heritage. The state has a rich history of performing arts that combines theater, music, mythology, and religious traditions. These forms of art have influenced many visitors and have helped preserve the region’s cultural identity. If you’re planning a trip to Kerala, don’t forget to check out its world-famous theaters, as well as the many resorts. Many of these are also available in Kochi.

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The Sahyadri mountain ranges surround the state’s scenic beauty. The town’s historical peak is home to ancient rock paintings and dolmens. The town’s natural setting, along with the curving roads, will take your breath away. While you’re here, you’ll also see a variety of migratory birds. Not only are the birds endemic to Kerala, but the state’s diverse flora and fauna is a reason for visitors to return to the area year after year.If you’re looking for a place where you can relax and unwind, Kerala is the place to be. Whether you’re seeking beaches with crystal clear water, or simply want to soak up the culture, there’s a place in Kerala for you. In addition to pristine beaches, Kerala offers scenic landscapes and diverse activities. There are many activities for visitors to engage in, including boating, fishing, and surfing. The town’s quaint architecture and rich history make it a popular destination for visitors.

Wayanad #1

Wayanad, Kerala, is known for its wildlife and spice plantations. It boasts beautiful waterfalls, historic caves, comfortable resorts, and homestays. Wayanad is a wonderful place to explore. You can also trek to pre-historic caves or enjoy a resort vacation.
Wayanad is most well-known for its wildlife reserves, Wayanad wildlife preserve. This reserve is home to an amazing variety of fauna and flora. Wayanad wildlife reserves are an integral part the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, peacefully situated in the tranquil hills of Western Ghats.

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Wayanad is home to a variety of wildlife including bears, leopards, elephants and leopards. Wayanad is an ideal weekend getaway from the major cities of South India. You will pass through three national parks on your road trip from Bangalore: Bandipur, Nagarhole and Mudumalai.

More Details About Wayanad

Population:8.47 lakhs (2018)
Highest elevation:2,240 m (7,350 ft)
STD Code:4936, 4935
Area:2,132 km²

Kochi #2

Kochi, or Cochin, is a port city on the Indian coast. It has a history of trading that goes back at least 600 years. The Queen of the Arabian Sea is Kerala’s financial and commercial capital.
This cosmopolitan city is made up of a collection of islands connected by ferries. It has high-end shops, art galleries, and the best heritage accommodations. In true vintage-meets–future fashion, Ernakulum and Jew Town are crowded with restaurants and shopping centers. There’s also a lot of heritage sites, palaces, beaches and temples. Kochi is also a great place to view Kathakali or Kalarippayattu shows and the biennale festival.

image credit : wikimedia

This coastal city is well connected via all means. It is a tourist hotspot as well as an active naval base. Officially, it is the home of the Southern Command of India Navy and an Air Squadron of Indian Navy.

More Details About Kochi

Elevation:0 cm
Metro population:21,19,724
Area:94.88 km²

Alleppey #3

Alappuzha is officially known as Alleppey. It is famous for its stunning backwaters, and houseboats that offer overnight accommodations. Alleppey’s coastline offers the best in Kerala for water sports in the dry season.
Alleppey is close to Kochi, in the South Indian state Kerala. Tourists from all parts of the globe flock to its palm-fringed network of canal backwaters that connects with each other. Alleppey is a wonderful place to go on a family vacation or as a honeymoon destination, along with Thekkady and Munnar in Kerala.

image credit : wikimedia

You will find many homestays and houseboats in Alleppey, as well as rejuvenating Ayurvedic retreats. You can see the backwaters and glimpse green paddy fields as well as choir-making activities.
For authentic Allepey travel, make sure you catch the traditional snake boat race during August and September. Also, don’t forget to try some toddy (palm wine), at a local shop.

More Details About Alleppey

Area code:688001
Area code:0477
Elevation:11 m
Area:46.2 km²

Munnar #4

Munnar, a hill station in Kerala that is popular with honeymooners, is located in the Idukki region. It is located at 1600m in the Western Ghats, making it a popular choice for honeymooners. Munnar is known for its tea estates and greenery as well as natural-view points such blankets of mist, which are all part of the natural beauty of Munnar.

image credit : wikimedia

Munnar can be divided into Old Munnar (where the tourist information office is) and Munnar (where the bus station and most guesthouses are). It is home to the Eravikulam National Park and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, as well as tea plantations. Munnar is also known for its rare Neelakurinji flowers, which only bloom once every 12 years. The next bloom will be in 2030.
Munnar was once a popular summer resort for the British government. Today, you can visit the tea plantations which look like a blanket of green. You can also go paragliding, trekking, boating, and camping there. Munnar is frequently visited with Thekkady and Alleppey, two of the most popular tourist attractions in Kerala.

Munnar is the perfect place to shop for tea and spices. The hill town has many shops that sell cardamom and ginger as well as coffee, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and a range of homemade chocolates.

