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Cherry Hill: A Great Place to Live And Enjoy Your Life In Cherry Hill

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Township NJ

Cherry Hill Township NJ is an affluent, diverse, and upscale city that is home to a population of approximately 58,000. It is located in the state of New Jersey, just east of Philadelphia. The township is part of the Greater Philadelphia Area, and its proximity to the city means residents can easily access all the city’s attractions. This includes the White Castle franchise, which is a popular restaurant chain that has appeared in the movie Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

Cherry Hill Township
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It is one of the best places to live in the Philadelphia metro area. This town is located in Camden County.

Founded in 1844, it is a historical town. The first settlers of the township were the Leni Lenape Native Americans. They coexisted peacefully with the early settlers from Britain.

After World War II, the population of the township grew rapidly. During that time, it emerged as a major business and shopping center in South Jersey.

Cherry Hill Township

Today,it has a population of over 70,500. It is the sixth largest municipality in the Delaware Valley.

it is also part of the Delaware Valley metropolitan statistical area. The metro area includes Philadelphia, Camden, and Wilmington.


Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey has a temperate climate. This means that the weather can be mild in the summer, and cold in the winter. The average annual temperature is 13.0 degrees Celsius, and the average monthly temperatures are 68 to 79 degrees.

It has an average of 122 days of precipitation per year. These days are broken down into rain alone, snow alone, and a mix of the two. In addition to the usual rain, snow, and sleet, Cherry Hill receives tropical storms from the Atlantic. During these storms, ice can be expected.

Cherry Hill Township

It’s wet season lasts from March 31 to August 26. Rainfall averages 3.7 inches, and snowfall averages 28 inches.

The hottest time of the year in Cherry Hill is July. However, the coolest water time is February. The average daily high temperature is 41 degF, and the average low is 27 degF.

Homes for sale

Cherry Hill Township, NJ is a pleasant place to live. It is half an hour’s drive from the business nucleus of Philadelphia. There are numerous access points, making it convenient for commuters.

The town is also home to several large shopping centers, such as the Cherry Hill Mall. Its average sales price has dropped from $358,000 six months ago to $350,000. However, this may have more to do with the recent recession.

Cherry Hill Township

Some of the corporate institutions located in Cherry Hill include Subaru, T.D. Bank, and Melitta US. These companies have helped make Cherry Hill an attractive destination for many individuals and families.

One of the largest developers in the area during the 1950s was Eugene Mori. He developed properties including the Cherry Hill Inn, Cherry Hill Estates, and the Cherry Hill Mall.

White Castle franchise in the movie Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

If you don’t know, White Castle is an American fast food restaurant chain. It’s famous for its sliders and square-shaped greasy hamburgers. They were the first fast food burger chain in the United States. A majority of their restaurants are in the Northeastern US. There are only a few White Castle locations in the rest of the country. In the film, Harold and Kumar go to one in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Cherry Hill Township

The story is about an investment banker, Harold Lee, and his medical student roommate, Kumar Patel, who are looking for an inexpensive place to eat. After watching a TV commercial for White Castle, they decide to visit. However, they get lost on their way. As a result, they decide to head to another White Castle in Cherry Hill.


Cherry Hill is a township in Camden County, New Jersey. It is part of the Delaware Valley metropolitan statistical area.

Cherry Hill Township has a population of about 74,553 in the 2020 census. The average age is 42 years old. Most people are White. However, Cherry Hill has a significant Hispanic population.

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Cherry Hill Township is a dense suburb of Philadelphia. It is also within a half hour commute to Princeton and Trenton.

There is also a good supply of parks in Cherry Hill. These include sports fields and walking trails. Several coffee shops are located in the township.

Cherry Hill Township is a great place to live, work and play. With excellent schools, high quality emergency services and a thriving economy, it is no wonder that Cherry Hill is one of the most popular communities in the state.

FAQs: Cherry Hill Township

What is Cherry Hill NJ famous for?

Cherry Hill NJ is a popular suburb of Philadelphia, located in Camden County. It is known for its excellent schools, diverse community, and thriving business district. It is also home to many popular attractions such as the Cherry Hill Mall

Is Cherry Hill a city or township?

Cherry Hill is a township located in Camden County, New Jersey. It is bordered by the Delaware River, Pennsauken Township, and Philadelphia. It is the home of Cherry Hill Mall, which is one of the largest shopping malls in the state. Cherry Hill also has a number of parks and recreational facilities

What township is Cherry Hill NJ in?

Cherry Hill is located in Cherry Hill Township, Camden County, New Jersey. It is part of the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area and is located between Moorestown Township and Pennsauken Township.

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