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Glendrive: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Glendrive, Montana

Tourist Attractions in Glendive, Montana

If you’re a railroad enthusiast, you might want to consider a trip to Glendive. The city is located in Dawson County, Montana, and is the county seat. Dawson Community College is located here. The city was founded by the Northern Pacific Railway, which built a railroad from Minnesota to the Pacific Coast. Its railroad heritage includes the construction of a transcontinental railroad in the 1890s. Today, Glendive is a thriving business hub and a college town.

Visitors to Glendive will find plenty to do for the whole family. Agate hunting, paddlefishing, and fishing are among the many activities available in the area. Another attraction for families is Fort Peck Lake, America’s largest freshwater lake. You can take in the scenery by camping or boating, and enjoy fishing all year long. For off-roaders, there’s Short Pine OHV, with more than 2,800 acres of trails. Glendive is also located within a few miles of Deadwood and Mount Rushmore.

Frontier Gateway Museum #1

The Frontier Gateway Museum is a multimedia museum that provides information and displays of original items dating back to the mid-1800s. The seven buildings cover an entire acre and include dinosaur fossils, pieces of period clothing and furniture, as well as suits of armor.

More Details About Frontier Gateway Museum

Address:Belle Prairie Frontage Rd MT 59330, 201 State St, Glendive, MT 59330, United States
Contact: +14063778168

Baische’s Dinosaur Digs #2

Baische’s Dinosaur Digs, one of Montana’s most memorable experiences on the dinosaur trail, combines educational presentations about geoology and paleontology with half or full days of hunting for fossils. After you have been instructed by their knowledgeable staff about the basics of fossil hunting, you will be invited to go fossil hunting at their ranch. This makes a great souvenir.

Makoshika State Park #3

Makoshika State Park, which is situated in Montana’s Badlands and includes some of Montana’s most picturesque areas, is one of the best places to see fossilized dinosaurs. The extraordinary scenery, which many tourists liken to walking in Mars’ footsteps, is so special because the geological makeup of the area allows for fossils to be preserved. This is a great place to find fossils of any kind, even dinosaurs.

More Details About Makoshika State Park

Address:Glendive, MT 59330, United States

The Gallery #4

Gallery is dedicated to preserving the rich artistic history of Glendive, the region. They are focused on supporting local artists but also have a mission of supporting up-and–coming artists. Given Glendive’s size, their educational arts programs can be quite robust. Glendive offers a variety of pieces you can buy to take home.

More Details About The Gallery

Address:109 N Merrill Ave, Glendive, MT 59330, United States
Contact: +14063776508

Historic Bell Bridge #5

The historic Bell Street Bridge spans 1,300 feet and spans the Yellowstone River. The bridge used to be a major highway for automobile traffic. However, it now serves as a wonderful place to take a walk and get some beautiful photos on foot.

More Details About Historic Bell Bridge

Address:598 W Bell St, Glendive, MT 59330, United States

FAQs: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Glendrive, Montana

How did Glendive MT get its name?

How did Glendive MT get its unique name? The town was named after a tributary of the Yellowstone River by Sir George Thomson. Twenty-five years later, the town adopted its name. The town gained its nickname during the cattle boom of the 1880s, when it became known as the “Queen City of the Cow Land.” In 1884, twelve thousand eastern cattle were unloaded in Glendive, making it the “Queen City of the Cow-Land.” This population was considered a bit tough to curry and wasn’t much used for feed.

What is Glendive Montana known for?

If you are looking for things to do in Glendive, Montana, then you have come to the right place. Glendive is a city in Dawson County. It is the county seat and also serves as a college town. The Northern Pacific Railroad started in this town and built a transcontinental railroad between Minnesota and the Pacific Coast. In the 19th century, the town was the largest in Montana.

What is it like to live in Glendive MT?

Considering moving to a new city? Consider Glendive’s livability score. The livability index is based on a city’s overall livability score, which is based on several factors, including cost of living, crime, education, and overall happiness. Here are some things to consider when considering a move to Glendive, Montana.

What is Glendive Montana close to?

The distances from Glendive to nearby cities are listed below. They are ordered by increasing distance. The major cities are listed first, and then the towns and villages nearest to Glendive. You can also choose to view distances from nearby communities. The map below also includes major cities in Wyoming and Idaho. Glendive is located in the state of Montana. It has an airport. For more information, visit the Glendive, Montana website.

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