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Siliguri: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in siliguri

Siliguri – A Tourist Attraction in India

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If you’re looking for some serene and beautiful surroundings, Siliguri might be the place for you. It is a place with numerous religious temples, and is conveniently close to a number of other interesting tourist destinations, such as Darjeeling, the Dooars, Kalimpong, Rohini, and Mongpong. Siliguri is also home to the famous Sevoke, and has several picnic spots for those looking for a break. And, with its pleasant weather throughout the year, Siliguri is a great choice for any time of the year.

Among the most interesting places to visit in Siliguri are the tea gardens. One of the best places to visit is Sepoy Dhura, a tea-growing village on the outskirts of Siliguri. Visitors can explore the varying regions of tea plantations and observe the processes of processing tea. This is definitely one of the most beautiful things to do in Siliguri. The village is located just 17-20 miles away from the town center and takes about 40 minutes to reach.

Another great place to visit in Siliguri is Surya Sen Park, which is a picnickers’ paradise, with beautiful lawns and fountains. Families will also love the play areas, swings, and fun rides. The park is a great place to visit during the day and is also a popular destination at night with its colorful lights. The park is also a popular picnic spot in Siliguri, so be sure to visit before the sun sets to enjoy the nightlife.

Sed Gyued Monastery #1

Syed Gyued monastery, located in Salugara near Siliguri is a tranquil haven. It is a stunning monument that looks like a Pagoda and was opened by the Dalai Lama in 2001. It serves as a meditation spot and an institute for Buddhist studies. Its origins date back to the 14th Century. Here you can see Buddhist statutes and rituals.

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This historical site and the architectural beauty of the monastery were destroyed by the Chinese army in the Indo-Chinese War of 1959. It was rebuilt later. It now houses over 90 monks, and it doubles as a research center.

More Details About Sed Gyued Monastery

Address:BSF Rd, Salugara, Siliguri, West Bengal 734501

Dudhia #2

Dudhia, located 28 kilometers from Siliguri is a place of tranquility and mountain calm. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Siliguri. This hamlet is located along the Mirik-Siliguri highway. It offers riverside camping, stargazing and angling as well as a village walk, trekking, and a chance to go on a village walk.

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It is a great spot for a picnic near Siliguri due to the stunning views of Balason’s landscape and meandering Balason River. From Siliguri to Dudhia, you can enjoy a stunning view of lush green meadows and a mountainous Valley.

Dreamland Amusement Park #3

This amusement park offers plenty of entertainment and fun for tourists looking for an exciting adventure among the “Places to Visit in Siliguri”. The amusement park, which covers 25 acres, features thrilling rides and swings. It also has the Lachka River running through it. This makes it a picturesque spot.

image credit : wikimedia

The park features a landscaped garden, boating and decorative lights. It offers many rides such as the cable car, roller coaster or water coaster, cable car, flying Eagle, cup and saucers, butterfly, vortex, boating or horse riding. The kids zone offers a safe place for children to play with love birds, ducks and rabbits. There are many delicious foods available at the food court.

More Details About Dreamland Amusement Park

Address:J9XQ+GFR, Fulbari Ghoshpukur Canal Road, Rahamu, West Bengal 734014
Contact: 097328 52000

Bengal Safari Park #4

The Bengal Safari Park is located in the Mahananda Wildlife Safari Sanctuary’s forest area. It is one of the first wildlife safari parks in Bengal. The park covers 297 hectares. It is home to a variety of fauna and flora. Wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts will find a wealth of exciting sightings. These include sightings of the Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Leopard, Gaur and Civets. Wild boars, rhinoceros, and the spotted Deer.

image credit : wikimedia

There are many Safari options available, including Tiger Safari, Grand Safari, Herbivore & Tiger Safari and Elephant riding Safari. Visitors can also visit the souvenir shop, crocodile pool, nature interpretation centre and Bonsai gardens. There is also an aviary.

