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Thodupuzha : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Thodupuzha, Kerala

Thodupuzha Kerala

If you’re looking for a small town in Kerala, then consider Thodupuzha, which covers 35.43 square kilometers and lies on the banks of the Thodupuzha river. This river eventually merges with the Kaliyar and Kothamangalam rivers at Muvattupuzha. Here, you’ll find small towns and hotels that provide affordable accommodations. It’s worth visiting this town if you love nature and are looking for a quiet place to enjoy the beauty of the region.

Though Thodupuzha itself is not a major town, it’s the perfect gateway to the area’s best attractions. If you love nature, head to the waterfalls in the vicinity. At Thommankuthu, you can watch several cascading waterfalls and explore the surrounding forest. Nearby, you can hike Elaveezhapoonchira Mountain, where you can enjoy the winding trail and get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area.

You can travel from the city to neighboring areas with the help of luxury buses. While there, you can visit the local waterfalls near Thommankuthu, Malankara, and Elappally. You can also check out the nearby Vagamon hill station. There’s also plenty of scenic and industrial value in Thodupuzha, which can keep you busy all day. There’s something for everyone in this small town.

If you’re looking for some great places to visit in Thodupuzha, Kerala, you can check out Amaramkavu, a sacred grove dedicated to Goddess VanaDurga. This ancient temple is located in Kolani, Thodupuzha Municipality, and is the largest sacred grove in the Idukki district. Its three acres of land are home to an abundance of plants and animals. If you’re looking for a good college, you can find one there as well. The college has over 1500 students and employs over sixty teachers and 36 non-teaching staff.

Thommankuthu Waterfalls #1

There are several things to do in the area of Thommankuthu Waterfalls. The Seven Falls Recreation Area is a scenic series of seven waterfalls and pools set in forested landscapes. You can hike through the area and enjoy the views from a picnic area. If you want to avoid the crowds, you can also visit the waterfalls’ picnic area. But make sure to get there early because the falls are often closed for some reason.

image credit : wikimedia

If you’re looking for a unique spot to spend a day, Thommankuthu Waterfalls is the place for you. This seven-step waterfall is one of the best adventure sports locations in the Idukki district. There are numerous picnic spots along the river and local guide services to help you have an enjoyable day out. It’s also a great spot for fishing. Just make sure to bring your camera and binoculars. The waterfalls offer some great views of the surrounding valley.

The waterfalls here have several step-like sections and are well maintained. You can walk through them when the water level is low, but you should take special precautions if it’s raining. The waterfalls are also located in an area where you can enjoy hiking. You’ll have a great time here! The waterfalls are a perfect place to escape from the busy city life. A trip to Thommankuthu Waterfalls will give you a great sense of peace and tranquility.

More Details About Thommankuthu Waterfalls

Address:XR4M+9HC, Thodupuzha, Idukki, Kerala 685581

Malankara Dam #2

The Muvattupuzha Valley Irrigation Project has created a reservoir at Malankara. Located near Vagamon, this dam has recently become a popular stop for tourists heading to the area. The reservoir offers a refreshing dip, and a park is currently under construction adjacent to the dam. Those who are interested in learning more about the dam are encouraged to stop by and take a look.

image credit : wikimedia

There are two entrances at Malankara Dam, one for the dam itself, and another for the nearby bridge. The former leads to a children’s park, and the latter leads to the front side of the dam. The water flow is visible when the shutters are opened. A 25-cent entrance fee is charged for adults to access the park, but no charge for kids. After exploring the dam, you may choose to go to the nearby Kudayathoor Hills or the Nadukani Pavalion, which are both good attractions.

The dam has a number of disadvantages. The entrance path is full of potholes and damaged. It is difficult to take a picture of the dam itself, and vehicles are not permitted. However, the dam itself is a beautiful spot. Although vehicles are prohibited on the elevated area, visitors can still see the reservoir from a safe distance. The dam’s plight has made it a favored destination for nature lovers.

More Details About Malankara Dam

Address:VP3V+2VW, Malankara Dam Rd, Thodupuzha, Kerala 685587

St George Forane Church #3

St. George’s Syro-Malabar Forane Church, also known as Edapally Church, is a Catholic pilgrimage church in Kochi, India. It is Asia’s largest shrine to Saint George. It attracts about five million visitors a year. Here, pilgrims are encouraged to pray, sing, and pray some more. The church is dedicated to Saint George and has three tiers of devotional services for the faithful.

image credit : wikimedia

The architecture and interiors of St. George Forane Church are interesting and have undergone renovations over the years. Its main deity is a statue of Saint George on horseback, which is said to have healing powers and the ability to rid snakes. The church is a great place to pray for a healing or a loved one. There are also several places for pilgrims to pray, including the nearby Sacred Heart Church in Kottayam.

