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Tarn Taran : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Tarn Taran, India


Tarn Taran

The Tarn-Taran district is part of Punjab province. This district comprises a number of towns and villages. The population of the district Tarn Taran is 426778. In addition to the population of each village, the report also includes the literacy rate and the male to female ratio. Below are the top 3 ways to get to Tarn-Taran. We recommend traveling by road as it is pocket-friendly and hassle-free.

The main town of Tarn-Taran is the district headquarters since 2006. The surrounding areas are known for the existence of several historic gurdwaras dating back to the Guru’s time. The town also boasts a sacred holy sarovar, which is almost rectangular in shape. It was fed by rainwater on the surrounding lands until it was connected with the Kasur Branch Lower canal in 1833.

The air quality forecast in Tarn-Taran is very poor. There are 194 ug/m3 of PM2.5, which is considered unhealthy. It is recommended that people in Tarn-Taran take proactive measures and use face masks or air purifiers to protect themselves from harmful levels of air pollution. People should also limit outdoor activities, wash their hands, and practice physical distance. These tips will help them avoid being affected by the harmful effects of air pollution.

The main Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Tarn-Taran is a three-storeyed structure, built on a marble platform. Its entrance is covered with gold-plated sheets. The dome of the Gurdwara was damaged in an earthquake in April 1905. The ornamental gold pinnacle is topped with an umbrella-shaped gold finial. Guru Granth Sahib sits under an elongated dome.

PattiQila #1

There is a lot of excitement surrounding PattiQila, an old city and municipal council in Punjab, India. Located 47 kms from Amritsar, this town is bordered by Pakistan.

image credit : wikimedia

It is connected to the city by the Amritsar railway station and the Khem Karan Railway Station, the last station in India. The town was formerly a part of the Patti Assembly Constituency, which has now become an independent city.

St Thomas Church Tarn Taran #2

Located in the heart of Tarn, this town is home to a number of religious and cultural sites, including Baba Budha Sahib Tarntaran, St. Thomas church Tarn Taran, Patti Qilla, and the Harike Wetland. In addition to these attractions, Tarn Taran is also home to some of the most notable schools in the district, including CBSE schools. Below, we’ll list some of the best schools in Tarn Taran for your children.

image credit : wikimedia

The church is located near the PWD rest house and was constructed in 1836. The church was built under the supervision of the Bishop of Lahore. The church was opened to the public in 1886. The church has been undergoing several restoration projects since then. It has two main entrances, one for the main lobby and another for the sanctuary. The parishioners are encouraged to visit the church during their visits to the area.

More Details About St Thomas Church Tarn Taran

Address:Punjab, Tarn Taran.
Opened: 1886

Baba Budha Sahib #3

This striking white shrine honors a 17th century Sikh guru. Many believers flock here to receive blessings and hope to have a healthy pregnancy. In addition to this, some are interested in fertility. But whether you’re interested in learning more, it’s always better to talk to someone who’s been in your shoes before. The following are some important things to know before visiting this Sikh shrine:

image credit : wikimedia

First, there is the shrine dedicated to the fifth Sikh Guru, Baba Buddha. This white shrine contains the remains of the guru, who is said to be the father of all children. Baba Buddha’s original name is Bura, but he was given the title “BahiBudha” by Guru Nanak Dev ji. Eventually, he dedicated his life to serving the gurus, eventually becoming the first high priest of the Golden Temple. The shrine was built under the supervision of the Bishop of Lahore and is near a rest stop for the PWD.

The next step in the history of this Sikh shrine is to learn more about it. The history of Tarn Taran is quite interesting. The city is home to a large number of Sikh shrines. Baba Ji, who was 75 at the time, rallied a large number of Sikhs and marched towards Sri Harimander Sahib. He had more than five thousand followers by the time he arrived in Tarn Taran. Baba Ji had a line drawn on the ground with the village Khanda and instructed his followers to cross only if they were ready to fight.

More Details About Baba Budha Sahib

Address:GQ7F+4HG, Punjab
Area Pin Code:143301

Hari-ke-Pattan #4

The Harike Wetland, also known as Harike Lake, is located in northern India in Ferozepur and Tarn Taran Sahib districts of the state of Punjab. The natural beauty of this place cannot be underestimated. You may want to take a short trip to this place if you’re planning to visit the area. It’s worth it! You can hike or bike around the wetlands or explore the lake’s interior.

image credit : wikimedia

In the area, Harike-ke-Pattan is home to migratory birds from Europe, Siberia, and Kazakhstan. The birds have arrived in the last week of October to feed on the wetlands. There are as many as 40-50 families living in this village. The village is within the boundaries of the Harike wetland. Despite its pristine state, the local people are trying to survive.

The wetlands surrounding the lake are rich in flora and fauna. Its wetlands were formed in 1953 with the construction of head works over the Sutlej River. It has been home to rare varieties of birds, and is an important staging ground and wintering spot for waterfowl. The region is also home to rare varieties of avifauna, including the endangered Testudine Turtle.

The Harike Wetland is a natural habitat that’s located about 60 km from the Amritsar Junction. It’s a famous destination for bird watching, and is located only one hour away from Amritsar. It’s also close to Amritsar, which makes it a great place to visit when you’re in the area. This is a wonderful place to visit, if you’re looking for an exciting day trip!

