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Santa Claus: Best 8 Places You Must Visit In Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus Indiana is the place to visit if you want to celebrate the holiday season. There are many events, attractions and activities to enjoy. Whether you want to attend a Santa Claus Christmas Celebration or just want to spend time at Santa’s Candy Castle, you can find it all in this small town.

Tourist Attractions And Visit In Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus, Indiana is a classic Christmas town with a little something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a fun family adventure or a romantic weekend getaway, there are plenty of festive activities to choose from.

One of the most popular attractions in Santa Claus is the Santa Claus Museum and Village. This attraction features the 1880 Santa Claus Church and a 22-foot Santa statue. Visitors can also enjoy a tour of the museum, which tells the story of the town and displays old postcards and letters.

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The Santa Claus Post Office allows children to write letters to Santa. The post office offers free admission and accepts donations to help maintain the village. In addition to letter writing, the post office sells holiday-themed gifts and souvenirs.

Santa Claus Park is a great place to ride roller coasters, take a river cruise and see Santa. There are also shops and stables. It’s like a fairy tale world. You can even take a guided tour of the woodlands.

Visit In Santa Claus
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Santa’s Candy Castle is another must-see attraction. Visitors can try different flavors of popcorn and retro candy. Kids can also have a taste of the famous Butterfinger and Baby Ruth candies.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive family adventure, consider going to Holiday World. This theme park is located in Santa Claus, Indiana and is just a couple of hours away from major cities. Although the rides are not fast pass options, the park is doable for a whole day.

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari #1

The amusement park Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is a family fun spot in Santa Claus, Indiana. It features rides, games, and live entertainment. This fun-filled place offers free parking, free sunscreen, and unlimited soft drinks. There are also two water parks in the park.

Splashin’ Safari is a water park located within the main theme park of Holiday World. This park offers world-class water slides and wave pools. In addition to this, guests can take advantage of many other water park attractions.

Splashin’ Safari is typically open from May through the first part of September. During the last five years, the park has grown steadily. Today, it is one of the top-rated water parks in the country. Guests can enjoy such attractions as the Bahari Wave Pool, ZOOMbabwe, Wildebeest, and Bakuli and Kima Bay.

Visit In Santa Claus
452 E Christmas Blvd, Santa Claus, IN 47579, United States

Aside from its water rides, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari offers a wide array of roller coasters. These include Thunderbird, the nation’s first launched wing coaster. Among other rides, visitors can also visit the Frightful Falls log flume.

Guests can enjoy a variety of food options. Aside from the main cafeteria, guests can also find restaurants like the Plymouth Rock Cafe, the Goblin Burgers restaurant, and the Hoosier Celebration Theater. Each of these attractions feature live shows and performances by regional contemporary Christian bands.

Splashin’ Safari is ranked number two among the top water parks in the country by USA Today. Besides the Cheetah Chase water coaster, riders can experience other major water rides in the park, such as the Wildebeest and the Bahari River.

Santa’s Candy Castle #2

The Candy Castle is a fun way to satisfy your sweet tooth while on vacation in Santa Claus, Indiana. This quirky – but fun – candy store is a must-see attraction in Santa Claus. It is located on Highway 245 south of Highway 162.

There are numerous rooms in the castle filled with candy and it is a fun place to spend a few minutes. The Candy Castle is open seasonally. You may want to call ahead to find out if you can visit during the day.

While it’s not the tallest building in town, the Candy Castle is an edifice with a history. It was built as part of Milton Harris’s Santa Claus Town theme park in 1935.

15499 IN-245, Santa Claus, IN 47579, United States

It was one of the first themed attractions to open in the United States. When it opened, it was a big deal. Thousands of people attended the opening ceremony. Aside from the grand opening, it was also the most crowded theme park in the country at the time.

Besides the aforementioned ol’ fashioned candy shop, you can find a ton of other treats and gimmicks. Among them is the Magic of Snow. Visitors can make snow in a real life Santa’s Workshop, or simply experience the magic of the season by enjoying a hot cup of Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Despite the yuletide spirit, Santa Claus Town was not around for long. By the mid-1970s, the business was in the red. In 2006, the Candy Castle was reopened under the new management of Kevin Klosowski. Today, it’s a family-friendly attraction that will appeal to visitors of all ages.

