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Abohar : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Abohar, India



You can explore the scenic beauty of Abohar in your own car or opt for rickshaws. Getting around in Abohar is easy as taxis and rickshaws are available for hire or sharing. Public buses also run frequently in and around the city, but private cars are more comfortable. You should be wary of roaming alone in the forest during the hot summer months, and you should take a guide with you.

The town of Abohar is situated near the border of India and Pakistan. It is north east of Sri Ganganagar and south east of Fazilka. It is well connected to other cities by government buses. The main business mandi in Abohar is Darwaza. Several educational institutions and enterprises are located in this town. It is run by various administrative bodies. Abohar is the last main town on the Delhi-Bahawalpur sector.

The city of Abohar was founded in the 12th century, but it is known for its cultural diversity and rich soil. Earlier, Abohar was called Abhegarh, and was founded by the Jatu ruler Abheraj Bhatti. In 1611, the city was known as Kaiser-Ganj, but under the British Empire, the town was referred to as Abohar. In 1790, Bhatti moved to the town from Mathura with his wife Sumija.

The Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is a testament to the local involvement of tribal communities in government projects. It serves as a reminder of the great achievements that Indian tribal communities can achieve. The Bishnoi community actively participated in the conservation of the forest. The sanctuary protects rare species such as porcupines and nilgai. Abohar has become an important habitat for these species. These are only some of the attractions of the Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary #1

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing the tigers of India’s Himalayas, you should visit Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary. Located near the India-Pakistan border, this sanctuary is a melange of three distinct Indian cultures. It is surrounded by the desert plains of Rajasthan, the fertile plains of Haryana, and the green hills of Punjab. It also receives the waters of the Sutlej River. The city itself is rich in history. It is home to the palace of the Suryavanshi King Aabu Chandni. Despite being so close to the border, Abohar has seen both bloodshed and brotherhood among people of different faiths.

image credit : wikimedia

The region is home to the Punjab state animal, the blackbuck. However, the species has suffered significant declines due to threats from stray cattle and untamed dogs. Changes in land use and cropping patterns have also negatively affected its natural habitat, causing a significant decrease in its numbers. In 2019, alone, 30 blackbucks died in the Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary, most of them from stray dog attacks. While five of these blackbucks were saved by the State Forest and Wildlife Department, there were also many deaths due to road accidents, water storage tanks, concrete drains, and other environmental problems.

Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary was initially established as a provisional sanctuary in 1975 and was finally declared a wildlife sanctuary in 2000. It consists of thirteen revenue villages. There are several wildlife species in the region, including the black buck deer, the State Animal of Punjab, and the blue bull, also known as a nilgai. In addition to black buck, other animals found in the region include porcupine, wild boar, and jackal.

Panj Peer Tibba Shrine #2

If you are interested in Hindu traditions, you may want to visit the Panj Peer Tibba Shrines. The shrine is a major tourist attraction and is home to a variety of Hindu skots. It is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus. In addition, you can visit the shrine and see how it relates to the culture of Punjab. The five saints are described in detail in the Nain Sukh.

image credit : wikimedia

The first Panj Pyare, Bhai Daya Singh, was a descendant of Raja Salvaan. His parents were Suddha and Mai Dayali and the sikhs were the first to offer the head of their ancestor. He was born in 1661 in Lahore. He was a prominent political leader and was a patron of the arts. His father, Rana AD Singh, sponsored eight photos of Bhai Gurmej.

The names of these saints are Punjabi. His height was nine gaj, which translates to eight meters and thirty-seven inches. The saint’s height is also known as “Naujaja Peer.” His name is also found in other places, including the Heera Mandi, sometimes referred to as the “red light district” of Lahore. This is a part of the city of Jalandhar District in the Phillaur Tehsil. It is near the Panj Peer Tibba Shrine and has its own mazar.