More Details About Hari-ke-Pattan

Address:Harike Wetland, Punjab 144629
Fish:Catla, Rohu, Reba carp, Gudusia chapra, Labeo angra
Area:41 km²

Nishan-E-Sikhi #5

The new Sikh temple, Nishan-E-Sikhi, will be dedicated on April 11. This multistorey educational complex was the brainchild of social activist and Sikh religious leader S. Kartar Singh Thukral. Architect Mahinderjeet Singh designed the temple. The project was conceived to celebrate the 500th birth anniversary of Guru Angad. The tower will provide educational resources for students, as well as recreational activities and entertainment opportunities.

image credit : wikimedia

The school has separate Music and Dance rooms for the children to practice their art. Students do not stay in the school’s hostel, but are provided with medical facilities. The school has an excellent educational environment and is highly regarded by students, parents, and the general public. It has also won several international awards. Nishan-E-Sikhi has a dedicated social media presence and hosts numerous events and activities.

In addition to these events, the school runs the Nishan-E-Sikhi Charitable Trust, a non-profit organization which sponsors religious studies in Sikh culture. At this event, the school published a magazine about Guru Hargobind Sahi Ji, a historical Sikh scripture written about the life of Guru Hargobind. The magazine also features the work of a noted Sikh scholar Dr. Amarjit Singh.

The guru’s words inspired people to make the Nishan-E-Sikhi a pilgrimage destination. As Baba Ji was 75 years old, he gathered a large group of Sikhs and advanced towards Sri Harimander Sahib. The group numbered around 5000 in the Tarn Taran area. Baba Ji marked a line on the ground with Khanda and only those willing to die for their religion could cross the line.

Khadoor Sahib #6

The Khadoor Sahib Lok Sabha constituency is one of the thirteen parliamentary seats in Punjab state, northern India. The constituency was carved out of the Punjab Assembly constituency in 2008, when the state changed its electoral boundaries. The city is known for its Punjabi cuisine, and Khadoor Sahib is the seat of government for the district. However, despite its name, many people are unaware of its rich history.

image credit : flickr

Located in the border district of Tarn Taran, Khadoor Sahib is home to eight Sikh Gurus. The town attracts a large number of devotees every day, and the city also has a Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha constituency. Here, you can check the latest election results of Punjab, Manipur, and Uttar Pradesh. By-poll results will give you the full picture on the upcoming general election in your state.

The city is located in Tarn Taran district in Punjab state, and is surrounded by two major rivers, the Beas and the Sutlej. In the early morning hours, a continuous relay of Kirtan can be heard. The recitals last until the late afternoon. The city also boasts several bungas. The main road to Khadoor Sahib is the Sikh highway from Tarn Taran to Amritsar.

The city is home to a Gurdwara, the Gurdwara Sri Darbar Sahib. During its five-year-old history, the city has been visited by eight Guru Sahibaans. In the last tour, Guru Nannak Dev Ji stayed at BIBI Bharali’s home, where he prayed for his spiritual masters. The Guru stayed there for several days.

More Details About Khadoor Sahib

Address:Khadur Sahib, Punjab
Founded By: Guru Angad Dev
Area Pin Code:143117

Gurudwara Lakeer Sahib #7

The Gurudwara Lakeer Sahij is a modest shrine dedicated to the Sikh religion. The building was constructed by Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji, the most venerated Sikh saint of all time. While you are in the area, you may want to visit this holy place. It is open for visitors from five am to six pm. Visitors can also spend some time at the Gurudwara, which is located in Tarn Taran City.

Tarn Taran
image credit : wikimedia

The earliest construction of the gurdwara took place in 1757. The foundation stone was laid at the location where Baba Deep Singh Ji made a line in the ground before declaring war on the Mughal Empire. This Gurudwara was constructed on the same site where he laid the line. Today, the gurdwara is home to many Sikhs. It is a place of worship for a Sikh community and a popular destination for tourists.

The Sikh community has been in the area since ancient times. It has been believed that this ancient site will continue to be used as a place of worship for thousands of years. The building will have eight floors and four acres of land. The tower will be a center for religious education, spiritual awareness, vocational education, and entertainment. This innovative project is not the only project being undertaken at the Gurdwara. There will be a multi-media Sikh museum within the tower.

The premises of the Gurudwara are home to the most important function of the Sikh Temple. Visitors are encouraged to attend Gurudwara events. It is important to attend religious events at Gurudwara Lakeer Sahib to gain more insight into the sikh religion. In fact, Gurudwara Lakeer Sahib is the perfect venue for any event related to Sikhs.

More Details About Gurudwara Lakeer Sahib

Address:FW7C+JW3, Abadi, Fateh Chak, Tarn Taran Sahib, Punjab
Area Pin Code:143401

FAQ’s : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Tarn Taran

Why is Tarn Taran Famous?

Why is Tarn-Taran famous? It’s hard to say. The town’s name derives from the sarovar, which is an ocean with healing properties. Tarn in Sanskrit means “boat” or “raft”, while tarn is “water.” It was believed that the water held a special healing power, and thus the town was named Tarn-Taran. People believed the water was a powerful cure-all.

Is Tarn Taran in Amritsar a Must-See Destination?

Is Tarn-Tarn in Amritsar a must-see destination? Find out in this article! The gurudwara is a sacred site, and is visited by a large number of Sikhs every year. But, how do you get there? Here are some tips. Taking public transport is a good option, but renting a car or cab is an affordable alternative. The best part is that you can choose to travel at your own pace!

What is the Meaning of Tarn Taran?

When astrologically, Tarn is a sign of restlessness and work. This personality trait can be overcome by working on self-development, latent talent, and overcoming irritability. When this personality trait is tempered, Tarn can enjoy prosperity and many friends. While a bit shy and restless, Tarn can overcome this negative characteristic and live a long and happy life.

How Much is the Village in Tarn Taran District?

How much is the village in Tarn-Taran district? You can find the exact population of a village in the district using the map below. The district is located in the province of Punjab, in northwest India. The number of residents depends on several factors, including gender and age, and the size of the village. Listed below are the population statistics for villages in Tarn-Taran district.

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