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Lewiston: 7 Best Places To Visit In Lewiston, Idaho

Tourist Attractions- Places To Visit In Lewiston Idaho

Known for its deep river gorge, Lewiston Idaho is an outdoor lovers’ paradise. The city is located in the Lewis-Clark Valley, where the Clearwater River and the Snake River meet. While Lewiston is not as large as some of its nearby counterparts, it offers unique and fun activities. In addition, you can enjoy a quaint downtown.

The area offers great fishing opportunities on the Snake and Clearwater rivers. You can rent fishing equipment and join a guided fishing tour, or bring your own. These rivers are home to salmon, Steelhead trout, and Smallmouth Bass. Sturgeons are also plentiful, and some can grow to be over 20 lbs.

Native Americans have inhabited the area for thousands of years. Before the arrival of European explorers, the Nez Perce tribe of the American Northwest lived here. The Hudson’s Bay Company, now called Canada, established a post at MacKenzie’s Post, which was a migratory route. The Nez Perce tribe was followed by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805.

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Nez Perce County Historical Society & Museum #1

If you’re looking for an entertaining, educational trip to Lewiston, you should consider taking the kids to the Nez Perce County Historical Society & museum. This museum is filled with exhibits on Nez Perce history, culture, and history, and has hands-on exhibits for kids as well.

The Lewiston Historical Society was formed in 1961 as a nonprofit educational corporation. The museum originally opened in the Heritage House on March 3, 1963, and later moved to a new location on Third Street. The former building was constructed during the Great Depression as a Roosevelt Works Progress Administration project for the state of Idaho.

Places To Visit In Lewiston
 0306 3rd St, Lewiston, ID 83501, United States

The Nez Perce County Historical Society & museum is an important part of the community, documenting and preserving local history. The museum is staffed by volunteers and is open to the public. A membership includes various benefits, including free publications and an invitation to an annual membership meeting.

Lindsay Creek Vineyards #2

Lindsay Creek Vineyards is a winery located on a dry ridge above the Snake River. The vineyard began planting grape vines in 2007 and now has 15 acres and produces 18 tons of grapes annually. It was the first wine grape planting in the Northwest before prohibition, and the dry sandy soil is perfect for growing European vinifera grapevines.

The vineyard is a great place to plan a special day trip from the city. It is located 30 minutes from the University of Idaho and 120 minutes from Coeur d’Alene. Visitors can enjoy the vineyard’s two-storey, two-hundred-square-foot tasting room or its private event space. This allows the vineyard to accommodate several different events at the same time.

 3107 Powers Ave, Lewiston, ID 83501, United States

Lindsay Creek Vineyards is a gem in northern Idaho. The region used to be the capital of Idaho until the state capital moved to Boise. The area is now home to many wineries, and the wines are world-class. While you’re here, make sure to explore the Nez Perce tribal lands, where the Nez Perce Indians lived and hunted.

Jack O’Connor Center #3

The Jack O’Connor Center in Lewiston Idaho is a museum that celebrates the legendary outdoorsman. Opened in June 2006, this museum features an expansive collection of O’Connor’s hunting trophies and memorabilia. Visitors can also view his extensive collection of books and outdoor magazines and see his famous 7×57 Mauser.

 5600 Hells Gate Rd, Lewiston, ID 83501, United States

The center is located in Hells Gate State Park and features the writing and hunting achievements of the outdoor writer Jack O’Connor. Visitors can see more than 60 of O’Connor’s big game trophies from three continents and other writing memorabilia.

Lewis-Clark Center for Arts & History #4

In downtown Lewiston, the Lewis-Clark Center for Arts resides in a historic building that once housed the Chinese Beuk Aie Temple. It is now Idaho’s second-largest exhibition space. Inside, visitors can find exhibitions featuring local and regional artists, and enjoy special events.

The center is the home of the Jack O’Connor Center, which was opened in June 2006. It has displays of his wildlife collection, including over 60 mounted head mounts. There are also numerous photographs and memorabilia of the outdoorsman. In addition to his collection, visitors can learn about the role of hunting in modern game management.

415 Main St Byp, Lewiston, ID 83501, United States

If you’re in the area for a family vacation, the Lewis-Clark Center for Arts ‘n’ History offers a unique opportunity to experience the history of Lewis and Clark and the region they traveled through. The center features art from local, regional and national artists, as well as special events.

Heritage House #5

The Heritage House is a beautiful two-story frame house from the early 1900s, located in the historic district of Lewiston, Idaho. The architecture of the house is very unique and features a low gable roof, exposed rafters and multiplane windows. The front porch features two lions in couchant.

The building has many historical exhibits, including the Lewis and Clark Expedition. You can also explore the early history of the Lewiston settlement and learn about the Nez Perce tribe. There’s also a tap room where you can taste different brews, try growler fills, or enjoy a flight.

The museum also includes the Jack O’Connor Center, a museum dedicated to the conservationist and hunter who inspired millions of people. It features more than 60 mounted heads of animals and other items pertaining to his passion. The museum also houses a collection of his memorabilia and teaches visitors about the role of hunting in conservation.

Hells Gate State Park #6

Hells Gate State Park is a public recreation area located in Lewiston, Idaho. The park lies at the downstream entrance of Hells Canyon, which is one of the deepest canyons in North America. Guests can explore the canyon’s spectacular gorges and take advantage of the park’s many activities.

The park’s natural setting is a spectacular setting for hiking, camping, and picnicking. The park is also home to the Lewis & Clark Discovery Center. Hells Gate State Park is well worth a visit if you’re in the area. Its warm season extends further than most of Idaho, making it the perfect late-season getaway from the city.

 5100 Hells Gate Rd, Lewiston, ID 83501, United States

Visitors can also fish in the local rivers. The Snake and Clearwater rivers are home to a variety of game fish. Local businesses rent out fishing equipment and offer guided tours. Steelhead trout, salmon, and smallmouth bass are common among the species of fish found here. Anglers may want to bring extra food.

Locomotive park #7

When you visit Lewiston, Idaho, be sure to take the time to visit Locomotive Park. This picturesque park is especially charming during the holiday season. It is filled with lighted trees and animated figures. But what really makes this park so special is the steam-powered locomotive, Engine 92.

In 1942, it was sold to PotlatchDeltic Corporation and later purchased by the City of Lewiston. Since then, a large park has been built around the locomotive.Locomotive Park is located at the north entrance of the city’s historic downtown area. In the winter, this park holds the Winter Spirit event.

2101 Main St Byp, Lewiston, ID 83501, United States

This event brings the community together in a magical experience. During the winter, you can also catch a free live show at the park or catch a holiday movie at the theater.

FAQs: Lewiston, Idaho

Is Lewiston Idaho a Nice Place to Live?

If you’re looking for a small, safe town where you can raise a family, consider Lewiston, Idaho. This city is home to 32,484 people, and has a high percentage of white residents. Its population is not as diverse as the average American city, but it’s still a nice place to live. The city also has a low crime rate, with about 160 crimes per 100,000 people.

What is Lewiston Idaho Known For?

A renowned river valley that lies between the Clearwater River and the Snake River, Lewiston is a year-round outdoor recreation paradise. The city has beautiful gorges and a historic downtown. Visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including hunting and fishing, or simply stroll down one of the many pathways along the pristine rivers.

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