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Shelby: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Shelby, Montana

Tourist Attractions in Shelby, Montana

When you’re in the market for a new car, a new Shelby can be just what you need. These vehicles are built with quality, safety, and performance in mind. They are also easy to maintain. The following are some tips to help you decide whether a Shelby is right for you. And, of course, it’s always helpful to know some facts about your future vehicle. Shelby, Montana is a great place to start. Here are a few interesting facts about Shelby.

The Webbley House: The Webbley House was once the home of a prominent local leader during the early twentieth century. The Webbley House is a popular landmark in Central Shelby, and it has served the Gardner family for several generations. Today, it’s home to the Cleveland County Arts Council, which shows community art. While you’re there, don’t forget to stop by the Webbley House! This historic building is a great place to see some of the history of the area.

Terlingua: The Terlingua features a Ford Racing engine and better braking. The Shelby GT500’s supercharger is a Paxton/Vortech blower and is available in raw and polished. It was designed by Chief R&D at Shelby, Vince LaViolette. The Terlingua also has an enlarged hood, a Shelby-GT-H engine plaque, and a custom-designed engine cap.

Aronow Park #1

Aronow Park features three tennis courts. Horseshoe pits are also available. Ice skating rink is available. Playground equipment is available. Picnic tables are also available.

Best Western Shelby Inn & Suites #2

Best Western Shelby Inn, Suites in Shelby, Montana offers you the best lodging experience! A wide range of dining and shopping options are available nearby. Shelby is located in northern Montana. Marias Museum of History is located in the city. Marias Medical Center and Tiber dam are also located there. Shelby is near the junction of Highway 223 and Interstate 15, and offers wonderful fishing and hunting opportunities. The city is 70 miles from Glacier National Park. All hotel guests can enjoy a complimentary hot and cold breakfast, an indoor swimming pool, spa and fitness center. We promise excellent service and clean bedrooms!

More Details About Best Western Shelby Inn & Suites

Address:1948 Roosevelt Hwy, Shelby, MT 59474, United States
Contact: +14064244560

Shelby Carousel Rest Area #3

The Carousel Reserving Area Shelby is more than a regular rest stop. Shelby residents have restored a 1936 carousel with 900 lights and hand painted animals. The Shelby community completed the project in 2018.

More Details About Shelby Carousel Rest Area

Address:441 11th Ave N, Shelby, MT 59474, United States
Contact: +14064248444

Shelby Splash Park And Pool #4

Splash Park is close to the Carousel. This park is great for kids and families who want to cool off during the hot summer months. You can cool off in the park’s playground or run around and get some energy after spending time in your car. The Splash Park also has an indoor, modern pool that guests can use for a nominal fee if it rains or snows.

More Details About Shelby Splash Park And Pool

Address:105 12th Ave N, Shelby, MT 59474, United States

Marias Museum of History and Art #5

Marias Museum of History is an excellent place to start your journey if you are interested in local history and dinosaurs. You’ll find out about Central Montana homesteading as well as the daily life of the early settlers. There will also be information about Shelby and Toole County’s history, including the historic Dempsey Gibbons Heavyweight Championship fight in 1923. Marias Museum of History has a dinosaur exhibit. It features fossils as well as bones from dinosaurs.

More Details About Marias Museum of History and Art

Address:1129 1st St N, Shelby, MT 59474, United States
Contact: +14064242551

FAQs: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Shelby, Montana

What is Shelby MT known for?

What is Shelby MT known for? A small town in northwest Montana, Shelby is home to the county seat. Originally a railroad town, Shelby soon expanded into other industries, including agriculture. Oil and gas were discovered in the area in the 1930s, and the town continues to produce some of these products. Located at the intersection of US Highway 2 and Interstate 15, Shelby receives passing traffic from travelers heading to central areas of the state.

Is Shelby Montana a good place to live?

If you’re planning to relocate to a new community, you should consider the quality of life in Shelby, Montana. Its crime rate is low compared to many other Sparse Suburban areas, but almost half of the population is concerned about safety. Overall, the city’s education ranks very high, both on the state and national level. Factors that go into this assessment include public school graduation rates, enrollment rates, and student reviews.

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