Before the founding of the Odanad Kingdom, this town was a centre for the Syrian Christians of Odanad. 

Krishnapuram Palace

The palace houses one of the largest mural paintings in Kerala, the Gajendra Moksham.  

Oachira Parabrahma Temple

The Oachira Parabrahma Temple is located about 5 km south of Kayamkulam, Kerala.  

Kayamkulam Lake

Kayamkulam Lake is best visited from November to March as the weather is pleasant and the lake is at its most picturesque.  

Marari Beach

Marari Beach is a perfect place to relax, get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and enjoy the serenity. 

Chettikulangara Temple

People involved in the Kuthiyottam pledge will begin training the children to perform on the day of Shivarathi.