In the city of Lahore, a popular deity is Syed Ibrahim Badshah. This shrine is located in the Panj Peer Chowk and is home to one of the most prosperous families in Jalandhar. It is important to make a visit to this shrine and its local deity to enjoy its beauty and peace. In the city, you can also visit the Shrine of Sikh Gurus and Sufi Saints.

More Details About Panj Peer Tibba Shrine

Address:near goldy soni, Panj Peer Nagar, Abohar, Punjab
Area Pin Code:152116

Nehru Park #3

Nehru Park is a large park in the heart. It is named after India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The park covers an area of about 80 acres and is close to the city center. Established in 1969, it is one of the most popular spots for tourists visiting. Located on the banks of the Yamuna River, the park is a popular place for jogging and cycling.

image credit : wikimedia

Nehru Park is a popular spot for morning and evening strolls. It is also a popular picnic spot, with its shady benches, fountains, landscaped areas, and hanging bridge. To see the park in person, you can visit during a weekend or a weekday. Nehru Park is free to visit. To visit, make sure to make time for a picnic.

Nehru Park has long, wide stretches of greenery dotted with beautifully-planted flowers and trees. You can enjoy picnics and other recreational activities in this park, and it is also a popular destination for weddings, celebrations, and concerts. There is also a cafe located inside the park, and there are many nearby restaurants serving delicious food. It is a great place to spend a sunny afternoon.

The park is also home to a life-sized alloy statue of Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The statue was installed in 1987 by Soviet Premier Nicolai Ryzhkov. You can also attend a number of art events held here, including morning yoga classes, and raga concerts. Many renowned Hindustani classical music maestros have also performed in this park. A few hours of strolling around the park will give you the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the greenery.

More Details About Nehru Park

Address:Old Tehsil Rd, Krishna Nagri, Abohar, Punjab
Area Pin Code:152116

Johri Mandir #4

If you’re planning to travel to Johri Mandir, here’s some information you need to know. The Johri Mandir is a popular destination, so plan your visit accordingly. While there are several places to see in Johri, you should make time to visit the temple. After all, you might be looking for a place to worship the Lord Shiva. This temple is located near the Meena Institute and Naahar Classes. It’s also close to a couple of shops – Jain Veer Pharmacy and Ronak Fashions and Lohiya Jewellers.

image credit : wikimedia

A visit to the Johri Mandir is a good idea regardless of your religious affiliation. People from all over the country come to celebrate Lord Hanuman, the chief dirty of the temple. The temple’s diverse cultural backgrounds make it a fascinating place to visit. You’ll get a feel for the diversity of the Abohar community while visiting the temple. This is a place of pilgrimage for people of many faiths, from Hinduism to Buddhism.

More Details About Johri Mandir

Address:Old Fazilka Rd, Patel Nagar, Abohar, Punjab
Area Pin Code:152116

Gurdwara Bad Tirath Sahib #5

One of the earliest Sikh pilgrimages was the Gurdwara Bad Tirath Sahab. It is located in the village of Haripura in the Teh Abohar district, on the Abohar Sri Ganganagar road. The history of this Sikh shrine dates back to the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. On the Fourth Udasi, Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited this place of worship. During his visit to this area, he touched the Demon with his feet and asked for freedom from the cycle of life and death.

image credit : wikimedia

The Gurdwara Bad Tirath Saib is located in Village Haripura, Punjab, about 3 kilometers from Khuian Sarwar town. It is 17 kilometers from Abohar and 30 kilometers from Ganganagar. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While visiting the Gurdwara Bad Tirath Sahib, visitors are encouraged to visit other Sikh pilgrimages in the area.

The Sikh religion is based on a set of religious texts and practices. The Granth Sahib is placed under a canopy and has a canopied seat. The building must also contain a tall Sikh pennant flag. It is believed that the Sikh religion is a very spiritual religion, so it is important to study the Gurus and the holy scriptures thoroughly.

