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Ramban : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Ramban, Jammu and Kashmir


Ramban is located in India’s Ramban district. It serves as the headquarters of the district. It is located on the banks the Chenab River, on the National Highway-1A (now NH44), at approximately 150 km from Jammu, and 150 km away from Srinagar. This makes it almost the center point of the Jammu–Srinagar National Highway.

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Ramban is one 22 districts of Jammu and Kashmir in India. Ramban is found in the heart of the majestic Himalayas, at the Pir Panjal range. It was created from the former Doda District to reflect the aspirations, backwardness, and remoteness of the people living in the area. On 1 April 2007, District Ramban became an independent unit. 

The district headquarters is located in Ramban. It is situated midway between Jammu, Srinagar, and Chenab along the Chenab River, on National Highway-44 (originally National Highway 1A, India). The town is approximately 150km from Jammu or Srinagar.

Dagantop #1

Dogan Top can be found about 10 km from Gool via the Gool–Mahore route. It is almost 2000m above sea level, and offers a spectacular view of Gool. It is ideal for snow sports such as skiing or snow sledding, and boasts lush green meadows. 

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Paragliding can also be done here. There is also a helipad at the summit. In summer, the air is pleasant and smoky.

Tattapani #2

The sulphur spring is a well-known feature of this area. It is believed to have miraculous healing properties. It is located approximately 40 km from Ramban. It is approximately 40 kilometres from Ramban.

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Every year, thousands of people travel to this area from June through November to soak in the famous springs. This is mainly from the neighboring Punjab state.

Sanasar #3

Sanasar refers to two small villages in Jammu province and Jammu and Kashmir state. Sana and Sar are named after small lakes in the area. They can be found 20 km west of Patnitop on Udhampur district’s national route 1A. The Shanta Ridge is part of a local mountain range. At 2,800m, the Shank Pal Temple can be found at the top of the Shank Pal Ridge.

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It is about an hour walk from Sanasar. This temple dates back 400 years and is dedicated to Nag Shank Pal. The temple’s stones weren’t joined with mortar. Shanta Gala, a pass on Shanta Ridge that offers views of Panchari Valley on the other side of the range, is called Shanta Gala. This pass leads to the Lander area.

More Details About Sanasar

Address:Sanasar 182143
Elevation:6,730 ft (2,050 m)

Patnitop #4

Patnitop’s Lush Wooded Pine Forest Offers Many Trekking Opportunities. Jammu and Kashmir are two of the most popular destinations in this state. Patnitop can be found in the Lower Himalayan Range, near the Pir Panjal range. It is 47 km from Udhampur and 112 kilometers from Jammu.

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The well-known hill resort is located on a picturesque plateau at 2024m above sea level, where the Jammu–Srinagar Highway passes. Kud and Batote can be found in close proximity. Kud is a small village where sweet vendors make homemade Patissa (a sweet). You can buy it hot, and it melts in your lips. Batote is known for its high-quality Rajma or kidney bean.

More Details About Patnitop

U.T:Jammu and Kashmir
Elevation:2,024 m

Gajpat Fort #5

Gajpat Fort is a fort located on top of the mountain. This fort was once home to Sheikh Abdullah, who was held there for a few days. Gulab Singh had in 1825 imprisoned Raja Sultan Khan, Bimbar, in this fort. Sultan Khan was killed there and buried at Chanderkote.

image credit : wikimedia

Mean Hathu Singh (Governor of Rajouri) and a close relative of Maharaja had rebelled against the State Government in 1858 and attempted to kill Maharaja Ranbir Singh. Mean Hathu was taken into custody and moved to Gajpat fort.

FAQ’s : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Ramban, Jammu and Kashmir

What is Ramban famous for?

Throughout the centuries, Ramban has fascinated people with his erudition and insights. His most famous work is his commentary on the Torah. In this work, he often quotes Rashi, the famed rabbi of the day, but also gives his own interpretations. Oftentimes, he challenges the traditional views of the rabbis. Throughout his life, Ramban has been influential in influencing many rabbis.

What was the old name of Ramban?

Despite his famous popularity, it is not known how the ancient Jewish community referred to him. However, it is believed that he was a Jew. In 1589, an Ottoman ruler closed the synagogue, but it was reopened after Israel recaptured the Old City in 1967. There are several theories on the origin of the name.

Where is Ramban in Jammu?

A quick answer to your question is “in Jammu.” The Ramban district is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. It comprises two Tehsils, totaling 1,329 sq km. It is home to 3 towns and 129 villages. However, before going further, here is some information to help you decide which town to visit.

Who founded Ramban?

There is no precise answer, but we can guess that he was a renowned rabbi in the early fourteenth century. While he may have been a priest in a former era, he certainly had a unique approach to establishing a religious community. After all, a rabbi was a scholar – not a politician, for example.

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