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Mananthavady : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Mananthavady, Kerala

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Mananthavady Kerala

If you are planning a vacation to Kerala, you must know more about the town of Mananthavady. This town is located in the Wayanad district. Mananthavady Kerala has numerous places of interest, but one of the most popular is Mananthavady Beach. You can visit the beach in the morning, and then return to the town in the afternoon. It is an excellent place to relax after a tiring day of work.

You can also visit Boys town, which is located 15 km north of Mananthavady. This town is famous for the pazhassi dynasty, and it houses a tomb of the pazhassi raja. The town was also a major British army camp during the colonial era. The city has many interesting remnants from that time. Besides this, Mananthavady is home to the only pine forest in Wayand. The city also houses the only hospital in the district, which serves the people of Wayanad.

People from all over the world visit Mananthavady for various reasons. It is an important transportation hub for Eastern Wayanad. Buses depart from the KSRTC depot in Mananthavad for Kozhikode, Kannur, Thalassery, Ooty, and Thalassery. The nearest railway station to Mananthavady is at Vatakara.

Valliyoorkavu Bhagavathi Temple #1

Located about 8 km from Mananthavady, Valliyoorkavu Bhaghavathi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The temple is known for its 14-day festival that celebrates the arrival of the goddess, which is the most popular Hindu deity in the world. This temple is particularly important to the indigenous tribes of Wayanad. Visitors will be able to witness tribal dance and music in this temple.

image credit : wikimedia

Visitors will be impressed by the Dravidian-style paintings on the doors and the stupa. It also houses the largest bronze idol. The temple’s front door is adorned with a carved statue of Lord Mahavir. Visitors will be impressed by the temple’s serene surroundings and the beauty of the area. Among the 31 best places to visit in Wayanad, Valliyoorkavu Bhagavathi Temple is one of the highlights.

The temple is the home to a number of important deities. In addition to the presiding deity, the temple is also home to the idols of Lord Ganapathy, Lord Ayyappan, and Lord Nagam. Three poojas are performed daily in this temple, one for each of the four deities. The Pushpanjali offering is offered at 8.30AM, Raktha pushpanjali at 12PM, and Muttarukkal at 8PM. The temple also celebrates the cardinal festival Maha Shivarathri.

In addition to the main deity, there is also a sub-deity named Bhagawathy. She is worshiped with the same grandeur as the main deity, Lord Vishnu. The Sub-shrines are located in Thidappally and Pathayapura. Located in the Sulthan Bathery area, these temples are popular for their history and culture.

More Details About Valliyoorkavu Bhagavathi Temple

Address:R23H+QXH, Mananthavady Bypass Rd, Valliyoorkavu, Mananthavady, Kerala 670645
Contact: 04935 240 084

Valmeekam Clay Art Gallery #2

If you are planning to visit Wayanad, Kerala, you must definitely check out the Valmeekam Clay Art Gallery. It is located in a beautiful and scenic region. The sculptor has achieved a global reputation by combining human emotions with spirituality and love to create eye candy and thought-provoking works of art. The sculptor depicts human emotions such as tribal camaraderie, hermits in repose, breastfeeding women, man’s eternal bond with Mother Earth, and so on.

image credit : wikimedia

The sculptures at the Valmeekam Clay Art Gallery are exquisitely carved terracotta pieces. They tell stories about man’s relationship with nature and the quest for spirituality. The gallery is located near the peaceful Kuruva Island, a natural paradise in Wayanad. The museum is accessible by taxi, which is a great option if you do not have your own vehicle. It is also possible to find accommodations in the area.

The museum houses a beautiful terracotta maze where you can explore various sculptures and paintings. You can also find handicrafts made from circassian seeds, which would once leave a large hole in tribal women’s earlobes. Other interesting items include copper coin necklaces made of copper threads and beads. You can also visit the jewellery session to check out the beaded bracelets and other items. The sculptors’ collection includes the works of George Kutty and his mother.

