The Cowboys beat Commanders for the first-time, dominating defense for a win of 25-10.

2. Second Thought: There is a lot of high praise to go around

I can confirm that the game went as expected. Although I expected it to be tough at the beginning, this bend-but-don’t-break defense doesn’t even bend that much. 

Micah Parsons as well as the rest pass-rushers are making their way home. Trevon diggs' game against Washington was outstanding 

The offense is performing well and the special team did their part. Brett Maher scored two made field goals. The Cowboys proved to be better than the Commanders in four quarters.

It was a winnable match for the Cowboys. Although they did struggle at times, they were able do what they had to and bully Carson Wentz to a bad contest. 


Trevon Diggs had his second interception of the season and two critical pass breaks ups, while Wentz's defensive front lived in Wentz’s face 

. Diggs was clamping down on Terry McLaurin as a star receiver but his offensive counterparts were overjoyed to see Michael Gallup returning 

Brett Maher made sure that special teams also had a voice in the game's outcome, in which Dallas defeated their bitter rival in all three phases.