5 Amazing Places To Visit In Goldendale


The town of Goldendale is the county seat and largest city in Klickitat County, located 13 miles north of the Columbia River Gorge

Stonehenge Memorial


In 1929, the Stonehenge Memorial was completed. It was built to duplicate the ruins in England, including their size, design, and style.

Maryhill Museum of Art


The museum’s collections are varied and include world-class European art, an extensive American Indian collection

Goldendale Observatory State Park


One of the main attractions at the observatory is the 24-inch Cassegrain reflecting telescope.

Presby Museum


In 1926, Queen Marie of Romania, granddaughter of Queen Victoria, dedicated the museum.

Monkeyshines Studio & Gallery


The Monkey Shines Studio & Gallery features more than 3,000 art pieces, including handmade glass, letterpress posters, and more.