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Alexandria: 7 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Alexandria, Virginia

Tourist Attractions- Places To Visit In Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria, Virginia is just south of Washington DC, and has lots to offer. Located along the Potomac River, Old Town Alexandria is one of the area’s most attractive neighborhoods. With historic brick sidewalks and buildings that date back to the 18th century, this neighborhood is a must-see.

If you want to experience history while enjoying great food, try a visit to the Old Town Farmers’ Market. Held every Saturday from 7am to noon, this market offers a wide variety of local vendors. It’s a great way to find fresh produce and flowers, as well as art and craft items.

Another art attraction is the Torpedo Factory Art Center. Formerly a US Naval torpedo station, the former building is now an art center. The building features works of art, including stained glass. This location also offers a free tour.

Del Ray is another cool and hip neighborhood in Alexandria. It’s home to numerous cafes and restaurants, and has a lively art scene. A couple miles north of Old Town, Del Ray is perfect for brunch and a quick lunch.

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George Washington Masonic National Memorial #1

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial is a national monument located in Alexandria, Virginia. It was built to honor the first president of the United States.

Freemasons have a rich history, and the George Washington Masonic National Memorial is a great place to learn more about them. Visitors can view the original artifacts, which are kept in a museum. They can also take part in a guided tour of the monument.

101 Callahan Dr, Alexandria, VA 22301, USA

In 1909, a group of Freemasons proposed the idea of building a memorial to Washington. Their goal was to educate the public about their order. However, the idea was put on the backburner due to urban planning problems in Virginia. When the Great Depression hit, fundraising began in earnest.

The architect, Harvey Wiley Corbett, designed the Memorial with a Neoclassical style and a four-tiered stone and steel tower. His design also incorporated modern skyscraper elements. This design was approved by Freemason Grand Masters.

Torpedo Factory Arts Center #2

The Torpedo Factory Arts Center is a thriving art center located on the Potomac River waterfront in historic Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. It is the largest publicly accessible working artist studio complex in the United States. Founded in 1974, the facility is home to more than 160 juried artists and offers 82 artists’ studios.

Located in a former U.S. Naval Torpedo Station, the Art Center is near the eastern end of King Street. Visitors can find numerous shops and restaurants in the area, and a water taxi can take you straight from Georgetown to Old Town Alexandria.

105 N Union St, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA

Throughout the year, the center hosts more than half a million visitors. You can see the work of dozens of professional visual artists in the 82 studios. Other attractions include the Alexandria Archaeology Museum, which is closed on Mondays. There are also workshops and contemporary exhibitions at the center.

Carlyle House Historic Park #3

Carlyle House Historic Park in Alexandria, Virginia, is an eighteenth century Georgian mansion with fine furnishings, manicured grounds, and brick walkways. This museum is a popular tourist attraction, drawing thousands of visitors each year.

Carlyle House is open to the public seven days a week. Visitors can take tours, attend lectures, and participate in special events. The mansion also offers a gift shop. Carlyle House was the center of social life in the 18th century town of Alexandria. It was built by Scottish merchant John Carlyle in 1753.

121 N Fairfax St, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA

In 1976, Carlyle House was converted into a museum. It is located at 121 North Fairfax Street in Old Town. It is owned by NOVA Parks. During the Civil War, the Mansion was converted into a hospital. The Mansion House Museum displays Sarah Fairfax’s wedding gown, as well as other furnishings.

The house is on the National Register of Historic Places. You can learn about the story of Carlyle, the Green family, and Mercy Street by touring the mansion. Tours last 45 minutes. They start on the hour. Guests can also enjoy boxwood parterres and a tiered garden of brick walks.

Gadsby’s Tavern Museum #4

Gadsby’s Tavern Museum Alexandria Virginia is a historical landmark that is a must-see. Built in 1785, the tavern is a registered National Historic Landmark. It reveals the early social, economic, and political history of America.

