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Houma: Top 7 Places To Visit In Houma, Louisiana

Tourist Attraction In Houma, Louisiana

Located in Terrebonne Parish, Houma is surrounded by water on three sides. Many streets are divided by canals, and shrimp boats dock just before skippers’ houses. This coastal city is the de facto capital of deep bayou country, and it offers all the comforts of the area’s culture. Here are some interesting facts about this Louisiana town. What’s its climate like? Read on to learn more.

For cultural attractions, visit the Terrebonne Museum and the Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum. You can also visit the Saint Matthews Episcopal Church and the Houma Golf Course. If you’re visiting in the spring or fall, you can take in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. You can also participate in a fishing tournament, or try your hand at nature photography. In addition to the Louisiana Wildlife Refuge, you can check out the many festivals and events that occur in Houma.

If you’re looking for authentic Cajun cuisine, Houma is a great place to visit. There are many excellent restaurants and bars in the area, including Mahony’s Irish Pub, and a Cajun-themed movie theater. The theater is open during the summer, and is also the perfect place to catch the sun setting. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to relax or an exciting night out, Houma is the perfect destination.

There was a Jewish community in Houma for over a century. The Jewish community was small but active. In 1907, two brothers, Louis and Maurice Heymann, opened the Houma Bargain Store, where the boats could pull up to the store’s back door and buy kosher meat. In 1909, two Alsatian cousins bought an existing dry goods store and renamed it The Leader. The Schwartzes, meanwhile, operated two stores in the same area.

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Spigots Brew Pub #1

When it comes to dining options in Houma, Louisiana, Spigots Brew Pub is a solid choice. The casual restaurant is open to the public and offers a variety of locally brewed beers and fresh foods. The first official lunch was held on November 22, where Spigots gave away free beer, bottle openers and T-shirts to the attendees. After the lunch, the pub’s brewmaster Shannon Bella gave out free beer, free T-shirts, and a tasting flight.

622 Barrow St #4608, Houma, LA 70360, United States

The food at Spigots Brew Pub is delicious and well-cooked. Its menu includes dishes like French toast and Brezeln. The restaurant is also home to an onsite brewery and serves traditional fare with a Louisiana flair. Guests can expect a great atmosphere and great service. You can even try a local craft beer or try one of the many Mimosas or signature cocktails at the pub.

Downtown Marina #2

The Downtown Marina in Houma, Louisiana, is a publicly accessible waterfront facility. Guests can rent a dock and use a variety of services and amenities including marine supplies. In addition to docking, the marina also offers boat repair and bilge pumping services. There are also classes offered to educate visitors on the ins and outs of boating and safety. Whether you’re cruising around the Gulf or heading out on the water to fish, the Downtown Marina has something for you.

W 70360, 8226 E Park Ave, Houma, LA 70363, United States

The Market at the Marina is a free outdoor farmers’ market sponsored by the Terrebonne General Health System and the Houma Downtown Development Corporation. This event takes place every first Saturday of the month, and includes over 16 local vendors selling everything from fresh produce to dog treats. The Market at the Marina is open to the public for free, and will operate rain or shine. The Houma Downtown Development Committee encourages visitors to visit the market if possible.

The Atchafalaya Basin is home to over one million acres of bottomland hardwoods, bayous, and swamps. It is also home to the film “Swamp People,” which was filmed near Lake Verret. For a better view of the city’s waterfront, take a stroll on the boardwalk and enjoy the waterside views. The area has a rich, multicultural population with many different ethnic groups.

Southdown Plantation Museum #3

If you are interested in the history of a historic Southern plantation, you should visit Southdown Plantation Museum in Houma, Louisiana. Whether you are interested in the fascinating plantation’s architecture or the colorful history of the Southdown family, you will find an abundance of information here. It is not a place to miss on your next trip to the region. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or looking for a unique experience, this museum will surely satisfy your needs.

1208 Museum Dr, Houma, LA 70360, United States

Visitors to the Southdown Plantation Museum in Houma can explore the 18th century manor, which is pink and stands out among the modern city of Houma and the neighboring strip subdivisions. You can enjoy a one-hour guided tour through the home of the plantation’s original owners. This place is sure to captivate the senses, as it stands out from the modern city of Houma and its neighboring strip subdivisions.

If you have never visited Southdown Plantation, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about the history of Louisiana’s sugar industry. It is a living tribute to the sugar industry that helped to nurture and build the local community. There was a time when sugar was king in the region, attracting pioneers who were rewarded with prosperity. In fact, the Southdown Plantation Museum is located adjacent to the Southdown Mill, which closed in 1979. The sugar cane that was once harvested there was shipped to Guatemala.

Cajun Meat Market #4

You may have heard about the Cajun Meat Market in Houma, Louisiana. You may also have visited the restaurant or seen the meat market in the local newspaper. Whatever your reason is for visiting, this food market in Houma is a great place to visit to get some authentic southern fare. Here you can find information about its hours, phone number, and more. In addition, you can even ask the owners about their products!

