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Nilambur : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Nilambur, Kerala

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Nilambur Kerala

Known as the land of teak plantations, Nilambur is a small town in Malappuram district of Kerala, India. The town has wide expanses of forest and a diverse wildlife habitat. Located on the Chaliyar River, Nilambur is surrounded by the Western Ghats and close to the Nilgiri range. The town was named after a British forest officer who died in 1904. His body is buried in a plot of land in the town.

The town of Nilambur is situated in the eastern part of the Malappuram district, India. This sleepy town is surrounded by vast tracts of forest, including the world’s oldest teak plantation. The forests are home to various types of trees and plants, including bamboo, rosewood, and venteak. The climate is pleasant, and nature lovers will appreciate the beautiful landscape and lush greenery. You can also explore the local markets and buy souvenirs at the Nilambur Crafts Centre.

The town’s lush rainforests, ancient tribal settlements, and quaint villages have influenced the history of the area. It is also home to some of the world’s oldest teak plantations, as well as a museum dedicated to the material. Visitors can explore the history and aesthetic value of teak in the museum. While exploring the town, make sure to stop at the teak museum, where you can purchase teak crafts and learn more about the process of making them.

Teak Museum #1

The Teak Museum is a 2-story building with extensive information about teak tree trees. It can be found at a distance from Nilambur. This museum was constructed in 1995 within the Kerala Forest Research Institute campus. It is India’s only such museum. The Museum’s incredible wealth of information draws thousands of tourists and nature lovers to it. 

image credit : wikimedia

It is impossible to miss this amazing view of the intricate root systems of an old teak plant, which can be seen at the museum’s entrance. The Teak Museum’s notable collections include translites and teak trees from Kannimara Teak. It also contains a large model of Conolly’s Plot that depicts the ancient vessel Uru. The museum houses a magnificent stump of a teak tree over 480 year old. Other attractions include paintings of butterflies and moths as well as paintings that depict tree falling, photographs, and traditional tools used in harvesting.

More Details About Teak Museum

Address:8722+25V, SH28, Nilambur, Kerala 679330
Contact: 04931 222 846

Adyanpara Falls #2

Adyanpara Falls is found in Kurmbalangod. It is a spectacular waterfall that attracts many nature lovers and tourists. It is approximately 12 km away from Nilambur. The Nilambur-Ooty highway takes you to it. Adyanpara Falls, with its lush greenery and massive rocks that it flows down through, is most well-known. The waterfall cascading over the rocks, the small pool is a tourist attraction. 

image credit : wikimedia

You can take a dip in cool water or just enjoy the serenity of this spot. This waterfall comes from the famed mountain range of Vellarimala. After flowing for many kilometers through rocks and dense forests, it finally joins River Chaliyar. Adyanpara Falls are approximately 300 feet tall and blessed with ever-drying waters. The waterfall is located in the middle of a lush green forest. This makes it a wonderful spot for family picnics or one-day tours.

More Details About Adyanpara Falls

Address:Erumamunda, Kerala 679334

Nedumkayam #3

Nedumkayam, which is about 18 km away from Nilambur’s town, is known for its dense rain forest. The natural beauty of the area is breathtaking and it has an impressive variety of flora, fauna, and plants. Nedumkayam has a wooden rest house that was built in colonial times. You can see the lush greenery and animal life from this resthouse. The forest area of Nedumkayam has a lot of greenery. It is home for many species of animals such as elephants.

image credit : wikimedia

 Because of the strict protection measures taken, visitors cannot enter the forest zone without permission from Forest Department. Nedumkayam’s elephant taming camp attracts thousands every year. The area is part Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. This is the area that the government selected to manage Kerala’s 2nd Eco-tourism Development Project. Nedumkayam has a lot of beautiful landscapes and is an excellent trekking trail.

More Details About Nedumkayam

Address:Kerala 679331
Contact: 04931 270 296

Elambalai Hill #4

The Elambalai Hill, located at the Kerala-Tamil Nadu boundary, is a popular choice for nature lovers and wildlife fans. It can be reached via road from Nilambur. The Elambalai Hill has been known for being the origin point of River Chaliyar. The surrounding hills are surrounded with thick forests and captivating bamboo woods, which make them an amazing visual treat. 

image credit : wikimedia

This spot is an ideal location for wildlife fans as it’s home to many animals, such as elephants. Blue monkeys. bears. wild cats. Elambalai Hill, with its green carpets and scenic beauty, will charm both backpackers and photographers. It’s the ideal spot for both family picnics or leisure trips.

Central Forest Nursery #5

Central Forest Nursery, one the four forest nurseries in Kerala, was established in 1997. This nursery is a premium-quality seedling facility that produces teak, acacia, eucalyptus and other woody species. This nursery plays an important role in the functioning of Nilambur’s plantations. It is administered by Kerala Forest Department. 

image credit : wikimedia

Valluvassery is the location of Central Forest Nursery. It is within close proximity to Nilambur. This fully equipped nursery produces root trainer seedslings and rooted trimmings of many notable species of trees. If you’re interested in plant life or plantations, this nursery is highly recommended.

More Details About Central Forest Nursery

Address:8764+C48, Kerala 679342

FAQ’s : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Nilambur, Kerala

What is Nilambur known for?

If you are visiting Kerala, you must have come across the town of Nilambur. This small town is the home of a large population of Christians. Here, you can find interesting museums, temples, and other places. Nilambur is a beautiful destination for a family vacation or a romantic getaway with a loved one. But if you’re just passing through, here are some fun facts about this little town.

Is Nilambur teak good?

You might be wondering: is Nilambur teak good? It is harvested from forests in the Western Ghats and was originally raised in the Nilambur district of Malappuram, India. The British first used this wood in shipbuilding during the early 19th century. The Nilambur Teak Heritage Society is working to obtain Geographical Indication status for the wood. The GI status recognizes the uniqueness of the wood.

Why is Malappuram famous for?

The city of Malappuram is well-known for the Shiva Temple and the Vettakkorumakan Temple. It also has a huge amusement park and is known for its historical significance. The city was the scene of the famous rebellion in 1921 by the Variyan Kunnathu Kunjahammed Haji. The town is popular for its natural beauty and has many beautiful waterfalls.

Which river flows in Nilambur?

A major town in Kerala, India, is the teak town of Nilambur. This town lies near the western ghats’ Nilgiris range and is known as the “Teak Town”. In fact, the entire region is covered with large quantities of teak and other timber. In addition to its teak plantations, the town is also very close to nature, with its many hills and mountains.

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