More Details About Munnar

Area code:04865
Population:38,471 (2001)
Elevation:1,532 m
Area:187 km²

Kovalam #5

The beach resort is located near the Arabian Sea and can be found within the Thiruvananthapuram City of Kerala. This city is full of incredible beauty. Its beaches are one of the reasons this city is a popular tourist destination in India.
It is not common knowledge that this beach town has a rich historical past. The first time Kovalam was made famous by the Regent Maharani from Travancore, Sethu Lakshmi Bayi built the Halcyon Castle beach resort in 1920. As tourists from all around the globe began to flock to Kovalam, the place started to gain more attention. Kovalam’s most prominent phase was when Hippies from Ceylon came to Kovalam in the 1970’s.

image credit : wikimedia

As mentioned, Kovalam is a very popular destination for holiday because of the stunning beaches it has. There are many beach resorts in places where there are beaches. This makes for an unforgettable stay. It is approximately 3km from Vizhinjam, and is well-known for its delicious food. Tourists will love the large variety of fish products. The spiritual part of a Kovalam experience includes the magnificent mosques, ancient hindu temples and large grandeur churches.

More Details About Kovalam

Thekkady #6

Thekkady, India’s natural paradise for nature lovers, is home to unspoiled forests and rich flora. Thekkady, located in Kerala, God’s country, is a charming little city that is home to India’s largest tiger reserve. Thekkady has a cool and pleasant climate all year round, so it is perfect for visiting whenever you wish.

image credit : wikimedia

Tourists can enjoy a relaxed vacation in this area, while still being surrounded by stunning scenery and breathtaking backdrops. Thekkady is surrounded by greenery. It has many tea, coffee, and cardamom plantations. There are also beautiful mountains, waterfalls, and pristine rivers.
The Periyar Tiger Reserve is located in Thekkady, which is one of the most beautiful places to see wildlife and get a glimpse at the majestic tigers. Thekkady offers a unique experience for bird watching with several jungle safaris.
The Mangla Devi Temple is another popular tourist attraction in Thekkady. This temple is very old and is a must-see for religious people. You can also visit the nearby plantations of Odamade, Murukkady, and Vellaramkunnu. The small village of Chellarkovil is a great place to relax.
There are many adventure options for tourists, including trekking, rafting or jeep safaris. An elephant safari is one of the most popular activities here.

More Details About Thekkady

Address:1931 Brookgreen Garden Dr, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States
Contact: +1 843-235-6000
Area:40 km²

Idukki #7

Idukki tourist spots are a way to remind people of the beauty and wonders of God’s creation, as well as the dangers of living in concrete jungles. Idukki is one of the most picturesque districts in Kerala. It is also home to many prominent tourist spots.
Topographically, the district is located in the Western Ghats region of Kerala. It is known for its rugged terrain and diverse verdant plants. Idukki has many beautiful places, including lush greenery, waterfalls, tranquil rivers, and lagoons. These attractions will leave tourists with lasting memories. Idukki has many attractions, including the arch dam, paonchira and Painavu.

image credit : wikimedia

Idukki is kept green by the 3 rivers Thodupuzhayar and Periyar as well as their tributaries. These rivers are not only an important source of irrigation and power generation, but also provide habitat for a variety of flora & fauna that enrich the Idukki. Idukki has many places to visit, including popular hill stations and Wildlife Sanctuaries. There are also majestic waterfalls and dams.

More Details About Idukki

Population:10.9 lakhs (2018)
Founded:26 January 1972
Elevation:1,200 m
Area:4,358 km²

FAQs: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in kerala

What is the famous of Kerala?

Discover the exotic beauty of Kerala through the backwaters. There are numerous water sports to enjoy in the state. The state is also famous for its tea plantations. There is plenty to do in this land, from swimming and boating to surfing and hiking. Here are some things to do in Kerala

Is Kerala Rich Or Poor?

Many people in India wonder: Is Kerala rich or poor? But the answer might surprise you. A literacy campaign in Kerala has transformed the state’s economy and increased the self-reliance of ordinary citizens. The literacy campaign is a direct result of land reform, which guaranteed financial security and boosted the psychological well-being of people in the state. Many adult students recently enrolled in literacy classes characterized themselves as “overcomers” from the lower castes. Some joined classes so they could read bus signs and children’s letters.

What is Famous in Kerala to Buy?

When traveling to Kerala, you may be wondering what to buy. Coconuts are the most popular item, but you can also find elephants, backwaters, and beaches. Coir products, which are made from coconut husks, are also very popular. These items range in price, depending on their quality and how they are extracted. Here are a few of the best things to buy in Kerala. All are excellent items to have in your home.

Why is Kerala Gods own country?

“Kerala is God’s own country” is a phrase coined by a creative advertising director Walter Mendez in 1989. During the 17th century, the state of Travancore was ruled by a king who dedicated his kingdom to the deity Padmanabha. The rulers ruled as servants of the deity. The state of Kerala is the smallest of the states in India. At 15,005 square miles or 38,863 square kilometers, it comprises only one percent of the total land of India.

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