7 Best Places To Visit In Stamford, Connecticut

The weather  is mild and pleasant during most months of the year.

Museum & Nature Center 

It is a family-friendly attraction that promotes the arts, natural sciences and history.

Cove Island Park 

The Park also has Cove Island Houses, a single house that was first built in 1791 and later expanded.

Ferguson Library

The Ferguson Library in Stamford Connecticut is an institution where you can visit and borrow books.

First Presbyterian Church

Built in 1854, the First Presbyterian Church of originally occupied a property at 90 Broad Street.

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Half Full Brewery

Half Full Brewery in Stamford, Connecticut offers an array of craft brews and a tasting room for craft beer lovers.


Stamford Observatory

The Stamford Observatory’s 22-inch Maksutov was featured in an April Sky & Telescope mini-column written by Roger Sinotts.

West Beach

In addition, it also features a pavilion with restrooms. Beach volleyball courts are also available on the park’s property.

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