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Poonch : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Poonch, Jammu and Kashmir

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The region of Poonch, or Punch, was referred to as “Mini Kashmir” in 6th-century Chinese traveler Huien Tsang. This famous Chinese traveler traversed this route in the 6th century. It has a long history, and the charm of being familiar with some of the greatest historical figures the world has ever known. 

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Alexander the Great visited Poonch in 326 BC when he invaded the Jhelum Belt to wage war with Porus. Poonch was then vacillated in war among the people for many years until Indian independence settled a part of its location within India. Bound by the Actual Line of Control, (A.L.C. The Poonch District, which lies between India and Pakistan was split into two parts by the Actual Line of Control (A.L.C.).

This district, which is partially located in Pakistan, is one of the most remote in Jammu & Kashmir. The trauma of the partition has not completely healed the area. Poonch is a beautiful region with stunning views that takes you back to the past.

Poonch Fort #1

Raja Adbul Razaq Khan laid the foundations of Poonch fort in 1713 A.D. His son Raja Rustam Khan continued construction. Raja Rustam Khan, a great admirer and architect, planned to build the structure as a Royal Palace and fortification structure for Poonch fort.

image credit : wikimedia

However, he couldn’t finish it as he had hoped. This magnificent structure, which covers 7,535 sq metres, shows strong Mughal influences. The building, now 220-years-old, was subject to further architectural changes when it was governed by the Sikhs.

More Details About Poonch Fort

Address:Old City, Poonch, 185101

Noori Chhamb #2

Noori Chhamb is a stunning sight. It was named by Jahangir, the Mughal Emperor, after Queen Noor Jahan, who it is believed used to take a bath here during her visits in Kashmir. A mirror was believed to have been installed on her mountain wall, where she would apply her make-up after she took a bath. 

image credit : flickr

You can still see the remnants of this mirror to this day. Noori Chhamb is a popular tourist spot, known for its stunning waterfall and scenic views. This waterfall, which is 75 feet tall, is located 45 km from Poonch in Surankote Tehsil. It also lies 200 km from Jammu. It is a beautiful sight to see the water droplets rise in mist and surround the area, creating a magical feeling.

Girgan Dhok with its Lakes #3

The charming valley of Girgan Dhok is located 70 km from Poonch. Girgan Dhok, also known as the “Valley of Seven Lakes”, is home to seven sparkling lakes and breathtaking scenic beauty. The breathtaking beauty of this valley is located at 12,000 feet above sea level, in the Buffliaz Belt. The main attraction is the seven lakes: Sukh Sar (Chandan Sar), Bagh Sar.

image credit : wikimedia

Neel Sar. Kali Dachani. Katora Sar. Nandan Sar is the largest. It stretches to more than 2.5 miles in length, and more that 0.5 miles wide. The Nandar Sar lake flows towards the Alibad Sarai, Kashmir Valley. While the other lakes drain into the Poonch area. The valley is beautiful and can be visited at any time of the year.

Nandishool #4

Nandishool, located 12 km from Loran village and 33 kilometers from Poonch is a beautiful waterfall. This waterfall is 150 feet high and offers stunning views of the Himalayan snowcapped peaks. 

image credit : flickr

This waterfall, which is located in the Pir Panjal region and the surrounding glaciers, is relatively unknown and therefore not crowded with tourists. Nandishool, a small paradise in its own right, is peaceful and set among the lush mountain ranges.

More Details About Nandishool

Address:1931 Brookgreen Garden Dr, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States
Contact: +1 843-235-6000
Area:40 km²

Peer Ki Gali #5

Peer Ki Galai, which is located on the Mughal Road, dates back to the early 13th and 14th centuries. The site has significant religious significance. Its name is derived from Sheikh Ahmed Karim (a converted Hindu saint). The shrine, which is located between Poshana and Heer Pur in the middle of two villages, depicts terrifying religious beliefs and practices. 

image credit : wikimedia

According to legends, the shrine was once home to a peer, or religious person, who, according to the Muslim faith, could meditate there and perform miracles.

Five incredible and unusual places offer a chance to get up-close and personal with the beautiful region of Poonch. You can find a break from the monotony of your daily life here and breathe in the fresh mountain air to rejuvenate.

