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Patiala : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Patiala, India



Patiala is a large city located in the southeastern region of the province of Punjab, India. It is the fourth largest city in the province and the administrative capital of the Patiala district. It is a major transportation hub and home to several multinational corporations. The city offers a wide range of tourist attractions and activities. Whether you want to relax and unwind or visit a historical site, Patiala has it all.

Visitors can experience the city’s many festivals, including the Patiala Heritage Festival, a ten-day event that attracts music and art lovers. Patiala is also the birthplace of the Hindustani Classical Music. During this time, the city lights up and becomes a sight to behold. The city is home to several renowned museums, including the Patiala National Museum and the Museum of Punjabi Music.

Another major tourist attraction in Patiala is the Bahadurgarh Fort, which lies eleven kilometers from the city. You can also see the Baradari Bagh, the Moti Bagh Palace, the Sheesh Mahal, and the Gurudwara Dukh Nirman Sahib, which is a popular destination amongst visitors. If you want to experience the history of the city, a trip to Patiala is definitely worth it.

Another attraction in Patiala is the Ran Baas complex, which was built by Maharaja Ala Singh in 1764. The temple is an architectural marvel, and the maharajas were keen promoters of culture and art. There is a small mall in the city, which offers a variety of clothing shops and restaurants. You can find just about anything you need in Patiala, including clothing stores, eateries, and even a museum!

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Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib #1

If you’re considering visiting this Sikh temple, there are a number of places to eat nearby. There is one, known as the New Hotel Ranjit, which serves excellent Indian cuisine and is noted for its service. Unfortunately, Google users didn’t rate the Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib highly. If you’re not sure what to expect before you go, here are a few tips for a great meal:

image credit : wikimedia

The Sahibzaade event is a celebration of the life of two young boys who were brutally killed for refusing to give up their religion 300 years ago. The event is held every year in honor of these two young martyrs, who were just nine and six years old when they were killed. Moovit also provides information on how to buy train and bus tickets. Moovit is free for iOS and Android devices, and is a useful tool for anyone traveling to Surrey.

This marble-clad Sikh temple is located in the city of Patiala. The Sikh holy place was built on the site of a Banyan tree, where the Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib rested before proceeding to Delhi. Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib also rested under the Banyan tree on his way. A nearby haveli is the only other location where the Sikh Guru once prayed.

Another interesting place to visit in Patiala is the Gurdwara Pond. The water in the pond is believed to cure a variety of ailments. The pious water is referred to as Dukhniwaran, which means the ‘eliminerator of suffering.’ The beautiful, serene surroundings of the pond make it a beautiful place to visit.

More Details About Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib

Address:Sirhind – Patiala Rd, Factory Area, Upkar Nagar, Patiala, Punjab
Contact: 084370 08007
Area Pin Code:147001

Patiala Kali Temple #2

The Shri Kali Devi Temple in Patiala, Punjab is a Hindu temple dedicated to Maa-Kali. Built by the Maharaja of Patiala in 1936, it features six-foot-tall statues of the goddess from Bengal. This temple is located opposite the Baradari Gardens. Located in the heart of Patiala, the Shri Kali Temple is the best place to pray for peace. To visit the temple, you can take a taxi or walk the short distance to the city’s attractions.

image credit : wikimedia

The Goddess Kali temple has a long and interesting history. The temple is the gateway to Himachal Pradesh. Its temple features a 6-foot statue of the goddess, and the interior walls are covered with paintings that depict medieval art. Nearby is the Gurdwara, a shrine where Sikh devotees come to seek the blessings of their Guru. The presiding priest is known as Guru Nanak. Listed as a national monument, the Kali temple has many features that attract visitors.

The 6-foot statue of Kali was transported from Bengal to Patiala in 1847. The water bison was the main penance, and the temple is considered to be one of the most sacred places in the country. Today, the sanctuary is a popular destination for Hindus and Sikhs from around the country. The temple is located on Mall Road in Patiala, and is considered a national landmark. If you are looking for a unique way to worship Kali, then this is the place to visit.

