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Harlowton: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Harlowton, Montana

Tourist Attractions in Harlowton, Montana

If you’re planning a trip to Montana, you may be wondering about the average age of residents in Harlowton. In 2019, the median age in Harlowton, MT was 41.9, compared to 43.8 for the country as a whole. While the median age in Harlowton, MT remains higher than the national average, it’s still slightly younger than the state’s average.

The town developed in the 1880s and was named Merino, after the breed of sheep that lived in the area. However, the railroad terminal opened one mile northwest of the town, forcing residents to relocate. Richard Harlow, the father of the railroad, and Arthur Lombard, its promoter, decided to rename the town. The railroad terminal, which opened on November 9, 1900, was renamed Harlowton. In fact, the first building in the town was a barbershop owned by Thomas Hanzlik.

The length of the day varies significantly in Harlowton. December 21 is the shortest day, with only eight hours, 35 minutes of daylight, while June 21 has fifteen hours, 49 minutes of daylight. A black line indicates the number of hours that the Sun is visible. Colored bands indicate twilight and night, respectively. The city’s official weather forecast includes information about temperature and precipitation. In Harlowton, it is warm throughout the year.

The cold season in Harlowton lasts for 3.5 months. The average daily high temperature is below 42degF, and December is the coldest month. The average low temperature is eighteen degrees. The high temperature in Harlowton is 33degF. In order to determine whether you’ll want to visit the town during this time, check the weather forecast before your trip. The wettest month is June, with a high of nine days averaging 0.04 inches of precipitation.

Big Snowy Trail #1

Big Snowy Trail (650), which connects Red Hill Road with Old Baldy (Big Snowy), easternmost peak of Big Snowy Mountains Summit, offers spectacular 360 degree views of Big and Little Belts. No water is available along the trail. Get a Forest Visitor’s map to learn about any travel restrictions. Non-motorized trail.

More Details About Big Snowy Trail

Address:Crystal Lake Rd, Moore, MT 59464, United States
Contact: +14065662292
Area:40 km²

Chief Joseph Park #2

Harlowton, Montana has Chief Joseph Park. Groceries and restaurants, gas stations, museums, a museum, a swimming pool, 7 churches, and a grocery store are all within a 1 mile radius. Both tent sites and RV parks with electricity are available. You will find a playground and a fishing pond as well as picnic areas with grills.

More Details About Chief Joseph Park

Address:Harlowton, MT 59036, United States
Contact: +1 843-235-6000

Deadman’s Basin Fishing Access Site #3

This site offers camping, boat launch, shelters for groups, campsites, barbecues/firerings, picnic tables, toilets, as well as a nearby Harlowton museum and a golf course. The area measures over 617 acres, and is 4,245ft high. In winter, you can enjoy excellent ice fishing as well other winter activities. Deadman’s Basin does not charge fees. Please limit your stay to fourteen days.

More Details About Deadman’s Basin Fishing Access Site

Address:Montana, USA

Gally’s Brewing Company #4

Local handcrafted brews are available in historic Harlowton. Harold Galahan’s “Gally’s Five & Dime” variety store was located on the same block in the ’60s. Galahan’s father is named after Galahan’s wife Bessie. Gally’s Brewing Company, located in the Montana building built in 1913 that used to house the Montana Bar, is now Gally’s Brewing Company. Gally’s Brewing Company is family-owned, operated and opened December 15, 2017.

More Details About Gally’s Brewing Company

Address:30 Central Ave S, Harlowton, MT 59036, United States
Contact: +14066325838

Harlowton Milwaukee Depot Museum #5

Harlowton Milwaukee Station Museum was established in 1908. This was a Standard Class A Passenger station, one of several standard depot plans that were used by the Milwaukee Road. The Milwaukee also discontinued passenger service in 1961. In 1980, the Milwaukee demolished the depot and yards. The Milwaukee and Railroad Museum has restored the depot and is open for public enjoyment.

More Details About Harlowton Milwaukee Depot Museum

Address:307 Central Ave S, Harlowton, MT 59036, United States
Contact: +14066324443

FAQs: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Harlowton, Montana

What county is Harlowton MT?

If you’re wondering, “What county is Harlowton MT?” you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with the information you need to decide if this Montana town is right for you. There are several things you should know before you make a move. For starters, you should know that the county seat is Harlowton. In addition to that, you’ll want to know what the area’s weather is like.

How did Harlowton MT get its name?

If you have ever wondered, “How did Harlowton MT get its namesake?” you are not alone. In fact, this small town, located in Wheatland County, is the county seat of the state of Montana. The town is home to a variety of unique features, including the Crazy Mountains. Read on for more information! And don’t forget to check out the fun things to do in the area!

What is Harlowton Montana known for?

When you visit the town of Harlowton, Montana, you’ll find that its downtown is busy and its storefronts are full of people. The town has worked hard to preserve its history as a hub of the Milwaukee Road Railroad. There’s even a Milwaukee Road Electric Locomotive in town, which used to haul passengers and freight. The Milwaukee Road donated the locomotive to the town in 1974, shortly before it ceased operations in Montana.

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