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Shopian : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Shopian, Jammu and Kashmir


Shopian, or Shupiyan as it is also called in Kashmiri, can be found in the southern part of the Kashmir Valley.

It is an administrative unit of Jammu and Kashmir’s Shopian district. 

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Shopian, an ancient town in Kashmir, is situated on the Mughal Road, an ancient imperial road. To spread Islam’s message, Imam Shahi Hamadan entered the Kashmir valley via Shopian.

Peer Ki gali #1

The Pir Panjal Pass is also known as Peer Ki Gali or Peer Gali. It’s a tourist spot in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pir Panjal range. The “Mughal Road” connects the Kashmir Valley with the districts of Rajouri, Poonch and Poonch.

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 It is situated to the west of the Kashmir valley at 3,490m (1,450ft).

More Details About Peer Ki gali

Address:JGHC+X26, Mughal Road, Forest Block, Jammu and Kashmir 185102

Aharbal Waterfall #2

It is also known by the “Niagara Falls of Kashmir”, and is located in the south-western region of Kashmir Valley, Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. It is south of Srinagar which is the summer capital. It is a peaceful area that can be used for walking, fishing, photography and other outdoor activities.

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 Many tourists from India and abroad visit the waterfall because of its stunning appearance, which includes pine and fir trees, as well as the surrounding snow-clad mountains.

More Details About Aharbal Waterfall

Address:JQXM+J92, Jammu and Kashmir, Sedew – Aharbal Rd, Aharbal, 192303

Mughal Road #3

The historical route of the Mughal Road that crosses the Peer Panchal Ranges is very important. On their way to the valley, the Mughal Emperors, named after them, used to pass through Shopian, an apple town.

image credit : wikimedia

 The Mughal Carvans that used this road to reach their final destination, Shadmarag, still have a sarai (stopping place) at Shadmarag.

More Details About Mughal Road

Address:Mughal Rd, Srinagar 190018
Length:84 km

Kousarnag #4

The kousarnag Lake is located at 4000m above the sea level in the Pir Panchal Range, south of Shopian. It measures approximately 5 km in length and 3 km in width and is the headwaters for the Vishav River. It is located 34 km from Shopian. 

image credit : wikimedia

The spring’s blue waters reflect the snowy hills surrounding it.

More Details About Kousarnag

Width: 900 m
Elevation:3,962 m
Length:3 km

Nilnag Lake #5

A 13-kilometer trek takes you to the picturesque Nilnag Lake. The lake is situated deep within the hills and shines like a jewel in the green surroundings. There are many tourist spots to see from here, but you can also hike around the lake itself. The road to Nilnag Lake is not suitable for beginners and is filled with numerous bumps and turns. The drive from Jammu to Nilnag takes about eight hours.

image credit : wikimedia

The lake is surrounded by dense pine timberland, and is known for its crystal blue water. The lake is part of the thriving Jammu and Kashmir tourism industry. Travelers love it because of the serenity it offers. A visit to this serene lake is a must for any traveler who is looking for an untouched Yusmarg experience. Those who love to hike can also see the Apharwat Peak nearby.

Dal Lake is another popular tourist attraction. It is located 50 kilometers outside of Srinagar, and is a solitary, balloon-shaped lake with a maximum length of 16 km and a maximum width of seven kilometers. It is fed by springs from the surrounding mountains and is classified as deep blue. Tourists enjoy hiking and water skiing in this beautiful location. Thousands of pilgrims visit Nilnag Lake on their way to the holy cave of Amarnath.

More Details About Nilnag Lake

Address:Nilnag, Forest Block 191112

FAQ’s : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Shopian, Jammu and Kashmir

In what is famous from Shopian?

The district gets its name from the town SHOPIAN, whose meaning is derived from the word SHAHPAYAN. The town was an ancient one in Kashmir. It was located on an ancient imperial road, the Mughal Road, which connects Lahore with Srinagar and Rajouri with Poonch. In the early 20th century, the town became a popular destination for Kashmiri Pandits.

Which district is most beautiful in Kashmir?

Kashmir is definitely one of them. The state is so beautiful during the winter, when soft snow blankets the mountains, making it the perfect place to ski. In summer, it is a warm and beautiful place to visit. Located on the banks of the river Tapi, the town of Jammu is also beautiful. You can visit hundreds of temples and take part in spiritual rituals.

How many villages are in Shopian?

The sub district of Shopian has a total population of 266215, divided into 44411 house holds. There are 136500 literates, of whom 80355 are males and 56145 are females. There are also 41547 under-six-year-olds in the district. In addition, there are 87721 working-age residents, including 63931 men and 23790 women. There are also 33018 non-working people, including marginal workers.

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