The museum is located in the Old Town Alexandria section of the city. You can take guided tours for $8. There is also a Museum Store where you can purchase clothing and other items.

134 N Royal St, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA

Gadsby’s Tavern and the nearby City Hotel became the center of social and political life in Alexandria during the 18th century. They served as a place for dancing assemblies, theater performances, and meetings of local organizations. Some of the famous guests who frequented the tavern and hotel included George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.

Gadsby’s Tavern Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In addition to raising money to preserve the building, the organization organizes educational programs. Guests can learn about the history of the tavern and attend events such as Tavern Day every summer.

Jones Point Lighthouse #5

Jones Point Lighthouse in Alexandria, VA was built in 1920. It is one of the earliest inland lighthouses. In 1926 it was replaced with a fixed green light. The National Park Service took over the lighthouse. The lighthouse was the first unified plan for a lighthouse, which included both a beacon and a keeper’s house.

A contract was signed for the Jones Point Lighthouse by the National Park Service. After the lighthouse was taken over by the National Park Service, it was restored and the lanterns were donated to the DAR Hindman Settlement School in KY. They were also placed on loan to the Lyceum, Alexandria, VA.

Places To Visit In Alexandria
Alexandria, VA 22314, United States

Mount Vernon Chapter celebrated its 120th anniversary of organization at the Mount Vernon Estate. The chapter was awarded the VADAR Outstanding Program Award. Members contributed $15 to the Association for Preservation of Virginia Antiquities.

George Washington Masonic Lodge No. 22 sponsored the Bicentennial Celebration. One of the events was a Re-enactment of the placement of the first District of Columbia Boundary Stone.

Green Spring Gardens #6

The 31-acre Green Spring Gardens is a botanical garden and historic site located in Alexandria, Virginia. The park is operated by the Fairfax County Park Authority. There is a large variety of flora and fauna to observe, along with educational programs and an annual plant sale.

The grounds include a pond, a greenhouse, a rock garden, a horticulture center, a woodland trail, and a garden. It is a wonderful place for families to spend a day. The park is open to the public year-round from dawn to dusk. Visitors can explore the flora and fauna of the park on guided hikes, or learn more about the history of the area.

4603 Green Spring Rd, Alexandria, VA 22312, United States

Several special events are held at the garden. These include the Big Plant Sale, which takes place in May. Another event is the Washington Gardener’s annual seed exchange. Additionally, the ARTFactory juried exhibit and garden concerts are held at the main gazebo.

George Washington’s River Farm #7

The American Horticultural Society (AHS) renamed a former estate to River Farm after President George Washington. This historic site, which has been open to the public for nearly 50 years, is located in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s free to visit.

The property is 25 acres in size and is made up of several historical associations with Washington. Visitors can enjoy a series of gardens. These include a formal garden, a naturalistic area, and more than a dozen small gardens for children.

7931 E Boulevard Dr, Alexandria, VA 22308, United States

River Farm is a unique landmark that was once part of George Washington’s five farms. Today, it’s one of the American Horticultural Society’s headquarters. Located in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, AHS is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting horticulture and the environment.

In 1973, the AHS moved to the River Farm and began caring for the land. The Society hosts events year-round to promote the care of wildlife and gardens. The grounds at River Farm have a number of beautiful trees and plants, including Kentucky coffee trees. Some of these are the descendants of the trees Washington introduced to Virginia.

FAQs: Alexandria, Virginia

Is Alexandria Virginia a Good Place to Live?

If you’re looking for a place that’s close to Washington, DC and still has a relaxed, modern vibe, Alexandria, VA may be the perfect fit for you. Located along the Potomac River in Northern Virginia, Alexandria offers a quaint, small-town feel while also being close to everything you’d need in the city.

Is Alexandria VA Cheaper Than DC?

There are a lot of things to do and see in Alexandria VA. It’s an easy city to get to from DC and makes for a convenient home base. If you’re visiting, make sure you check out the perks of the area, including the waterfront and historic landmarks.

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