More Details About a Kali Temple

Address:89PV+FMG, Manjit Nagar, Sidhu Colony, Patiala, Punjab
Area Pin Code:147001

Baradari Garden in Patiala #3

If you want to spend some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, head to the beautiful Baradari Garden in Patiala. The garden is home to rare species of flowers and trees. It also boasts a secluded atmosphere, which is sure to relax your mind. You’ll love the lush greenery and serene ambiance here. You can even take a break from the city bustle to relax and rejuvenate your spirit.

image credit : wikimedia

On the Mall Road, you’ll find the Shri Kali Mata Temple. There, devotees believe that their sorrows will be removed after they enter the temple. The temple has been around for over 200 years, and many devotees from all over India come to pray. The temple’s six-foot Kali statue was brought from Bengal by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh in 1899. Now, this large complex attracts Sikh and Hindu devotees from far and wide, and a new larger temple is currently being built. The older temple sits in the center of the complex, and devotees from both faiths flock here on special occasions.

The garden is also a popular destination for families, as there are many gates and large mature trees to explore. During the summer, the garden is home to a popular children’s party and religious events. A nearby mall is another great place to visit. At the end of your day, you can explore the nearby Omaxe mall, or spend a relaxing evening at a restaurant. There are many activities to keep your children happy, so don’t forget to take them with you.

More Details About Baradari Garden in Patiala

Address:89PR+2V9, Baradari, Patiala, Punjab
Area Pin Code:147001

Sheesh Mahal #4

The Sheesh Mahal is a sprawling structure, three stories high, that has traces of both Mughal and European architecture. It was built by Maharaja Narendra Singh, Jat ruler of Patiala, between 1846 and 1858. Today, it is a museum, featuring a collection of paintings and sculptures, as well as a taxidermy gallery featuring an eclectic collection of mounted animals.

image credit : wikimedia

The Sheesh Mahal is an architectural masterpiece. Its name translates as ‘Palace of Mirrors,’ and it is famous for its frescoes. Built by Maharaja Narinder Singh, the palace is located near Lakshman Jhula. It also has the largest collection of medals from around the world. However, it is currently closed for renovation, so visitors are recommended to visit another time.

The Sheesh Mahal, also known as the Palace of Mirrors, is an important historical landmark in Patiala. It was built by Maharaja Narinder Singh in the 19th century and is considered a prime example of Patiala school art. The Sheesh Mahal museum contains 218 pictures and features the works of artists of the Patiala school. Located near Lachman Jhoola, it is worth the trip.

While in Delhi, you should not miss the Baradari Palace. This small town in the hills of the city is home to the palace’s magnificent interior. This former royal residence is a beautiful example of the traditional royal lifestyle and is well worth the visit. You can enjoy free meals and cultural events there. If you’re traveling with a large group, you should plan a couple of days to visit the Sheesh Mahal.

More Details About Sheesh Mahal

Address:894V+3JH, Old Moti Bagh, Moti Bagh, Patiala, Punjab
Area Pin Code:147001

Moti Bagh Palace #5

You may not be aware of the history behind Moti Bagh Palace, but it is a historical monument in India. Also known as the Pearl Garden Palace, it was built by Maharaja Narinder Singh, the great-grandfather of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, at a cost of five lakhs of rupees. If you’ve ever been to India, you should definitely check out this monument.

image credit : flickr

The Old Moti Bagh Palace is one of the oldest buildings in Patiala, and is considered an architectural marvel. Built in 1847 by the Maharaja of Patiala, it is now the Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports. Its majesty lies in its architectural design, with terraces, waterways, and elaborate gardens. Once a royal residence, the Moti Bagh Palace is now used as a museum, taxidermy gallery, and sports institute.

The prime property in Patiala was once worth Rs35 crore, but that value jumped to nearly Rs71.3 crore by the 2014 elections, thanks to the aforementioned election results. The prime property in Patiala, despite being an ancient structure, defied the trend in the real estate market and almost doubled in value. Interestingly, KP Pandove, who is an election agent for Preneet Kaur, owns a flat in Dubai. Despite being an ancestral property, Amarinder has bought the apartment for Rs96 lakh and has declared it as worth about Rs80 lakh.

The Old Moti Bagh Palace contains two large water tanks on either side of the Sheesh Mahal. The Sheesh Mahal contains numerous frescoes, some of which were created by His Highness Maharaja Narinder Singh. The Lakshman Jhula is also a popular attraction at Moti Bagh. You’ll never want to miss a tour to Moti Bagh Palace!

