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Waukegan: Top Rated 7 best Budget restorants in Waukegan, Illinois

Waukegan Illinois – Home to Some of the Best Restorants in the United States

Waukegan, Illinois is an urban county seat and the largest city in Lake County. It is an industrial suburb of Chicago. It is roughly twenty to forty miles north of downtown Chicago. There are several different neighborhoods in Waukegan, including some in the heart of downtown. Many people choose to live in the Waukegan area for its large number of schools and proximity to Chicago’s downtown. Those who don’t like the big city may want to move somewhere a little bit more quaint.

Public education is widely available in Waukegan. There are two four-year public colleges. In the past, 3,869 people attended public colleges in Waukegan and 1,035 received degrees. Community colleges are also available in Waukegan. In 2020, 15,511 people will attend undergraduate courses and complete 2,177 associate degrees. For those considering a career in education, a degree is an excellent way to start.

In the 19th century, Waukegan was a thriving harbor. It was an important city in the region and the county seat. It has a diverse population and is located north of Chicago. The population of Waukegan is about ninety thousand people. Many residents work in the manufacturing industry. However, the city still enjoys a high quality of life despite the decline in the area’s economic status.

The community’s roots date back to the 1700s. The present name for the city is derived from the native word for ‘Little Fort.’ Located on the northern edge of the Chicago metropolitan area, the city has invested heavily in its waterfront. Its harbor has nearly a thousand slips for boats. The town’s diverse population includes people from many different ethnic backgrounds. The town’s climate is moderately humid.

Terrace at siver Place Restaurant #1

Terrace at SiVer Place, the city’s first outdoor restaurant is now preparing for its second season in the Illinois sun. The restaurant serves modern American cuisine and is well-known for its party atmosphere and lively vibe. 


These guys are planning for 2015, after all the events of last year.

louie’s Restaurant #2

Louie’s is a Waukegan institution and mainstay of Waukegan’s dining scene. They have been serving Waukegan residents with authentic Italian cuisine as well as their famous recipe fried chicken for over a decade. People come to Louie’s expecting comfort food and plenty of drinks.

They rarely disappoint. Louie’s is a Waukegan Italian restaurant that has survived despite many failures over the years. It is known for its exceptional combination of great food and a great neighborhood atmosphere.

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CYOC resturant #3

CYOC is short for ‘Create Your Own Cheesecake’. It’s easy to see what their specialties are. CYOC is different from other cheesecake restaurants because of the way they present their cakes. They serve their cheesecake by the scoop. This allows you to mix and match toppings and candies.

 This makes CYOC a great place to take the family, as kids love this mix-and-match approach to dessert. This is not to mention their amazing cheesesteaks which are some of the finest outside Philadelphia.

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anastasia restaurant #4

Anastasia’s Sports Bar serves a variety of classics and offers a wide selection of craft and local beers. It is also close to the Courtyard Marriott making it a great place to start your Waukegan dining experience.

The restaurant offers fast service and delicious food that will make you a Waukegan resident in no time.

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emily’s Pancake House #5

Emily’s is open until 3pm daily for breakfast and lunch. Their specialty is pancakes. They are known for their apple pancakes. Call ahead to avoid having to wait the 30 minutes it takes to make. 

They also have versions of your favorite breakfast and lunch favorites on their extensive menu. The portions are guaranteed to keep you full until dinner or until you try Emily’s lunch menu.

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papa marcos restaurant #6

Are you looking for Mediterrean cuisine? Marlene and Mike, a husband and wife team, own this Waukegan restaurant. They’ve been serving delicious Middle Eastern delights since 2012, including Baba Ghanouj and Falafel Wrap. 

Make sure you save room for Baklava.

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Big Ed’s Barbecue #7

Big Ed doesn’t hide one thing: He offers the best barbecue in Lake County. He has won numerous awards and been featured on ABC 7 and WGN. 670 The Score also voted him the best BBQ in Chicagoland. 

His meat is prepared with a special dry rub, slow-smoked with seasoned oak wood and then seasoned. *chef’s kiss*

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