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Tirur : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Tirur, Kerala

Tirur Kerala

If you’ve ever wondered where Tirur is located, look no further. Tirur is a town and municipality in Malappuram district, Kerala. It is 62.34 square kilometers in size. Originally a fishing village, it has since become a modern, thriving town. But what makes Tirur so special? Read on to discover some of the city’s most interesting facts. Its beautiful beaches and greenery are not to be missed.

The history of Tirur dates back to the medieval period. This coastal city-state kingdom was ruled by the Vettathu Raja, a Kshatriya family. It was renowned for its trade relationships with Arab traders and later became a part of the Malabar district. It remained a part of the Malabar district under British rule. The town’s history is fascinating and deserves more research than just its location on a map.

The town of Tirur is home to three outstanding beaches. The undeveloped Vakkad Beach, Ambalakulangare Beach, and Paravanna Beach are all worth visiting. All three are located near each other. The undeveloped beaches are the perfect places for sunbathing, swimming, and exploring. As far as festivals go, Tirur’s Pitru Tharpanam is held annually during the months of July and August, and Balikarma is offered to appease the manes.

The city of Tirur is located in the Malappuram district of Kerala. It is the headquarters of Tirur Taluk, the Tirur Block, and the Tirur Revenue Division. It is located southwest of Malappuram, south of Kozhikode, and is on the Mangalore-Chennai railway line. The town also has a railway station and is located 8 kilometers from the nearest airport.

Thunchan #1

If you’re interested in learning more about the mysterious Thunchan, you’ve come to the right place. The Thunchan Parambu in Tirur, Kerala, South India, is the site of the Thunchan Memorial Trust and Research Centre. Here, you can find out the story behind this mysterious warrior, his life and death, and his legacy. Listed below are some of the most interesting facts about Thunchan.

image credit : wikimedia

In the first week of February, a literary festival will be held in the village. A week long literary festival is held in the town each year. It attracts hundreds of visitors, including writers and poets. Children are encouraged to write poems on the white sands of Thunjan parambu, where Ezhuthachan, the poet, composed poetry under the ancient Kanjira tree. The festival also includes a remembrance meet at the Thiruvananthapuram Press Club.

In addition to its history as a literary centre, Thunchan is the birthplace of the Malayalam language’s father, Thunchath Ezhuthachan. In 1964, a memorial trust was established to help protect and preserve Thunchan’s legacy and his birthplace. Today, visitors can visit his birthplace and see the iron stylus he used to write the first Malayalam poetry. And, don’t miss the opportunity to attend a Ramayana recital in the village, which will be held every year.

In addition to its historical importance, Tirur is the location of the first railroad in Kerala. It also was the site of the Wagon Tragedy of 1921, a tragic event that claimed the lives of seventy revolutionaries. Although Tirur is a historic city, its most popular attraction is the Thunchan Parambu, a shrine to the goddess of love and marriage. Its sand is considered sacred, and is even used during Vidyaramarama.

Noor Lake #2

Noor Lake is a tourist attraction in Malappuram District in Kerala. This is one of the first and largest outdoor studios in the state. Surrounded by 12 acres of artificial forest and the Tirur River, the lake is home to a variety of birds. The lake is open to the public on most days, and the entrance fee is Rs 25. You can take pictures of the landscape or simply take a stroll around the lake.

image credit : wikimedia

There are various kinds of tourists who flock to Noor Lake for its beauty. The tranquil atmosphere, greenery, and picturesque views make the lake an ideal place for recreation and relaxation. It is also a major outdoor wedding location. In addition, the lake is one of the best outdoor studios in the southern region. The park is lush with flowers and a bamboo bridge. The lake offers a perfect setting for a wedding ceremony and reception.

The majority of Noor Lake is located in Malappuram district, making the location more affordable than other areas in Kerala. You can hire rickshaws or a taxi to make the journey more comfortable. A tour to Noor Lake can cost as little as $50. There are also boating facilities available. If you have a boat, you can even take a dip in the lake! To visit Noor Lake, you can visit Meetmytour, which offers tours to the area. The cost of the tour is also cheaper than other locations in Kerala.