Near Cochin, St. George Syro-Malabar Forane Church is a 10-km drive from the city. It is located 500 metres from the intersection of two major highways. Road access from any part of India is easy. The nearest airport is at Cochin International Airport. The nearest railway station is about three kilometers away. There is also a Kochi Metro station, which runs directly in front of St. George Forane Church.

The church was originally called Arch Angel Michel. The parish members later bought an icon of Saint George in Edappally, but the local people refused to sell it. Ultimately, they escaped in snake boats. The bell, known as the Church Bell, was then moved to the bell tower of the new church. It is now a major tourist attraction. If you want to get a beautiful souvenir from the old church, you should visit this place.

More Details About St George Forane Church

Address:WP7X+28Q, Thondikkuzha – Kothakuthy Rd, paravur, Thondikkuzha, Thodupuzha, Kerala 685581

Aanachadikuth Waterfall #4

If you’re looking for an interesting and scenic waterfall in the northwest of Thailand, you may want to visit Aanachadikuth Waterfall. This waterfall has a scenic series of 7 cascades and pools that enchant visitors with their beauty. The waterfalls are located in a lush, forested landscape, and the surrounding area features a hiking trail and picnic areas. Here are some tips to get you there.

image credit : wikimedia

If you’re planning to visit the waterfalls in Idukki, be sure to include a day to hike to nearby waterfalls. Aanachadikuth is near the Thommankuthu waterfall, but it’s not as popular as the latter. There are fewer crowds and fewer potholes. Visitors can walk to the waterfall from the waterfall park, and there are two small shops and dress changing rooms located at the top. While there’s no major infrastructure, locals are happy to help tourists.

More Details About Aanachadikuth Waterfall

Address:Aanachadikuthu Waterfalls Rd, Kerala 685607

Nedumala Caves #5

The beautiful Nedumala Caves in Kerala are carved into the granite rock. The caves are found in Piralimattam, in the Idukki and Ernakulam districts. The caves are a prehistoric site. It is said to have been inhabited by the ancient people as they are well carved on the rock. There are many interesting things to see inside the caves.

image credit : wikimedia

A team of Archaeological experts has found relics dating back to the Neolithic period inside the caves. These prehistoric relics have been dated to around 5000 BC. The caves are an ideal way to get a glimpse into an ancient lifestyle. A visit to Nedumala is an experience you won’t soon forget. The caves are also close to picturesque hill stations that offer the perfect setting for sightseeing.

This temple is another must-see during your trip to India. It is located on the Krishna River about eight kilometers from Vijaywada, and is a magnificent example of rock-cut architecture. Inside, you can see a huge statue of Lord Vishnu, carved into the rock. The temple is a homage to the Vishnukundin rulers. The caves are carved entirely out of solid sandstone, and contain many Hindu mythological scenes.

The famous Nedumala caves are located in southern India. These limestone caves are among the least explored in the state, but are worth the visit. In addition, the caves have a unique capacity to be used for meditation. There are many ancient shrines in the area, but the Nedummala caves are perhaps the most intriguing ones. The state’s natural resources are abundant, and many of these places are rich in history and mythology.

More Details About Nedumala Caves

Address:Kerala 686672

FAQ’s : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Thodupuzha, Kerala

What is thodupuzha known for?

One of the most scenic places in Kerala, Thodupuzha is surrounded by lush greenery. The river that flows through it is named after the town. The town is the main commercial hub of the district and is undergoing a major transformation with the help of the World Bank and the Government of Kerala. Once part of Travancore, Thodupuzha is located in central Kerala, southeast of Muvattupuzha. Thodupuzha is surrounded by various natural beauty attractions including waterfalls, forests, and lakes.

Is thodupuzha urban or rural?

The question is: Is Thodupuzha urban or rural? In Kerala, the primary crop is rubber, which generates a large percentage of the local revenue. This beautiful, planned city is also known as the gateway to the high ranges. It has several by-pass roads, bridges, private bus stands, and a civil station. Some landmarks in Thodupuzha include the Townhall, Municipal park, and a shopping complex.

Which river is in Thodupuzha?

You’ve probably asked yourself, “Which river is in Thodupuzha?” – but have you ever wondered where it begins? If so, you are not alone. This beautiful river begins on two acres of land, and has more than 100 meters of water access. In fact, it’s only three kilometres from the main town of Thodupuzha. But, what do you know about Thodupuzha?

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