More Details About Valmeekam Clay Art Gallery

Address:R3CQ+R38, Palvelicham, Kerala 670646
Contact: 097459 79066

Latin Church #3

The Catholic church is the primary institution conveying God’s grace to the world. The sacraments of penance and the Eucharist are a central part of public worship, often embellished with solemn ceremony. Private prayer is regarded as vital, and self-renunciation is an essential part of prayer. The Latin Church also recognizes the importance of the individual in prayer. Here are some facts about the Latin Church:

image credit : wikimedia

The Latin Church, which is an architectural landmark of Wayand, was built in 1747. It is a reminder of the town’s past. The surrounding area is also dotted with other attractions, such as the Thirunelli Temple, a pilgrim center dedicated to Goddess Durga. Mananthavady also has a park that contains bat colonies. The town also features the Wayanad Social Service Society’s Boys Town.

Korome Mosque #4

A 300-year-old mosque, the Korome Mosque in Wayanad, Kerala displays traditional wood carvings and architectural beauty. Visitors are drawn here by the mosque’s religious significance and communal harmony. The mosque was constructed by the local Nair community and is a symbol of peace and harmony. A pilgrimage to Wayanad is not complete without a visit to this mosque. Its history and beauty are worth a trip to the region.

image credit : wikimedia

This mosque is considered one of the oldest religious places in the Wayanad district. It is a prime location for earliest Muslim migration. The mosque is at least 300 years old, and was constructed by the Athilan family during the 13th century. The mosque was constructed in a time when the city was the capital of the kingdom of Thondarnadu. The area was ruled by the Thondar Nambiar for nearly a century, and saw battlessy Rajas.

The Korome Mosque is one of the best ways to explore Wayanad and its surroundings. This city has many tourist attractions, including the meenmutti waterfall and kanthampara waterfall. The city also boasts a wide range of famous localities, such as Wayanad Village Resort and Banasura Hill Resort. Korome Mosque is one of the most popular places to stay while visiting Wayanad.

More Details About Korome Mosque

Address:PVVJ+M4R, Korome, Mananthavady, Kerala 670731

Pazhassi Raja Museum #5

The Pazhassi Raja Museum is a historical landmark that is located on East Hill in Kozhikode, Kerala. It is a mere 6.0 km from the Mavoor Road junction and just fifteen minutes from the Kendriya Vidyalaya. The museum is housed in a building that is over 200 years old and carries an ancient Kerala architectural style. The museum was previously a bungalow that served as a court during the British rule, with the basement used as a jail. It was turned into an archaeological museum in 1976 by the State Archaeology Department.

image credit : wikimedia

The museum is situated on East Hill and features beautiful landscaping. The museum is named after King Pazhassi Raja, who was a member of the Padinjare Kovilakam royal family. He led the Pazhassi Revolt against the British East India Company and introduced guerrilla warfare in the Wayanad hills. Unfortunately, he was killed in an encounter with British forces in 1805.

The museum contains artifacts from the megalithic age to the Indus Valley Civilization. Visitors will see stone statues, ancient pottery, and metal sculpture. You can also view the museum’s collection of British war weapons, uniforms, and medals. If you visit the museum in summer, you’ll be rewarded with an incredible view of the beautiful Kerala countryside and the Pazhassi River. If you have time, you should visit the Pazhassi Raja Museum.

More Details About Pazhassi Raja Museum

Address:Kendriya Vidyalaya Rd, East Hill, Kozhikode, Kerala 673005
Contact: 0495 238 4382

FAQ’s : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Mananthavady, Kerala

Which district is mananthavady?

Is a popular question among tourists in Kerala. The district lies in the Wayanad region in Kerala, India. The city has a population of 22,825 and is considered a farming town. However, the district is also a centre for the textile industry and is a major tourism destination. You can explore the local culture and history by visiting Mananthavady’s heritage sites, which include the tomb of the Pazhassi Raja.

Why is mananthavady famous?

If you are a traveler in Kerala, then the first question that comes to your mind is why is Mananthavady famous? This town lies in the district of Wanayad and dates back to the 19th century. The name “Mananthavady” is derived from the Malayalam word “mananthavada,” which means arrow shot at a deer.

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