More Details About Bengal Safari Park

Address:5th Mile, Sevoke Rd, Salugara, Siliguri, West Bengal 734008
Contact: 070473 12620

Coronation Bridge #5

Coronation Bridge can be found in Siliguri, a beautiful part of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri districts, in the stunning north-eastern Indian state West Bengal. The Coronation Bridge is located about 20 km from the city and offers breathtaking views of the lush greenery. It was built primarily to link Darjeeling with Jalpaiguri.

image credit : wikimedia

Visitors love to see this bridge, which is a stunning example of Roman architecture. It is a popular spot for locals to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Adventure seekers can go rafting on the river to see this engineering marvel from a completely different perspective.
Because of its accessibility, the Coronation Bridge has been named National Highway 31. It is situated near the Sevokeswari Kali Mandir, Siliguri. Visitors en route to Sikkim and Darjeeling often stop by the bridge to take in the beautiful scenery. It is one of very few bridges in India that still reflects the best of Indian architecture and engineering. Because of the presence of two lion statues at the entrance, it is also called “Bagh Pul” or “Tiger Bridge”.

More Details About Coronation Bridge

Body of water:Teesta River
Address:734401, Coronation Bridge, Sevoke, West Bengal 734401
Bridge type:Arch bridge, Truss bridge

Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary #6

This vast area of forest land is located between Mahananda River and Teesta River. It’s home to the rare Cheetal, Cheetal and barking dear as well as elephant, Indian bison, and migratory bird species.

image credit : wikimedia

You can find moderate to difficult trekking opportunities at Deorali and Latpancher, as well as Golaghat Mana.

More Details About Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary

Address:Hill Cart Rd, Sukna, West Bengal 734009
Management:Government of India
Area:158 kmĀ²

Hong Kong Market #7

The Hong Kong Market is a must-see when shopping in Siliguri. The Hong Kong Market is a must-see for shoppers who love to shop and feel like their vacation would not be complete without it. Hong Kong Market is a must-see for shoppers and should be included on your Siliguri itinerary.

image credit : wikimedia

There are many options for clothing, jewelry, accessories and handicrafts. You can shop for apparel, jewelry, accessories and local handicrafts.

More Details About Hong Kong Market

FAQs: Top 7 Best Places To Visit in siliguri

Is Siliguri Near to Assam?

If you’re wondering, “Is Siliguri close to Assam?” you’re not alone! There are several ways to get from Siliguri to Assam. From Assam, you can take the train to Siliguri or fly directly to Assam. However, if you’re looking for the fastest way to get from Siliguri to Assam, consider the fastest route. You’ll save time, money, and energy with this convenient transportation option.

Is Siliguri Worth Visiting?

There are many reasons why you should visit Siliguri, India. The city is beautiful, has a rich cultural heritage, and attracts tourists from many parts of the world. Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation or want to spend some quality time with your family, a rental car is a great way to get around the city. Renting a car in Siliguri is a convenient way to explore the city, and you can rent a car for one, two, or three days, depending on your schedule.

Does Siliguri Have Snow?

The question: “Does Siliguri have snow?” may have you wondering if winter is in the cards for your trip. The city receives 3340 mm of annual rainfall, with most of it falling between June and September. In fact, about 80% of the city’s rainfall occurs during the monsoon season, which means heavy showers in May, July, and August. The driest months in Siliguri are January and December, with only about 12mm of rainfall per month. In addition, the air remains humid during most of the year.

Is Siliguri a Good Place to Live?

Many people from different parts of India ask themselves the question – Is Siliguri a good place for living? If you are thinking about moving to Siliguri, there are many factors to consider. First of all, it’s safe! Siliguri’s population is growing at a rate of 48 per cent per annum, and there are almost as many vehicles as there are people. This means that the city’s greenery is being compromised every day. The police-administration is not as active and ties itself to political power, but it is a good place to live in if you’re looking for a safe and friendly atmosphere.

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