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Georgetown: 7 Amazing Places To Visit In Georgetown, Kentucky

Tourist Attractions- Places To Visit In Georgetown Kentucky

Georgetown has a humid subtropical climate. The temperature ranges from 26 to 86degF, with few months falling below 10degF or exceeding 93degF. The hottest month is July, and the coolest month is January. The city receives 45 inches of rain and 8 inches of snow annually. It experiences 126 days of precipitation per year.

The town has a charming Victorian-era downtown, complete with tall brick storefronts and locally owned boutiques and restaurants. It also has a Japanese-style strolling garden called Yuko-en on the Elkhorn. Georgetown also boasts a patchwork of farms. Visitors can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, and horses and other livestock.

Georgetown’s historic downtown district is home to a variety of historic Victorian-era buildings, which now house art galleries, shops, and cafes. You can even take a self-guided tour of the historical district. The city is also home to the Bi-Water Farm, a family-owned farm property spanning 185 acres.

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Evans Orchard and Cider Mill #1

If you want to have a family-friendly outing in Georgetown, Kentucky, make a stop at the Evans Orchard and Cider Mill. This 300-acre farm produces apple cider, and features a gift shop, cafe, and market. Kids can play in the Farm Fun area and enjoy the farm animals and other activities. The orchard is open daily except Mondays.

The farm is a 5th-generation family-run operation that offers plenty of activities for the entire family. There are apple and pear orchards, and a farm market where you can buy a variety of locally-grown fruit and vegetables. A museum displays local artifacts and history, and a horse museum gives visitors an insight into horse history.

Places To Visit In Georgetown
198 Stone Rd, Georgetown, KY 40324, USA

Georgetown is also home to the world’s largest Toyota plant outside of Japan. This facility is situated on the town’s boundary with Lexington. The city is also home to the Kentucky Horse Park, a multi-faceted complex that integrates a working horse farm, a competition facility, an educational theme park, and equine office park.

Ward Hall #2

Ward Hall is an antebellum Greek Revival plantation mansion located in Georgetown, Kentucky. Its main house measures over 12,000 square feet and boasts 27-foot Corinthian fluted columns. The interior of the main house is filled with antique furniture, and the staircase is lined with marble.

If you’re looking for a new home, consider Ward Hall Estates, a community that has over 50 years of experience building homes. These homes offer both high quality and affordable prices. You’ll be proud to call your new home at Ward Hall Estates your own! Take the time to visit the neighborhood and browse the homes for sale.

1782 Frankfort Pike, Georgetown, KY 40324, USA

The climate in Georgetown is humid subtropical, with hot, humid summers and rainy winters. The temperature rarely falls below 10degF or rises above 93degF. The coldest month is January. The area experiences 126 days of rainfall a year. However, it can be chilly in the winter, with the average temperature around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yuko-En on the Elkhorn #3

If you’re looking for a great place to spend a day, consider visiting Yuko-En on the Elk Horn, the official Kentucky-Japan Friendship Garden. It’s located in Georgetown, Kentucky, on the north fork of Elkhorn Creek. The garden is about 6 acres in size, and is designed to resemble a strolling Japanese garden.

Yuko-En on the Elk Horn is a Japanese strolling garden that was established in 2000 by citizens of Georgetown and Tahara. The park is free to enter and is dog-friendly. It has a Japanese-style stone garden, waterfalls, and chirping birds.

700 US-25, Georgetown, KY 40324, USA

Rodneys on Broadway #4

The garden is located near Georgetown’s Toyota Manufacturing Plant, the world’s largest manufacturing plant. There are also several art installations throughout the garden. The exhibits are curated to celebrate Japanese culture and history. Visitors can also view a collection of equine portraits and quilts.

Rodneys on Broadway is located in downtown Georgetown, Kentucky. The restaurant’s menu is extensive, and the food is excellent. The restaurant does not deliver, but it offers carryout most nights. The restaurant has a social media presence, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

222 N Broadway, Georgetown, KY 40324, USA

The restaurant offers prime beef steaks, fresh seafood, and lamb. Its menu also features a great variety of pasta dishes. The restaurant is housed in an early 1800s brick home. It is family owned and operated, with a small staff. The ambiance is elegant, but relaxed.

Georgetown and Scott County Museum #5

The Scott County Museum offers a wide variety of educational and cultural experiences. The museum’s collection includes quilts, equine portraits, and a replica of the talking crow Pete the Crow. Pete the Crow became a local legend in the early 1830s, and it’s easy to see why.

The museum’s family-friendly activities encourage active participation in learning about local history. These activities include tours of local historic sites and lectures about local heritage. The museum’s mission is to educate, inspire, and promote appreciation for the heritage and culture of the community.

229 E Main St, Georgetown, KY 40324, USA

The Scott County Museum is open to the public and free to visit. The museum collects historical items and presents rotating exhibits. The museum also hosts the Annual Quilt Show and an African American History Exhibit.

The Shropshire House #6

The Shropshire House is a historic house in Georgetown, Kentucky that was built in 1814. It is a Greek Revival Federal style home that is on the National Register of Historic Places. The house was built by John and Mary Buckner and is located on East Main Street. It was added to the National Register in 1973.

The Shropshire House is located near East Main Street and is a National Historic Landmark. It was built by John Buckner and his wife, Mary Buckner, in 1814. The couple eventually moved to Louisville, Kentucky, and the property was sold to George W. Johnson, future governor of Kentucky.

In 1834, the house was owned by Robert J. Ward, who lived there until 1833. In the years that followed, the house was occupied by many prominent figures of Georgetown, including George W. Johnson, the future Confederate governor of Kentucky.

First Baptist Church #7

The First Baptist Church is located at 209 W Jefferson St, Georgetown, KY, 40324. It is a Baptist church. It was founded in 1969. You can read 3 customer reviews of this Georgetown church and give it a rating based on its performance. If you are looking for a local church, First Baptist Church in Georgetown is a good choice.

The congregation met once a month for conference. They shared their beliefs and voted on officers. They also welcomed converts. However, they excluded those who were not repentant. It is also important to note that this church does not admit members who are blatantly immoral.

1330 Lexington Rd, Georgetown, KY 40324, USA

The Baptist church, unlike most other churches, made allowances for social status. Although it did not formally segregate its membership, it was still divided by racial lines. Blacks were typically assigned the least desirable seats and were relegated to the gallery. Men sat on one side of the floor pews, while women sat on the other.

FAQs: Georgetown, Kentucky

What’s Special About Georgetown Kentucky?

If you’ve ever dreamed of a trip to a small southern town, consider visiting Georgetown. Known for its bourbon trails and horse farms, this city offers plenty of outdoor adventure. You can kayak down Elkhorn Creek, which is the best small mouth stream in Kentucky, or you can ride your mountain bike down Skullbuster Trails. You can also check out the twin row of Victorian-style buildings along Main Street, which includes boutiques, galleries and restaurants.

Is Georgetown KY a Good Place to Live?

Located in the heart of the Bluegrass State, Georgetown offers a diverse range of culture and activities. There are plenty of historical attractions, including the original wedding site of Jesse James’ parents. The area is dotted with quaint boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries.

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