More Details About Peer Ki Gali

Address:Pir Panjal Pass, Forest Block 185102
Elevation:3,485 m
Range:Pir Panjal Range

Nangali Sahib Gurudwara #6

Located in Poonch, Nangali Sahib Gurudah is a renowned Sikh shrine. Located about 240 km from Jammu, the Sikh shrine is a popular tourist spot. It was established in 1803 by Thakur Bhai Mela Singh ji. Later, Maharaja Ranjit Singh paid a visit to the sahib in 1823.

Located on a scenic hill, Nangali Sahib Gurudhib is the oldest Sikh shrine in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The gurudwara is home to a beautiful complex with 70 rooms. The Gurdwara is also a center for religious activities, and is home to the famous Baskachi festival. During the festival, devotees from different states of India and abroad come to worship and participate in the various religious activities.

image credit : wikimedia

The main gurudwara of Nangali Sahib Dera was founded in 1803 AD by Thakur Bhai Mela Singh Ji. He had received permission from the Gujjar Wazir Ru-Allah-Khan Sangu to settle in the area. The gurudwara was chosen by Thakur Bhai Mela Singh Ji as a place for meditation. Maharaja Ranjit Singh visited the gurdwara in 1814 AD. He sought the Gurudwara’s blessing.

Despite the importance of this gurudwara, it was a sad day for the gurus. Thousands of Sikhs were killed in the battle of Nangali Sahib. In spite of these events, the Gurudwara remained as a sanctum. Hence, the gurus of the gurudwara continue to hold a very important role in the lives of many people.

More Details About Nangali Sahib Gurudwara

Address:Darah Bagyal, 185101

Swami Budha Amarnath Ji Mandir #7

When you are looking for a holy place to visit, you should not miss visiting the Swami Budha Amarnath Ji Mander. It is an important part of Hinduism and you should definitely visit it at least once in your lifetime. However, if you are not sure how to get there, keep reading this article. You will learn how to visit this beautiful temple without any trouble. This Hindu temple is located in the hills of Jammu and Kashmir. It is 141 km from Srinagar and can be reached through the town of Pahalgam.

image credit : wikimedia

The Amarnath temple has a white-stone Shivalinga and is surrounded by sacred springs. Before entering the temple, pilgrims take a bath in the holy spring. This temple has numerous festivals and religious functions that attract many visitors. On the Raksha Bandhan, the main religious function, called Mela Swami Budha Amarnath Ji, takes place. A police contingent pays guard of honour around the temple and the Chari Mubarakh, the sacred mace, is carried by devotees.

The new temple has several facilities. In addition to the Swaami Amarnath Ji Mandir, the new temple has a bathing tank, ghats, and Sarai. The temple is 60 feet high and has a bathing area. Its location makes it a convenient and holy place to visit. And because it is so important, you can spend a relaxing day in this peaceful town.

More Details About Swami Budha Amarnath Ji Mandir

Address:Jammu and Kashmir 192230

FAQ’s : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Poonch, Jammu and Kashmir

What is Poonch famous for?

The town’s historical past dates back to the ancient times. According to local legend, Lord Rama and the Pandavas once visited the town. It was later named Poonch after Maharishi Pulastya, the grandfather of Ravana. During his time, he worshipped the local deities in a shrine that was later renamed Pulast Nagar. From there, the town received its current name.

Which district of JK is known as mini Kashmir?

Poonch, an Indian state in the north-west, has many similarities with Kashmir, including its climatic conditions, geographical aspects, and natural beauty. Located on the southern slope of the Pir Panchal range, Poonch shares a similar culture and a diverse population. As a result, the region is often referred to as a “mini Kashmir.

What is famous in Poonch district?

If you’re wondering what is famous in Poonch district, you’ve come to the right place. The Poonch district is home to some of the state’s most beautiful places, including the Dashnami Akhara temple, which was built by Muslim Raja Rustam Khan Rathore in 1713. The fort also contains Sikh architecture and has Mughal influences. The temple complex consists of three main shrines: the Shrine of the Lohara guru and the Shrine of Shiva.

What is the famous tourist attraction in Jammu and Kashmir?

The most popular tourist attraction in Srinagar is the Dal Lake, a picturesque body of water that lies 1,775 meters above sea level. You can enjoy many recreational activities at the lake, which also borders two beautiful gardens. In the winter, the lake freezes over completely, giving it a completely different appearance. However, if you visit during this time, you can witness the enchanting beauty of the city during this season.

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