The Santa Claus Indiana Post Office #3

The Santa Claus Post Office in Indiana is a flurry of activity during the holidays. Children write letters to Santa. Some envelopes contain just one letter, while others are filled with classroom-size letters.

Each year, Santa receives over 500,000 letters. Most of them are in English, but a small number of letters are written in other languages. In addition to letters from kids, there are also letters from adults.

Many people do not realize that the USPS collects letters from children and answers them. They also have a program to answer letters from other charities. A special postmark is issued each Christmas. This postmark has a limit of 50 letters per person on a single day.

45 Kringle Cir, Santa Claus, IN 47579, USA

To make sure your letter gets to the right place, you should include your name, address, and return address. For the most part, your letter will be answered, but you may need to contact the post office if you have questions.

A number of volunteers work at the Santa Claus Main Post Office to help answer the letters. They also take care of the postage. These helpers are called elves. Besides helping to answer the letters, they also answer questions about Christmas and naughty children.

Aside from the main post office, there are two other Santa Claus Post Offices: Reader the Letter Elf and Stamp Elf Serenity Snowball. Both have volunteer elves who help Santa with his letter writing.

When you visit the Santa Claus Main Post Office, you can browse through a display of stationery, cards, and gifts. There is also a small exhibition of letters.

The Santa Claus Museum & Village #4

The Santa Claus Museum & Village is a family fun destination. It’s located near the town of Santa Claus, Indiana. This attraction is open to the public during the holidays. At the Santa Claus Museum & Village, visitors can learn about the history of Santa Claus and the town’s unique history.

Its collection includes old toys, a 22-foot Santa statue, and the 1880 Santa Claus Church. These are just some of the highlights of the museum. There are also displays on the growth of tourism in the town. Visitors can write letters to Santa in the historic Santa Claus Post Office.

Visitors can enjoy the scavenger hunt, 35 flavors of hot cocoa, gourmet popcorn, and Pez dispensers. They can also buy retro favorites like Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy bars.

69 IN-245, Santa Claus, IN 47579, USA

The Santa Claus Land of Lights is another fun attraction. Children can ride the storybook signs in the village, and see Rudolph and other lights. After they are done, they can get a free photo with Rudolph.

Another great attraction is the Santa Claus Christmas Store. During the holiday season, there is an annual Santa Claus Christmas Celebration, which takes place the first three weekends of December. The Santa Claus Museum and Village are both free to visit.

Kids can write letters to Santa at antique school desks. Guests can also enjoy the new model train exhibit and the newly unveiled Santa’s Office. The Santa Claus Museum & Village recently celebrated 10 years in its present location. A tree was planted to commemorate the anniversary.

The Historic 1935 Santa Statue #5

The Historic 1935 Santa Statue is a civic icon of Santa Claus. It was designed by artist Ralph Seymour Fletcher and is located in the heart of Santa Claus, Indiana. As an iconic figure of the season, the statue stands 22 feet tall.

The historic landmark is dedicated to the children of the world. Visitors can explore the area’s history and enjoy the newly restored Historic Santa Statue. The statue was unveiled in December 1935. Two businessmen, Milton Harris and Carl Barrett, were involved in the project.

Harris and Barrett were rivals. However, they were able to work together and the statue was completed. After the unveiling, a special hour-long radio broadcast was held. The ceremony was attended by the mayor of Evansville and the highest-ranking officials in the town.

69 N. IN-245, Santa Claus, IN

The mayor declared the event a great success. A block of time was donated by Columbia Broadcasting System for the nationwide broadcast. The Santa statue is one of the oldest in America. It is also the biggest. When lit at night, it is impressive.

The statue is surrounded by a 20-foot-wide Christmas star. The statue was originally made of granite. But later, it was found to be a hollow concrete structure. It was then restored in 2011.

This historic attraction is still popular with locals and visitors. It is free to visit during the day. In addition, there is a museum containing historical information about Santa Claus, Indiana. There are antique school desks in the museum where children can write letters to Santa Claus.

Jim Yellig Park #6

Jim Yellig Park is a park that is located on Indiana 162 and Ashburn Road. The park features a basketball court, soccer field, baseball diamonds, walking trails, and a playground for children. The park also offers a separate toddler play area for small kids.

In addition to being a recreational park, the park also provides a place for baseball tournaments throughout the year. A pavilion, water fountains, and restrooms are also available. The park is located near the beginning of the Ray Yellig Memorial Trail.

