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Gig Harbor : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Gig Harbor, Washington

Gig Harbor, WA

Gig Harbor, located on the Kitsap Peninsula in Western Washington is across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. It surrounds the Puget Sound’s southern end with a harbor named the same. A large portion of the waterfront is home to Gig Harbor’s charming downtown. This area is very pedestrian-friendly, with stunning views in all directions and many boats docked at local marinas.

This seaside charm is what attracts so many tourists to this small town of just 10,000 people. Walking along the streets can be fun because there are so many places to look out over the water and so many restaurants with patios. Skansie Brothers Park and Netshed are a great starting point for exploring downtown. You’ll also find other tourist attractions, such as the Harbor History Museum and scenic hill climbs, while you’re out exploring.

Gig Harbors is a popular destination due to its central location in Puget Sound. From Seattle, it is about 40 miles drive. The commute to the city is only about 40 miles. However, you can make short day trips and still see a lot. Long weekend trips are recommended because there’s so much to do, and many great hotels.

Skansie Brothers Park #1

This 2.59-acre waterfront parks is centrally located in downtown Gig Harbor. The city’s past and four Croatian fisherman siblings that prospered close to the shore are the roots of this property. Since 2002, the Skansie Family donated the land.

image credit : flickr

Skansie Brothers Park boasts postcard views of Manhattan’s waterfront. Numerous boats of all sizes line the waterway next to the park. A vibrant green space allows for stunning views. It is easy to just enjoy the view from the water.

Historic remains include the Historic Skansie Brothers House (and their Netshed). A memorial dedicated to fishermen who lost their lives at sea is also located in the park.

More Details About Skansie Brothers Park

Address:3211 Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98335, United States
Contact: +1 253-851-6170

Harbor History Museum #2

The Harbor History Museum is a fascinating look at the maritime culture that shaped Gig Harbor Peninsula. The museum is located at the intersection of Donkey Creek and Puget Sound.

At the Harbor History Museum, you will find many artifacts as well as photographs and intricate exhibits. The main gallery has 7,000 square feet of exhibits that reflect the rich history of the area. The main gallery includes exhibits that detail the rich history of the area, such as the Indigenous peoples who lived there for generations or the brave shipbuilders that helped pave the way to economic prosperity in the early days.

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Some outdoor exhibits are also available at the museum, including the self-supported boat that crossed the Pacific Ocean. This is the outdoor space of the museum that also houses the Midway Schoolhouse. It was constructed in 1893. This well-kept relic is open to the public during museum hours.

On-site, the Shenandoah (a 65-foot fishing ship originally built in 1995) is also available. Slowly, this regal watercraft will be brought back to life by a multi-year restoration project by the museum. Visitors can view restoration work as it happens in the courtyard.

More Details About Harbor History Museum

Address:4121 Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98332, United States
Contact: +1 253-858-6722

Finholm View Climb #3

Finholm Historic District can be found at the harbor’s back. It offers the most stunning views. The wooden set is located opposite Anthony’s Restaurant and Harborview Drive. As you ascend the staircase, the view of Lake Ontario gets better.

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These streets are connected by about 100 stairs. While you will feel sore in your legs when climbing up, enjoy the view platforms and rest stops along the route. There is parking available along Franklin Avenue for those who prefer a view from the top, but not the climb. A platform accessible from the top of this staircase is found here.

More Details About Finholm View Climb

Address:8826 N Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98332, United States
Contact: +1 253-851-8136

Sehmel Homestead Park #4

This park of 98 acres is located northwest near downtown Rosedale. It was once a multigenerational family homestead. It’s now a well-known park thanks to a 2002 land donation. You can find everything in the outdoor space, from organized sport to wild nature.

About four miles of hiking trails are available at Sehmel Homestead Park. You will find meadows, wetlands, and landscaped garden as the main landscapes. There are also forest stands, pond habitats, and other natural areas. Before exploring the network, take a photograph of the trailhead maps.

image credit : flickr

Sehmel Homestead Park has approximately 20 acres dedicated to team sports. The park boasts a top-quality soccer field, a baseball/softball diamond, and a basketball court. It also has a handful of tennis courts. A picnic area, a public bathroom, and an amphitheater are all available on-site.

More Details About Sehmel Homestead Park

Address:10123 78th Ave NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332, United States
Contact: +1 253-858-3400

McCormick Forest Park #5

This forested public area is located approximately one mile east and northwest of downtown. The main entrance to the park is on Bujacich Road just near Sehmel Drive. A world of old-growth giant trees awaits visitors as they approach this entrance.

image credit : flickr

McCormick Forest Park consists of approximately 120 acres. About half of them are home for Douglas Firs older than 100 years. They are stunning trees that can be seen with their unique age and large circumference. McCormick Creek can also be seen from several angles.

McCormick Forest Park offers a minimum of four-miles of trail. When exploring the trails, it is helpful to take a picture of your map. There are many side trails that branch off. The trail welcomes horse riders as well as leashed pets.

More Details About McCormick Forest Park

Address:10301 Bujacich Rd, Gig Harbor, WA 98332, United States
Contact: +1 253-858-3400

FAQ’s : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Gig Harbor, Washington

What is Gig Harbor known for?

Gig Harbor was founded in 1895 by three fishermen, Samuel Jerisich, Peter Goldsmith, and John Farrague. These three men had come from Vancouver Island in search of the best fishing waters. They were swept into the Gig Harbor bay by storms and settled in Gig Harbor. Several years later, they founded the City of Gig Harbor. Today, the city is home to many museums and a thriving arts scene.

Is Gig Harbor worth visiting?

If you are considering a trip to Gig Harbor, you should check out the museums there. There is an interesting exhibit about the history of the town at the Harbor History Museum, located a few blocks away from the harbor. This exhibit features local art and history. You can even see old boats and schoolhouses. Gig Harbor is a great place to spend your next vacation, so you might want to plan ahead to see everything that this historic town has to offer.

Is Gig Harbor a nice place to live?

Living in Gig Harbor can be great if you’re into scenery and activities. It’s a growing community with many major retail stores, Costco and Home Depot on the Harbor side, as well as numerous theaters and restaurants. But, it is not for everyone. If you’re looking for a small town feel, you might not enjoy Gig Harbor. If you have children, you may find that you’ll have to cross the bridge daily.

Is Gig Harbor rich?

 This city sits on the waterfront in the Puget Sound region. The city has a long maritime history and is a regional attraction, with locals and tourists alike enjoying the city’s shopping, dining, golfing, and movie-going opportunities. Its small-town charm and affluence give it a reputation for being one of the richest places to live in the region.

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