More Details About Moti Bagh Palace

Address:895V+3QQ, Old Moti Bagh, Moti Bagh, Patiala, Punjab
Area Pin Code:147001

Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary #6

If you are planning a trip to Punjab and would like to see its exotic wildlife, the Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary is a good option for you. Located near the Moti Bagh Palace, this sanctuary has several animals that can be viewed here. The locals call it a deer park. The sanctuary is home to various species of deer such as wild boar, blackbuck, and grey partridge. The sanctuary also nurtures numerous species of trees including Eucalyptus and Teak. Some of the most popular species of birds found here include the Brahminy Myna.

image credit : wikimedia

The Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary has a temperate climate and is perfect for hiking and cycling. The daytime temperature is between 58°F and 60°F, with a high of 54°F in the summer and lows of 42°F in the winter. In the summer, the temperature is about 50°F, but you will feel like it’s a hot 105°F, thanks to the humidity. You’ll find that the UV index is only four, which is still quite high!

You can also see wildlife in the surroundings of Patiala. The Asiatic elephant is also a popular attraction. You can also see Rhesus macaque, spotted deer, gray langur, and striped hyena. Its massive real estate includes a Vulture Conservation and Breeding Centre and several sanctuaries. Its vast expanse is also home to an assortment of birds, reptiles, and mammals.

More Details About Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary

Address:Bir Moti Bagh, Punjab
Area Pin Code:147001

Bahadurgarh Fort #7

Six km north of the central district of Patiala lies the mighty Bahadurgarh Fort. This monument was originally built by the brave Mughal ruler Nawab Saif Khan and renovated in 1837 by Maharaja Karam Singh. The fort comprises a moat and two circular walls that enclose the fortress. The fort also features an age-old Sikh shrine known as Gurdwara Sahi Nauvin, which showcases the architecture of the earlier centuries.

image credit : wikimedia

The fort contains two mosques, one of which is the oldest and most impressive. The mosque was built inside the fort during the construction of the fort. Today, this is one of the best examples of the secular culture of the Punjab. A visit to this fort is sure to leave you enthralled with the many stories and fascinating architecture. While visiting the Bahadurgarh Fort, you’ll also find some beautiful palaces.

The Bahadurgarh Fort is located approximately 6 km outside of Patiala, making it a popular destination for Baisakhi celebrations. Most public transport services take passengers to this location, and private taxis are available as well. During Baisakhi, the fort is the perfect destination to spend a day or a few days enjoying the sights and sounds of the fort. If you’re planning a trip to Punjab, Bahadurgarh is a must-visit destination.

For those traveling on a budget, you can find accommodations in the area. The area around Bahadurgarh Fort offers budget, luxury, and economy accommodations. Nearby attractions include the Punjab University, the Regional Fruit Research station, and the Patiala-Rajpura Street. The city is also accessible by air. There are flights from Delhi to Chandigarh and from Amritsar. The Bahadurgarh Fort is located on National Highway-7.

More Details About Bahadurgarh Fort

Address:NH 64, Rajpura – Patiala Rd, Bahadurgarh, Patiala, Punjab
Area Pin Code:147021

FAQ’s : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Patiala

Where is Patiala Famous For?

If you’re traveling to Patiala, you may be wondering, “Where is Patiala famous for?” You should know that this city is located in the southeastern part of Punjab. It is the fourth-largest city in Punjab and the administrative center of Patiala district. In addition to being the administrative center of Patiala district, Patiala is also famous for its many historical sites.

Why is Patiala So Famous?

The city of Patiala in Punjab is famous for its sports, and the state has a strong history in this field. In 1924, Patiala’s cricket team won the Coronation Cup in England. The state also became famous for its music and the ghardnd school of music gained widespread fame. Today, the Patiala ghardnd school of music still reigns supreme in this part of the world. The disintegration of the Mughal court in Delhi also led to the migration of many of its artists and musicians to the state.

Is Patiala in Pakistan?

Are you looking for an answer to the question, Is Patiala in Pakistan? Patiala is one of the oldest cities in the Punjab province. It was founded in 1691 by Baba Ala Singh on the site of an earlier habitation. The city was named after Guru Tegh Bahadur, who had visited Patiala over a century before. Ala Singh began to rule over 30 villages in the area around Barnala, and soon became the undisputed ruler of a large portion of territory east of Barnala. He also compelled the Khokhar chief of the parganah of Sanaur to cede land and a chaurdsi to his rule.

Is Patiala a Big City?

The answer to the question “Is Patiala a big city?” depends on what you want to accomplish. The capital of the province of Punjab is a sprawling city with a rich history and culture. It is a blend of Punjabi, Mughal, and Rajput culture. You can find every colour of the religious spectrum in this city, and if you visit during the summer months, you’ll see the beautiful, colourful, and lush landscapes in the surrounding mountains.

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