216 Mystic Blvd, Houma, LA 70360, United States

The Cajun Meat Market began as a small but highly-rated deli in Houma about 20 years ago. The market specializes in seafood and fresh cut meats, but you can also find specialty items like stuffed chicken, turducken, and deer. Whether you’re looking for a tasty burger or a deliciously stuffed pork chop, the Cajun Meat Market is sure to satisfy your craving.

Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge #5

Located just 5 miles west of Houma, Louisiana, Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge is the perfect spot for bird watching and other outdoor activities. It is easy to access by car and features an observation tower and a boardwalk tour. During the day, you can hike, picnic, or take a boat trip on Bayou Black. On the weekends, you can take the family out on the lake for an afternoon.

 3599 Bayou Black Dr, Houma, LA 70360, United States

This refuge is accessible by boat or watercraft and is open to the public year round. A nature trail is a great way to view three different types of habitat, including swamps, wetlands, and cypress trees. You can also spot alligators, shorebirds, and other animals that call this area home. The refuge is located in southern Louisiana. You can find it easy to plan your trip here by using an itinerary maker.

Fishing and hunting are allowed year-round at the refuge. In addition to duck hunting, you can also pursue fish in the ponds. However, you must be aware that you need to apply for the refuge’s waterfowl hunting lottery by October 15 each year. In addition to a hunting license, you must also show proof of completion of an International Bowhunters Education Program or State Hunter Safety Certification card.

Regional Military Museum #6

When in Houma, you should not miss the Regional Military Museum. You can learn all about the military history of Louisiana in this modern warehouse. Its exhibitions will make you proud of your Louisiana heritage. You can learn about the different types of guns used in battle, the history of the state’s military, and much more. Read on to find out more about the museum. Regardless of your age, you will find something interesting to learn here.

1154 Barrow St, Houma, LA 70360, United States

A tour of this museum will allow you to get an insight into the history of the city and its people. The museum is situated at the former Chanute Air Force Base. It contains more than 40 reconstructed airplanes, military krigare, bombplane, and more. It is one of the most comprehensive museums in the south. You can tour the museum with a tour guide or book a guided tour of the historic district.

A guided tour of the museum can help you learn more about the city’s military history. The museum’s collection includes various types of aircraft, including the B-25. Many of the aircraft on display are from the 1940s and 1950s. The museum is located in a renovated warehouse that offers an interesting look at the history of the area. This museum is open to the public, but you must book ahead of time.

Terrebonne Parish Court House #7

If you want to visit the historic court house of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, you must know some information first. The courthouse was built in 1850 by Wogan and Bernard. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. The city is known as one of the most Cajun communities in Acadiana. Listed below are some other information about the courthouse. Here are a few of its highlights.

 7850-7864 W Main St, Houma, LA 70360, United States

The Terrebonne Parish Courthouse is located at 7856 Main Street in Houma, Louisiana. The building was constructed between 1937 and 1938 and sits on the same historic site as two former courthouse structures. Two of these were once resting places for Union soldiers who had been killed during the Civil War. The building was flooded during Hurricane Katrina, but National Flood Barrier installed Flood Panel, LLC Flood Logs over seven openings that are four feet high. The courthouse is protected from flooding.

The first European settlers arrived in the region in the seventeenth century. The Acadians were originally from Acadians who were expelled by the British in 1755. They settled in the area, where they had the advantage of relative seclusion and minimal government control. The area was also famous for its abundant seafood, fur trade, and logging. The main agricultural industry in Terrebonne parish was sugar cane. By 1851, the area had more than a hundred plantations and eighty sugar houses. In addition, thousands of Africans were brought to the area as part of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

FAQs: Top 7 Places To Visit In Houma, Louisiana

Is Houma worth visiting?

If you’re in the mood for a new city, consider exploring Houma, Louisiana. Though small compared to many other cities in the United States, it offers unique things to do and places to see. The following will give you a taste of what the city has to offer. Listed below are some of the most interesting attractions in Houma. Read on to learn more! We have visited Houma several times and are already looking forward to returning!

Where is Houma Louisiana in Relationship to New Orleans?

The Bayou Country of Louisiana is Houma, 88 km southwest of New Orleans. With 6,500 square km of mysterious swamps and vast wetlands, it borders the bountiful Gulf of Mexico. Surrounded by lush wetlands and moss-draped cypress trees, the city is known for its rich Cajun culture and world-famous cooking. However, the city is not without its challenges. Hurricane Ida flooded most of the city’s bayous, and the area has suffered extensive damage from storm surge.

What is Houma Louisiana Known For?

If you’re wondering what Houma Louisiana is known for, you’ve come to the right place. This small town is home to many things, including the Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge, a 4,619-acre natural preserve. The museum highlights the region’s connection to the marine industry and the area’s rich history. You can also learn about local art, such as quilting and fiddle playing, at the Terrebonne Folklife Culture Center.

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