7 Amazing Destinations for Your First Solo Trip to India


If you are planning to travel solo to India, you might want to visit some of the country’s more interesting destinations. 

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Goa, India


If you are planning a solo trip to India, Goa is a state in India where Hindu temples abound and snake charmers abound.  

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Ladakh – A Nature Lovers’ Paradise


If you are planning a solo trip to India, And If you’re a nature lover, the pristine landscape of Ladakh will take your breath away. 

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Manali, India – The Valley of God


If you are planning a solo trip to India, Manali Will Become one of the best choice for your first solo trip.  

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Darjeeling, India


Darjeeling is an ideal destination for a solo trip to India. The town is perched at 2,134 m above sea level, and is home to a diverse range of wildlife. 

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Varanasi, India


Varanasi, India is a sacred city where Hindu pilgrims and tourists alike go to observe the aarti. 

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Rishikesh, India – The Yoga Capital of the World


The city of Rishikesh, located in the high Himalayas, has long attracted spiritual seekers from all over the world. 

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Auli, Uttarakhand


Auli, Uttarakhand, is a Himalayan ski resort and hill station. Surrounded by coniferous and oak forests, it is a perfect destination for winter sports.