The first thing that stands out about the Achabal garden is the Achabal spring. The Achabal spring is said to be the reappearance of the river Bringhi.


Achabal Garden


Originally, the Achabal Garden was much larger, but it has been reduced in size to a rectangular shape.


Betaab Valley


You can trek through the valley’s many waterfalls and enjoy. the pristine waters. It is important to note that in June and July


Botanical Garden


This garden was originally called the Arboretum, and was developed around the historic Kornik Castle in the early 19th century.


Verinag Spring 


The spring’s name derives from two words, “Veri” and “nag.” Veri was the old name for the valley, and Nag is the word for natural springs in the Kashmiri language.