If you’re planning a trip to the park, be sure to keep in mind that it’s a good idea to wear bug spray as mosquitoes and ticks are known to thrive in areas with water. When visiting the park, be sure to check out the trails that connect the park to other attractions in Santa Claus.

Santa Claus, IN 47579, USA

This is a nature packed trail that takes you through an urban setting. You’ll also enjoy a view of the surrounding neighborhoods. Whether you’re a baseball player or just looking for a relaxing day, Jim Yellig Park is a great spot to spend some time.

During my visit, the restrooms were relatively clean. There were also a few clean-up stations for dogs. While I didn’t see any black bears, there are some coyotes that live in the area. For more information, call the park at 317-832-7100.

With plenty of activities for your family, you’ll surely find a great way to spend your vacation in this area. Take your kids to the parks and museums, go shopping, or watch a movie.

Frosty’s Fun Center #7

Frosty’s Fun Center is a fun, family-oriented restaurant with a great menu of classic American fare and arcade games. The dining room is a decent size and the staff is friendly. You can get pizza, soft-serve ice cream, sandwiches, salads, and much more.

It’s a good place to hang out on a hot summer day, and the prices are reasonable. If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, head over to Frosty’s for a tasty burger or pizza. Or you can splurge on a sundae or a banana split.

There are also a variety of sandwiches and salads to choose from, and you can even make your own burger or sandwich with your own ingredients. You can also order a drink, such as a shake or a glass of wine. This fun restaurant is in Santa Claus, and is a short walk from the post office.

15 Cedar Ln, Santa Claus, IN 47579, USA

While you’re in the area, you might want to check out the Christmas Fun Center, which offers tasty snacks, a fresh, homemade pizza menu, and an 18-hole miniature golf course.

Another attraction at the fun center is the water fountain dripping from the bowler’s hat. Besides that, you can play some arcade games, go swimming, and even take a stroll around the area. All of this is available from 7 am to 9 pm daily.

With so much to do, it’s no wonder that the restaurant is so popular. Frosty’s Fun Center is a perfect spot to spend the afternoon with the kids. Make sure to check out the snowman fountain and the dripping bowler’s hat.

Christmas Lake Golf Course #8

The Christmas Lake Golf Course is an 18-hole championship course located in Santa Claus, Indiana. It features a par three, a par four and a par five. This is an ideal course for golfers of all abilities. There are also practice facilities, a driving range and a putting green.

The Christmas Lake Golf Course has a full size clubhouse complete with a lighted tree. The building is not the most elegant design but it does the job. A large lighted sign above the clubhouse screams Christmas. And as a bonus, Santa is the name on the sign.

Another notable feature of the Christmas Lake Golf Course is the “Back 9 Grill,” a nifty little establishment that caters to the golfing fraternity. With a full bar menu, this is the type of place you can take the whole family.

1182 Club House Rd, Santa Claus, IN 47579, USA

While the Christmas Lake Golf Course is not exactly new, it does have a five-year plan. This plan includes a possible pool and a new clubhouse, as well as a more comprehensive subdivision of the property.

In the interest of full disclosure, the Christmas Lake Golf Course is operated by Todd Grundhoefer, the general manager. But the course itself is a semi-private facility owned by a group of local investors.

The golf course is a bit short on the quality of service but it is a fun way to spend a few hours of your time. Besides being a pleasant golfing experience, the course is a great value for the novice and the seasoned golfer.

FAQs about Santa Claus, Indiana

What is Santa Claus Indiana known for?

Santa Claus, Indiana is a small town in the United States. It is most widely known for the Santa Claus theme park, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. The park features a re-creation of Santa’s Village and offers a variety of amusement rides and water slides. The town of Santa Claus also offers a variety of attractions such as two museums, a winery, and a variety of shops and restaurants. It also hosts a variety of holiday-themed events throughout the year, including the Santa Claus Christmas Parade and the Santa Claus Land of Lights. Santa Claus, Indiana is a great place to visit any time of the year, especially during the holidays.

What is Santa called in Indiana?

Santa is called Santa Claus in Indiana. Santa Claus is a traditional figure who brings gifts to children on Christmas Eve. The Santa Claus legend originated in the United States, and is closely associated with Indiana, where many of the stories of Santa take place. Santa is a beloved figure in Indiana, where he is celebrated every year with holiday parades, special events, and other festivities.

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