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Silent Valley : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Silent Valley, Kerala

Silent Valley

Silent Valley can also be found in Kerala (India). It appears to be the intact section of tropical perennial forestry, which has providedntially been preserved unharmed until today. Silent valley biodiversity is listed as one the world’s most vital ecological sites. It covers an area approximately 8,952 square miles. It covers an area of approximately 8,952 square kilometers. It is situated on Nilgiris’ highland. It is surrounded with Knolls which have ascended to a height of 2000 meters. You can appreciate the most beneficial amount of fauna and flora in this natural world landscape. It’s the ideal spot to adventure-lovers.

This region’s watercourse was the first site to be searched in 1847. 1914 saw the designation of preserved forestry for the woodlands in the silent vale. Tests were conducted in a small portion of the vale from 1927 to 1976. 

Sairandhri of Kunthipuzha was made fit for power generation in 1928-1929. The Kerala State Electricity Board presented a hydroelectric power plant in 1970. It was subject to the Power project dispute until 1981. It was abandoned in 1983, and officially designated Silent Valley National Park in 1985.

Silent Valley National Park #1

Silent Valley National Park in Kerala is the most popular park. It is adjacent to the Western Ghats. It is home of diverse faunas. There are 34 genuses containing animals, and over 500 genuses containing insects. It hosts more than 1600 different genuses of flora, including perennials and mosaic lawns. It blocks 1000 genuses of fruit bearing plants, including 110 genuses from the genus Orchids. The lion tailed maque is the main attraction in the silent valley.

image credit : wikimedia

Other interesting genera include the stripe necked monkeygoose (panther), Nilgiri langur mouse deer, gaur, fishing cat, and Nilgiri langur. The park is home of the magnificent river Kunthi which runs from an elevation 200 feet to the Nilgiri Highland. It is also home to 13 genuses. There are also options for trekking, but this must be approved by the forest administration.

It is believed that the vale was at the center of the power project dispute for a decade. But, due to the resistance by the conservationists, it was saved. Silent Valley National Park has been officially recognized.

More Details About Silent Valley National Park

Address:Kerala 678582
Contact: 085898 95652
Area:89.52 km²

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary #2

The Parambikulam Sanctuary covers 285 km2 of forest that is located next to the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is one of Kerala’s most important wildlife reserves. Parambikulam is found in Anamalai Hills just south of Palghat Ghat, in Western Ghats. The area is hilly with rocky terrain. It is drained through several rivers including the Sholayar, Parambikulam, and the Thekkady. The sanctuary is densely forested with strands ot sandalwood, rosewood, and bamboo.

image credit : flickr

It also contains some marshy land, as well as scattered patches of grassland. Parambikulam used once to house some of south India’s most exquisite teak strands. Other than the Kannimara Teak Tree, Asia’s largest, there are few remnants from the original teak forest. The tree is approximately 5 km away from Thunakadavu. This is Parambikulam’s top attraction. Parambikulam has many animal species, including the tiger and leopard, sloth bears (elephant, sloth Bear, sloth Bear, elephant, and others).

More Details About Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

Address:Anappady, Parambikulam Road, Kerala 678661
Contact: 094422 01690
Area:643.7 km²

Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary #3

In a little-known corner of Kerala, the peacock sanctuary of Choolanur has become a must-visit destination for tourists. Earlier, the sanctuary attracted just a few dozen visitors a day, but now it is a hive of activity. The sanctuary’s popularity has grown in recent years due to a bizarre statement made by a retired justice. The human mind has a limitless capacity to imagine and often oversteps the boundaries of logic. We tend to expect the unthinkable, even if it means crossing the boundaries of reason.

image credit : flickr

For those who have never experienced peacocks in their natural habitat, the sanctuary is a must-see. The sanctuary houses some of the world’s largest colony of peacocks. You can also see a variety of species of birds here, including peacocks, hummingbirds, and osprey. The Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary has been a tourist destination since 1986 and is considered to be a major part of the local ecology.

Nearby attractions include the Silent Valley National Park, which has over 120 species of avifauna. Many of these species are endangered, so be sure to look out for them. You can also find elephants, tigers, leopards, and wild boars, among other animals. To get to Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary, you can take a road trip from Coonoor or Palakkad. From either of these cities, you can easily find a cheap or luxury hotel. Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary has many genuses of peacocks that inhibit it. This sanctuary is one of the most loved in Kerala. It also houses a variety of bird species.

More Details About Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary

Address:PFGH+C5X, Peringottukurissi South, Kerala 678574

Kunthi River #4

Ever wondered what river is the Silent Valley National Park? Kunti it is. After visiting the watchtower, your third segment will be the trek to Kunti. You will find small boats tied to banks along this short trail through the lush, evergreen forest. 

image credit : wikimedia

Silent Valley trekking takes you through dense evergreen forests, interspersed by cane. This biodiversity hotspot is full of lush leaf litter and offers a chance to experience the beauty of the Autumn season.

More Details About Kunthi River

Malampuzha Dam #5

Malampuzha Dam is a mixture of an earthen-masonry dam and a mortar dam. It measures 6,066ft and runs across the river Malampuzha which flows through Palakkad. Malampuzha Dam has the highest reservoir in the State. The majestic hills of Western Ghats can be seen in the background. It has an area of 42.090 hectares. The dam and reservoir are situated approximately eight kilometers from Olavakode station railway station and thirteen kms. Palakkad is the closest town. T

image credit : wikimedia

he scheme was established in 1949 and first commissioned by the government in 1955. The reservoir is able to hold 8000m.e.ft. and has a catchment zone of 145kms. There are two canal systems. The left-hand canal crosses 32 kms in length to irrigate cultivation areas in the taluks Palakkad Chittur Alathur. The right bank canal stretches 32kms in length and is responsible for irrigation of Palakkad’s taluk. The reservoir provides drinking water for Palakkad Town and all surrounding villages.

More Details About Malampuzha Dam

Height:115 m

FAQ’s : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Silent Valley, Kerala

Why Kerala is called Silent Valley?

If you have ever wondered why Kerala is called Silent Valley, you’re not alone. In the area around Munnar, it is home to sparse indigenous tribal colonies. You can see the Irula, Mudugar, and Kurumbar tribes, whose homes are scattered across the countryside. During the day, you can hear the chirping of cicadas. But after dark, it’s quiet.

Why Is Silent Valley famous?

If you’ve ever wondered why this mystical place is so beautiful, you may want to visit the silent valley for yourself. This is an area where the seasons are opposite to those in most other parts of the world. The climate here is warm and drier than its counterpart. As a result, the park receives little rainfall during the summer. The summers are ideal for seeing rare birds and animals in their natural habitats.

Where is the Silent Valley?

If you’ve ever wondered “Where is the Silent Valley?” then you’ve come to the right place. The Silent Valley is located in the heart of the Mourne Mountains. It has several beautiful hiking trails and is home to an industrial heritage that helped to shape the surrounding landscape. There are several wonderful hotels in Palakkad, so you can relax after a long day of hiking and exploring. Here are some of the best ways to get there.

How do I get permission to visit Silent Valley?

Before you can visit the Silent Valley, you must get permission to visit. You can do so by hiring a guide. The first part of the trip involves a two-to-three-kilometer trek to the Kunthi River hanging bridge. If you plan on trekking to the valley’s core area, you need to have a permit to enter. Permission to enter the core area is not easy to obtain and is often denied.

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