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Galveston: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Galveston, Texas

Galveston Texas Tourist Attractions

If you’re planning a vacation to Galveston, Texas, you’ll definitely want to check out the Old City Cemetery. It’s actually a combination of seven different cemeteries that were built over 176 years. For spooky and unusual tourists, this is right up their alley. You can even rent a slingshot and test your shooting skills! Read on to find out more about this unique tourist attraction and start planning your trip.

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If you’re looking for a cultural experience, the Strand Historic District offers plenty. Located in downtown Galveston, it is a National Historic Landmark district full of Victorian buildings and art galleries. You can also eat at local restaurants and browse through antique stores and galleries. If you have time, you can start at the Galveston Railroad Museum, which is located on 25th and Strand. Be sure to allow yourself at least half an hour to take in the museum’s exhibits.

While you’re visiting Galveston, you should also visit the Galveston Steam Museum. Housed in an historic station, this museum houses a variety of steam engines from the 19th and early 20th centuries. It has permanent and rotating exhibits and also has a one-mile track for train rides on weekends. If you’re visiting the area with children, don’t miss a show at The Grand 1894 Opera House. This beautifully restored venue is filled with immaculate decor. It’s a must-see for kids in Galveston, Texas.

Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum #1

Many rigs and supply ships call the Port of Galveston home. This is in recognition of Galveston’s vital role in the Gulf of Mexico oil and gas industry. The Ocean Star Offshore Oil Rig and Museum provides fascinating insights into the energy industry.

The museum is based on the Ocean Star oil rig, which was built in 1969. It features many outstanding exhibits. Highlights include a visit the pipe deck where you can see the more powerful equipment used to drill the rig’s 200 wells. Interactive displays also show the process from exploration through extraction.

More Details About Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum

Address:2002 Wharf Rd, Galveston, TX 77550, United States
Contact: +1 409-766-7827

Texas Seaport Museum and Elissa #2

The Texas Seaport Museum houses the tallship Elissa. This vessel was built in 1877, and is considered to be one of the most well-restored historical vessels in America. The museum onshore tells the fascinating story of this beautiful old ship, including how she was saved from the scrapyard.

Another highlight is a look at Galveston’s history, which includes the names of more than 133,000 migrants who have passed through. You can also visit nearby Seawolf Park to view a WWII-era US Navy sub and the USS Stewart a destroyer of the same period.

More Details About Texas Seaport Museum and the Elissa

Launched:27 October 1877
Address:Pier 22 Suite, 8, Galveston, TX 77550, United States
Contact: +1 409-763-1877
Length:43 m
Builder:Alexander Hall and Sons

Bryan Museum #3

This museum is housed in an impressive historic building that was once the Galveston Orphans Home. It houses a wide range of art and artifacts from America’s West. The collection spans more than 12,000 year. The permanent collection covers everything from Native American history to Texas Independence and the Spanish Colonial Era.

Texas Masters Gallery features the work of Texas-born and Texas-based artists as well as the works of those who have traveled through the region to capture it on canvas. You’ll find many works from different artists around the museum, including Andy Warhol.

The displays of the pieces on iPads help to explain their significance. However, a guided tour is the best way to learn more about the history and appreciate the collection. You may be able to see Mr. J.P. Bryan who founded the Bryan Museum in 2015.

More Details About The Bryan Museum

Address:1315 21st St, Galveston, TX 77550, United States
Contact: +1 409-632-7685

Moody Gardens #4

Moody Gardens isn’t a garden. It’s a 24-2-acre entertainment area that offers so many things to its visitors. It is a popular tourist attraction in Galveston and also a favourite among locals. If you wish to see all there is to Moody Gardens, plan to spend the entire day. While this may be one of the most expensive activities in Galveston for some, many people don’t mind paying the extra cost because there are so many things to see and do with the whole family.

Moody Gardens has two animal attractions: the Giant River Otter Encounter and the Public Penguin Encounter. The Aquarium Pyramid lets visitors go underwater with their favourite critters.

The Reef Rescue Virtual Experience, Rainforest Pyramid, a 3D theatre and a 4D special effect theater, a Discovery Museum, a ropes course, and zip line are just a few of the attractions and activities that are available.

Schlitterbahn #5

The Schlitterbahn is a top-rated tourist attraction in Galveston and one of the most memorable stops on any itinerary. This is Galveston’s largest waterpark, providing an incredible experience for those looking to beat the Texas heat. Schlitterbahn, one of South Texas’ best summer traditions, is a must-see for residents. Learn from the locals and enjoy an exciting day in the sun.


The park features water coasters, water rivers and water slides. Schlitterbahn has something for everyone. The park also features Rohr, the tallest watercoaster in the world, the MASSIV Monster Blaster. You can also find water coasters here.

Wave Lagoon is a favorite attraction for Schlitterbahn guests, but there are many other attractions to choose from while in the park.

There are two heated pools, a toddler play area, Torrent River and Soaring Eagle ZipLines, Torrent Beach and Screaming Serpents.

More Details About Schlitterbahn

Address:1931 Brookgreen Garden Dr, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States
Contact: +1 409-770-9283

FAQs: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Galveston, Texas

What is Galveston Texas known for?

For many, the first thing they think of when visiting Galveston is its beach. The town is packed with Victorian landmarks and miles of beaches. The most famous beach in Galveston is called Galveston Beach. There are a variety of family-friendly activities, historical museums, and chic restaurants to keep the whole family happy. In addition to the beach, Galveston is home to Pleasure Pier, which features rides over the Gulf of Mexico and the Iron Shark Rollercoaster.

Is Galveston a Dirty Beach?

While Texas is home to the oil industry, there are some downsides to this massive industry, including pollution of the water and sand. Although the industry is beneficial to the energy sector and economy, it also poses significant health risks for residents. Oil production equipment and workers are constantly exposed to toxic materials that can harm human health. These substances can cause cancer, respiratory problems, and even brain damage. Unfortunately, these negative effects are reflected in the water quality of Galveston beaches. The city is also a popular Texas beach destination, but consistently ranks high in water pollution.

Is Galveston Texas a Good City to Live in?

If you are looking to move to Galveston Texas, then you’ve likely come across many advertisements for affordable housing. In general, Galveston is a good place to live, but you should consider the area’s crime rate and affordability. If you’re concerned about crime, Galveston’s high unemployment rate will make you think twice about moving. You should also look into schools and public services, as they are often good for families.

Why is the Galveston Beach So Dirty?

It is difficult to say for sure what causes the water on Galveston beaches to be so dirty. However, environmental pollutants are a contributing factor. The Mississippi River, which empties into the Gulf of Mexico, is one such source of pollution. Every day, it carries two million tons of sediment. The Mississippi river joins other river systems, including the Red River and Atchafalaya River, in the water of the Gulf of Mexico.

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