More Details About Noor Lake

Address:Pachattiri, road, Tirur, Kerala 676105
Contact: 096059 70011

Swetaranya Ayurvedasram #3

Swetaranya Ayurveda Kuteeram is an Ayurveda retreat located in the lush village of Vaalamaruthur in Tirur, Kerala. The facility is surrounded by a beautiful garden and has been blessed with a powerful positive energy. The ayurvedic therapies at this retreat are conducted by trained doctors and practitioners, and the homely, homemade food is excellent.

image credit : wikimedia

The school was founded in 1988 by Sri Vaidyamadhom Rishikumaran Namboodiri, an Ashtavaidya tradition practitioner. He learned Ayurveda from his father at an early age and later completed an academic course in Ayurveda from Vaidyratnam Ayurveda College, Ollur. He was previously a district medical officer under the Government of Kerala.

Dr. Purushothaman’s ancestors were practitioners of Ayurveda and preserved traditional Indian manuscripts. His background in Sanskrit gave him a strong foundation in the ancient science of Ayurveda. He went on to obtain his BAMS in Ayurveda from the prestigious Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Ayurveda Medical College. There, he absorbed the wisdom of Ayurveda from many eminent Ayurveda faculty members. He was also keen to give special care to the ailing.

More Details About Swetaranya Ayurvedasram

Address:Kavanchery P.O., Manglam via, 676561, Tirur, Kerala 676561
Contact: 095263 48145

Cee Vee Land #4

If you are in Malappuram, Kerala and want to go to a water park, you will definitely want to check out Cee Vee Land. This theme park is located at Vettam Cheerp Road. The park is one of four in the city, but you can still find it easily if you are using a map. Read on to learn more about Cee Vee Land and what to expect when you visit.

image credit : wikimedia

The park has a variety of rides and attractions for the entire family. The park offers exciting and adventurous water rides as well as an open stage for a family get-together. Families can enjoy a picnic here, too. Aside from rides and games, the water park has a pond, a garden, and lots of animals. You can spend an entire day here, or just drop by for a quick lunch.

If you’re looking for a family day out, Cee Vee Land is a great place to go. Located in Tirur, Malappuram, 676105, it is easy to reach and has plenty of entertainment for all ages. This amusement park is completely safe for children and offers many options for fun. You can also enjoy the park while shopping for groceries or getting a haircut. Just make sure to bring some sunscreen and water.

More Details About Cee Vee Land

Address:VWM8+WWG, Vettam Cheerp Road, Tirur, Malappuram, Kerala 676105
Contact: 093881 07401

Unniyal Beach #5

You might have heard of the beautiful beach in the state of Kerala, but have you ever heard of Unniyal Beach? This unspoiled beach is located between the towns of Tanur and Tirur and is approximately 8 kilometers away from both. It’s also a great beach for couples as the coastline is lined with coconut trees. The beach’s clean environment makes it a perfect location for lovers to spend quality time together.

image credit : wikimedia

The closest airport is Calicut, located 25 km away. Angadipuram is 17 km away. The beach is accessible via the Kottakkunnu Park in the middle of the town. Once there, visitors can enjoy the clean, white sand and pristine water. After a day of sightseeing and exploring, people can go swimming or sunbathe. The beach is also a great place for children to play sand football.

More Details About Unniyal Beach

Address:WV9J+6XR, Unniyal, Tirur, Kerala 676502

FAQ’s : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Tirur, Kerala

Why is Tirur famous?

This town, located along the Bharathapuzha river in the state of Kerala, is a renowned pilgrim center. The 3000-year-old Alathiyoor Sri Hanuman Swamy Temple is the main shrine. Visitors believe that visiting this temple will help them overcome mental agonies or fulfill their wishes. There is a sacred platform made of granite stone, representing Hanuman’s leap into Lanka. In addition to its spiritual significance, devotees believe that leaping over this platform is good for the health of their children.

What is special in Tirur?

The city is known for its religious diversity. The mosque in Tirur is regarded as one of the most important places of worship in Muslim community. In January, the Puthiyangadi Nercha festival is held there, which is an important celebration for Muslims. Although this event is no longer held, it is still worth visiting the town for its religious harmony. During this time, many people from the southern region of India come to Tirur to live and work.

Which district is Tirur?

Then read this article. You’ll learn about the important places of interest in Tirur. If you’re planning to visit Tirur, you may want to know the name of the town. You might have to search for the district name online, but it’s free and easy to use. You’ll also discover what the area is famous for.

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