More Details About Gurdwara Bad Tirath Sahib

Address:42QP+582, Haripura, Punjab
Area Pin Code:152128

Abohar Canal Front Nature Park #6

When planning a trip to Abohar, it’s essential to know how to find the best places to visit within the city. The Abohar Canal Front Nature Park is one of the many wildlife sanctuaries in Punjab, and it’s a great place to spot the local black bucks. If you plan to visit during the winter months, you’ll have an easier time finding wildlife. The best time to visit Abohar is between October and March, when the weather is cooler and the wildlife is most active. Avoid the summer season and monsoon season if you’re looking to visit the park.

image credit : flickr

The ancient city of Abohar lies close to the national and international boundaries of the states of Rajasthan and Punjab. The city of Abu Nagar, which was buried beneath the sand, was home to many different cultures and religions. In addition to celebrating National Days and festivals, the area also hosts a number of festivals. It’s an important destination for nature lovers in the city, and the Abohar Canal Front Nature Park is a great place to celebrate any of them.

More Details About Abohar Canal Front Nature Park

Address:46C4+5WM, Azimgarh, Punjab
Area Pin Code:152116

Gurudwara Rakabsar Sahib #7

You can find several reasons to visit Gurudwara Rakabsar Sajna, one of which is its sanctity. The building is surrounded by a mound of white marble, and the sanctum is located at the center. A domed structure marks the spot where Guru Gobind Singh showedered arrows on his enemy. The building was originally a modest structure, but was rebuilt in 1843 by Sodhi Man Singh of ManSinghvala. Today, the structure is a square hall with a central sanctum, a lotus-shaped dome and decorative marble kiosks at the corners.

image credit : wikimedia

The sahib is located 200 meters east of Gurdwara Sri Tibbi Sahib. The building is also home to the broken stirrup of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The stirrup is kept in the Gurdwara. The sahib’s significance is commemorated during the celebration of the birthdays of Guru Nanak Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Guru Arjun Sahib and other Sikh gurus. Magh mela is organized from the 12th to the thirteenth of January. It commemorates the sacrifice of the 40 Muktas.

The Gurudwara Rakabsar Saib is situated in the town of Muktsar. It is close to Gurudwara Sri Tuti Gandhi Sahib and Gurudwara Rakabsar Sahib. If you visit Muktsar, you should consider visiting Gurudwara Sri Tuti Gandhi Sahib. You’ll be glad you did!

More Details About Gurudwara Rakabsar Sahib

Address:Sarovar Rakabsar Sahib, Trnek Uman Area, Sri Muktsar Sahib, Punjab
Area Pin Code:152026

FAQ’s : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Abohar, India

Abohar – The California of the Punjab

A town in Punjab, India, Abohar is a city in the Fazilka district on the Ganganagar-Delhi railway route. Its population was 124,303 in 2001, and it is known as the California of the Punjab. It is famous for its agricultural produce, especially kinoo, a type of orange. The city is named after Bhatti Chief Janra, who founded it in 1820.

Why is Abohar Called California Punjab?

You may be wondering, Why is Abohar called California Punjab? Well, this place has some fascinating history. It is the location of the first Sikh Guru’s temple, Johri Mandir. Located on the old Fazika road, this temple is celebrated by all religions. The chief dirty of the temple is Lord Hanuman, and people of all ages and regions visit the site. A visit to the temple is a great way to experience the cosmopolitan culture of Abohar.

Which City is Known As the California of Punjab?

Which city is known as the California of Punjab? Abohar is a city in Punjab, India. It is the county seat of Sutter County. It is located on the Delhi-Ganganagar railway line. The city is home to a large number of Punjabis. The city is known for its rich soil, which produces kinoo, a type of orange fruit. It was founded by Bhatti Chief Janra more than a century ago and is currently one of the most populated cities in Punjab.

What is Abohar Famous For?

What is Abohar famous for? The town is famous for its ancient Gurdwaras, the most important of which is Gurdwara Bad Tirath Sahib. This place is connected to the first and tenth Sikh Gurus. The shrine is situated near a small water body, the Sarovar, which is believed to have quenched the Sikh Guru’s thirst. Visitors often take holy dips in the Sarovar, which is made of white marble stones.

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