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Pulwama : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir

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Pulwama Jammu Kashmir

Pulwama, Jammu Kashmir’s agriculturally rich district, is located at 1,630m above sea level. This region is highly regarded for its rice and milk production. This town is 40 km from Srinagar. Its district has a rich cultural and historical history that dates back to ancient times.

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This region, also known as “Panwangam”, or “Pulgam,” was ruled by Mughals in 16th century. The Afghans took control in 19th century. Pulwama is well-known for its apple orchards.

It also has saffron cultivation. The secretive mountains of Pulwama contain breathtaking waterfalls, stunning streams, and unmatched valleys.

Aharbal Falls #1

Aharbal Falls is a stunning sight because of the Veshu River’s 25-metre descent down a narrow canyon in a valley filled with dense Pine and Fir trees. Veshu river is a tributary to the Jhelum river and flows down this gorge, providing breathtaking views. Although the fall is not very high, the sheer volume of water flowing down from it amazes. 

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This is what makes the waterfall the most iconic and largest in the whole Kashmir Valley. Aharbal hill station, located 75 km from Srinagar at an elevation 2,266m is close to Pulwama. Adventure activities such as Trout fishing and trekking are available at Abuzz.

More Details About Aharbal Falls

Address:JQXM+J92, Jammu and Kashmir, Sedew – Aharbal Rd, Aharbal, 192303

Shikargah #2

The enchanting Shikargah region is a favorite picnic spot, located 3 km from Tral in Pulwama District. It also has abundant wildlife. The royals loved Shikargah as a hunting ground. Maharaja Hari Singh was the last to rule Jammu & Kashmir and he enjoyed the abundant flora & fauna. 

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The site is situated at 2,130m above sea level, between the mountains of Wasturwan & Kherwon. This charming spot is surrounded by lush green slopes and dense forests.

Payer Temple #3

The Payer temple, located 3 km from Pulwama is found in the village it was named. The unique Payer temple or Payech, believed to be from the 10th Century, is made of one monolithic stone.

image credit : wikimedia

 It retains the beauty of its ancient past through its unique architecture. The view of the surrounding mountains, deep in the woods is breathtaking.

Avantishwar Temple #4

The Jawbrari Village in the Pulwama District is home to the Avantishwar Temple, a significant historical site. Raja Awanti Varma built the temple in the 9th Century AD. It is dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu, Hindu Gods. The temples are located on the banks of river Jhelum and feature an amazing architecture. 

image credit : wikimedia

This is also where you will find the Avantiswami temple, which is less than one kilometre from Avantishwar temple. Both sites have a similar architecture and are now under the care and maintenance of Archaeological Survey of India. There are also ruins of temples built by Lalitaditya Muktapida, the Karkota Empire’s most powerful ruler in Kashmir during that time.

Tarsar and Marsar Lake #5

Tarsar Marsar Trek is one of the most well-known treks in the Kashmir Valley. It takes you to the site of these twin lakes. These lakes, which are almond-shaped, are located in the Anantnag District in the Kashmir Valley. They are separated by a mountain and surrounded with breathtaking mountain ranges like the Kolahoi mountain mountain massif. 

image credit : wikimedia

The Marsar Lake is located near the Dachigam National Park. Together with the Tarsar Lake they are called the twin sisters. These lakes have been known since the 16th century. Yusuf Shah Chak was the ruler of Kashmir at that time and he wrote beautiful poetry dedicating his love to them. The opposite direction of the river is Tarsar Lake, which flows into the Lidder, just 15 kms away at Lidderwat. Marsar Lake runs out to the Aru. These lakes freeze in winter, when heavy snowfall is common. The lakes are situated at 3,795m elevation. Their location in Aru is the most beautiful side of Kashmir Valley.

More Details About Tarsar and Marsar Lake

Elevation3,795 m
Length: 2 km
Width:800 m
Area:200 ha

Asar Sharief Pinjoora #6

Asar Sharief Pinjoora, one of the most revered and well-known religious centers in the district is Pulwama. The shrine houses the remains of Prophet Muhammad, the Islamic guru.

image credit : wikimedia

These are displayed to the public on special occasions. The area is home to beautiful waterfalls that tourists can enjoy.

More Details About Asar Sharief Pinjoora

Address:Pinjoora 193401

Kungwattan #7

If you’re looking for a quiet, untouched, and peaceful place, Kungwattan is the perfect destination. It is a meadow and thick forest at an altitude of 8,400km. The tallest mountain here, Mahinag, is over 9,800 feet high. The surrounding landscape is awe-inspiring, and it is a great place for a walk. You’ll also find many waterfalls along the way, including the breathtaking Kungwattan Falls.

image credit : flickr

The town of Pulwama is picturesque and fast becoming a popular tourist destination. The town is home to beautiful natural springs, breathtaking waterfalls, and several temples. A temple dedicated to the Hindu god Ganesh is located about 12 km from the town center. The Kungwattan Meadow is a scenic lookout point for the town, and it is accessed by pony ride. Motorized vehicles are not allowed here, so visitors must ride a pony to reach it.

FAQ’s : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir

Why Pulwama is called Anand of Kashmir?

Why Pulwama is called Anand in Kashmiri language? Pulwama district, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, is situated 25 km from Srinagar. Though this region has a predominantly agricultural economy, it is fast developing as a tourist destination. The city is home to various adventure sports that attract tourists from all over the country. Increasing tourism in this region has given a big boost to the local economy and the revenue model in the region.

What country is Pulwama from?

If you’re wondering, “What country is Pulwama from?” you’re not alone. Millions of people from all over the world want to know. Many people are confused by this question and aren’t sure where to begin. This article will help you answer this question and get the best information possible. There is no single answer to this question, but it’s a good place to start.

When was Pulwama created?

When was Pulwama created? is one of the most frequently asked questions about the city. The town, located in Kashmir, is home to over three million people. However, despite its popularity, the city still has some questions that need to be answered. The attack that occurred on 14 February in Pulwama, India, shocked the world. The attacker was a vehicle-borne suicide bomber, and he targeted a convoy of Indian security personnel.

Is Pulwama rice bowl of Kashmir?

Is Pulwama really the rice bowl of Kashmir? The answer might surprise you. This small town is situated 40 kilometers north of Srinagar, which has an international airport and flight connections with other cities. The nearest train station is in Jammu Tawi, 340 kilometers away. Due to its location on the Himalayan range, the weather in Pulwama is pleasant throughout the year, though the peak tourist season is between April and October.

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