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Littleton: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit in Littleton, Colorado

Tourist Attractions in Littleton, Colorado

If you’re considering moving to Colorado, consider the many amenities and activities Littleton has to offer. For a small town, you can enjoy old-school suburban charm, such as Main Street’s historic Town Hall. There’s also an art center, and the 100-year-old former library serves fondue. If you’re visiting Littleton for the weekend, there are plenty of things to do.

For history buffs, Littleton is home to the Littleton Museum, a free museum that explores the town’s past and present. With an interactive, multimedia exhibit, you’ll get a feel for the town’s history. Located near Ketring Lake, the museum features history dating back to prehistoric times. Visitors can also find a children’s gallery and a Fine Arts Gallery, which features local art, photography, and replicas of living farms.

Golf enthusiasts will love Littleton’s many outdoor attractions. Nearby Roxborough State Park, you can play golf at the Arrowhead Golf Club, a par-70 championship course designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones. It also features stunning views of red sandstone rock formations. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’re sure to enjoy the course. While there, be sure to check for hours and special events before visiting.

There are plenty of local restaurants and cafes in Littleton. The town is home to many fantastic breweries. Locavore Beer Works is the best, featuring a delicious Belgian wit with honey and local spices. You can also visit Breckenridge Brewery, which offers 90-minute tours and samples of mainline brews. Moreover, don’t forget to try Harley’s A Hot Dog Revolution, which is known for its creative combinations of hot dogs. Other local favorites include Cafe Terracotta, which offers Huevos Rancheros, French toast, and other delicious options.

The Littleton Museum #1

The Littleton Museum is Colorado’s first Smithsonian-affiliated museum, showcasing the past, present, and future of Littleton and the South Platte Valley through a variety of interactive exhibits. The American Association of Museums-accredited facility can be found on 50 acres near Ketring Lake.

It is open to the public during the morning and evening hours. Three galleries present the region’s cultural and natural history, from prehistoric times to the present. The Fine Arts Gallery displays art and photography work in association with the Littleton Fine Arts Board. The interactive gallery Kids’ Connection offers hands-on exhibits to children, and two living history farms recreate the agricultural history of South Platte Valley in the 19th century.

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Address:6028 S Gallup St, Littleton, CO 80120, United States
Phone:+1 303-795-3950

Roxborough State Park #2

Roxborough State Park in Colorado is a stunning state park. It is best known for its impressive red sandstone formations that date back over 300 million years to the Permian and Pennsylvanian eras. The park covers more than 3,300 acres in Douglas County and was established in 1975. It is also a Colorado Natural Landmark. The park is home to dramatic hogbacks, spires, and monolithic rocks formations. This includes the tilted Fountain Formation which can be seen at an impressive 60 degrees.

 You will also find important archaeological sites throughout the park. There are protected habitats for black bears and coyotes as well as ponderosa pines, Douglas-fir trees, mountain lions, mountain lions, coyotes, mountain gorillas, and more that 145 bird species. The park has six hiking trails that connect to the nearby Pike National Forest or the Douglas County trail network.

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Address:4751 Roxborough Dr, Littleton, CO 80125, United States
Phone:+1 303-973-3959
Area:13.51 kmĀ²

Robert Clement Park #3

Robert Clement Park in Littleton is a charming park that was originally built in 1987 and maintained by the Foothills Park and Recreation District. The park is situated on land that used to be part of the Grant family ranch. It is named after Bob Clement, a former County Commissioner who was instrumental in the park’s creation.

 Visitors can use a variety of athletic fields including softball courts, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, and bat cages. There are also 1.4 miles worth of lighted nature trails, as well as a skate park and splash park, amphitheater, two children’s playgrounds, and a skate park. Johnston Reservoir, 60 acres, is open to all fishing license holders.

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Address:7306 W Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO 80123, United States
Phone:+1 303-409-2600

SeaQuest Littleton #4

SeaQuest Littleton offers an interactive tour that allows visitors of all ages to discover the rainforests and deserts. More than 12,000 animals from over 100 species call their habitat home. Many of these animals were saved due to injury or illness.

You can also enjoy stingray wading, feeding and petting the animals and seeing various species like sharks, snakes and caimans.

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Address:8501 W Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO 80123, United States
Phone:+1 303-968-1340

Cafe Terracotta #5

Cafe Terracotta is Littleton’s best choice for creative, upscale dining in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. This eatery’s layout was designed to give diners an opportunity to interact with those who prepare their meals so that they can participate in the process.

 Littleton, Colorado

Breakfast and lunch will offer familiar options such as club sandwiches and eggs Benedict. Mexican-inspired items like breakfast burritos and breakfast burritos can be found. You can also enjoy braised short ribs and chicken Wellington at dinner. The wine list includes both European and Californian wines.

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Address:5649 S Curtice St, Littleton, CO 80120, United States
Phone:+1 303-794-6054
Health and safety:Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits

FAQs: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit in Littleton, Colorado

What Famous Person is From Littleton Colorado?

If you’re looking for answers to the question: “What famous person is from Littleton Colorado?” you’ve come to the right place. Littleton, Colorado, is home to the world-famous comedian Dave Grusin. Born in the city of Littleton, Grusin has become one of the most well-known and influential men in the world. In fact, he has become such a household name that he’s been deemed the most famous person from the city.

What is Littleton Colorado Famous For?

There are several things to see and do in Littleton, including its many shopping opportunities. The Littleton Museum, a Smithsonian Affiliate, features authentic re-creations of life on two farms during the 1890s, including an old schoolhouse and blacksmith shop. Thousands of artifacts from the area are also featured. You can even tour one of the historic homes. What is Littleton Colorado famous for?

What is the Racial Makeup of Littleton Colorado?

When it comes to racial makeup, Littleton is comprised primarily of white people. Approximately 60% of residents are white, and only 20% identify as black. The remaining percentages identify as American Indian, Asian, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, or some other race. The remaining population is Hispanic, with a percentage of 2.6% who identify as “other.” Census data is gathered from self-identified racial groups. Littleton is the second most ethnically diverse city in Colorado.

Whats it like living in Littleton?

The climate in Littleton is a mix of hot and cold. There are 300 sunny days per year, and temperatures rarely rise above 90 degrees. Summers are hot, but temperatures rarely drop below 60 degrees. During the winter, temperatures often reach the low teens, which make them ideal for outdoor activities. Despite its cold climate, the town still has plenty to offer, with the annual average temperature only reaching eighty-five degrees.

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